Sport News | August 24, 2015

Coming out of the Tunnel This Friday!

The new Hawk Tunnel has landed!

Well Hawk fans the new Hawk run through tunnel has arrived!

Since the end of 2014 football season ended in the playoffs, the idea of stepping up and replacing the old Hawk tunnel was born.

While there was much discussion in the bleachers last fall about replacing our original veteran tunnel, a true veteran took command of the idea and moved it from vision to reality.

Rufus Woods became that leader and started gathering his supporters together for what became an eight month odyssey of designs, re-designs, phone calls, emails and fundraisers.

Mr. Woods soon solicited the help of Cory Martelli to help with fundraising projects and phone calls in which he work behind the scenes and came up with the idea of the 1st Annual CLHS football team car washes.

On two separate car washes on two different Saturday’s covering a total of 12 hours, the CLHS football team raised $4200.00, which is over half the cost of the tunnel.

“We had fun doing this new Annual event and the players stepped up along with dad’s pitching in and getting wet, it was a real honor to work with the young men and dad’s who came out to help raise money for this tunnel” said Mr. Martelli .

Cody Hebert, Howard St. John, Joe Ruff, Earnest Faris, Rufus Woods all pitched in to make it happen. The players stepped up with the muscle too.

Sr-Robert Woods, Sr- Chris Shultz, Sr.-Austin Camacho, Sr-Dylan Hodges, Jr- Heath McDonough, Jr-Colton McDonald, Soph-Jacob Foster, Soph- Micah St. John, Soph Caimen McDonough, Soph- Tanner Faris, Sohp-Ross Snowden,

Soph Wesley Madzy, Fr- Chance Martelli- his cousin Jack Fuentes, Fr-Tristain Chacon, Fr- Cameron Hebert, Fr-Jordan Burke.

CVS in Startzville, Family Dollar and OReilys in Sattler were kind enough to allow our players to hold the car washes at their locations and donated soap and drinking water for the fundraiser. “There were many donors who also pitched in at all different levels. These donors will have their donations recognized to the community and their names will appear in the Hawk Sports program at different levels of contribution, said Mr. Woods VP of the Athletic Booster Club.

Through the efforts of many local citizens, and events like the Hawks Greet and Eat on August 29 th from 1-4pm at the Jackson open air Market, the purchase of this tunnel was funded in full.

The dimensions on this are quite expansive. The wing span is 28ft, the tunnel itself is 20ft long x 12ft wide, has two talon feet with claws and hawk head which sits on top of the tunnel its self. As an added demission to tunnel, the Hawk breath pours out smoke which is denser than a San Francisco Bay cloud bank as the players enter the field. You can see the new Hawk Tunnel which will make its debut Friday night for season opener against Blanco and Saturday at the Open Air Market at the Greet and Eat with the varsity from 1-4pm. The CLHS Football teams are very proud of the support they have received from the community and say “Thank You”!

So come out and support CLHS this Friday and as new era begins with the tunnel and the Hawks take it to the Panthers!