Coaches Corner, Volleyball | August 26, 2015

Coaches Corner with the Hawk’s Kim Paisley

The ReSporter: Canyon Lake beat Fredericksburg 3-1 on Tuesday and Head Coach Kim Paisley was kind enough to offer some answers for the game and season.

Head Volleyball Coach Kimberley Paisley

Head Volleyball Coach Kimberley Paisley

The ReSporter: Did not see Addison Farley on any of the leader lines, did she play or are you having a reduced roll for her?

Coach Paisley: “She did play and played the whole match. I guess the way the game played out, she wasn’t able to execute with the bigger girls she had across the net. His lineup couldn’t sustain both Bailey and Addison so one of them were not going to get the same look on offense. He had to pick one to try and stop. Also the rotation we had when we were serving and keeping them out of system, fell on Bailey front row and Addison back row. Addison had some great digs last night.”

The ReSporter: Could the players see a difference in facing Fred vs. those teams faced last week in San Antonio?

Coach Paisley: “Well, that was something we discussed after game one. We did not just play and compete against 6A schools and then drive over to Fredericksburg to get hammered. So we we turned it up a notch!”

The ReSporter: How or what will you assess as this busy week continues?

Y4 Custom Homes supports Hawk's Volleyball

Y4 Custom Homes supports Hawk’s Volleyball

Coach Paisley: “Well we have San Marcos tournament Thursday and Saturday. We will face Adkins, Giddings, and Keller Central on Thursday. There are many skills to still perfect as far as our game goes. There are some good and big schools in this tournament so the competition level will be there to challenge us this weekend.”

The ReSporter: What type of teams will be in San Marcos and how would they compare to the teams faced at the NEISD?

Coach Paisley: “There will be big schools in this tournament and we get more opportunities to play at a higher level. Another step to getting better for district.”

The ReSporter: Where are you as a team compared to last season as the district games get closer?

Coach Paisley: “We are about the same. Stronger offensively, and getting better on defense. Still not where we need to be defensively.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach now go get ’em in San Marcos and Go Hawks!!