Football, Pre/Game | August 26, 2015

Pre/Game: Temple Holy Trinity @ Bracken Christian

          Temple Holy Trinity   @    Bracken Christian Warriors       7:30pm
                  0-0                           0-0

 History: Warriors lead this series 1-0.

 2014 Warriors   45   Holy Trinity   18

Bracken Christian will be starting their 10th year and you should know that 6-man is many times thought as an offensive game.

The numbers below will show that how your defense plays might be the difference in how far a team could go in the second season (Playoffs).

Year     Off Points Scored         Year    Def Points Allowed      Final Record
2011          61.3                 2011         16.8                  12-1
2012          58.8                 2010         21.5                  14-0
2010          57.4                 2008         22.9                   9-2
2009          49.1                 2012         25.4                  10-2
2008          46.4                 2013         25.5                   8-3
2007          45.5                 2009         26.7                  10-3
2013          44.4                 2007         27.7                   9-3
2014          44.1                 2014         32.5                   7-5
2006          27.2                 2006         50.0                   1-9

You can see that the last two lines on the chart above are the two Warrior teams with the worst record.

Yes, you can say that many 6-man games might just go a half and skew the numbers some, but you cannot downplay
that how the defense plays can help in those tight games and turn the game to the win column.

The best defense resides with the 2011 season when that BCS team might have had a chance of beating the Championship season.

Bracken was beaten that year in the Semi-Final team to the eventual champion and that contest was the actual game for all the marbles.

What type of defense will the Warriors unveil this Friday night will go further in assessing how this Bracken team will do more so than those offensive numbers.

Bracken Christian lost some good Defensive Ends and another D-Back in Coy Zunker that will be hard players to replace especially considering how young this group will be.

Mistakes will be evident, so how the Warriors respond to those adverse moments will start the molding process for the rest of the year.

Holy Trinity is void of any information known for this team making this game as a don’t have any idea of how it might play out.

All that is known at this writing, was the final score of last year’s game and knowing that who graduated or came out for another year is not known.

This first game will be a surprise for everyone as it will unfold seeing players playing their first Varsity Game ever.

Bracken has a rich tradition that the present group of players will need to pick up that flag and see if it can be planted at the goal posts and forge a victory.

This Year's Roster: Position     Jersey #     Ht.     Wt.
Cristian De Leon      WR/CB         1         6'1     173
Brady Beene           QB/CB         2         5'10    157
Baylee Tremont        WR/CB         3         5'8     138
Bishop Guy            WR/CB         4         5'10    140
Brendan Mahan         OL/DE         6         5'7     165
Joshua Chu            RB/CB         7         5'5     118
Presley Day           RB/CB         8         5'11    173
Lucas McCrum          QB/CB        10         5'7     138
Cade Middleton        RB/DE        11         6'0     170
Zachar Carrington     WR/DE        12         5'9     136
Daniel Forgione       RB/CB        21         5'8     150
Noble Simmons         OL/DE        22         6'0     176
Liam Ortman            G/NG        24         6'0     189
Seth Smith             C/DE        25         6'1     211
Lucas Abbott           C/DL        33         6'4     235
Carlos Nararro        K/Ath        --         ---     ---

Go Warriors!!