Football, Game Article | September 6, 2015

Bracken, Woo Hits, Victoria Cobra in Win, 52-19

Daniel Forgione is looking to pass his Coach (brother) on the all-time rushing list

Daniel Forgione is looking to pass his Coach (brother) on the all-time rushing list

Bracken Christian Woo Hits Victoria Cobras in , 52-19 win at Warrior Stadium last Friday night to start their season 2-0.

It happened near the end of the game when Sophomore Cristian DeLeon laid a hit on the Cobra kick-off return man right after picking up the ball. A woo hit that excited, new head football coach, Hosea Stredic.

“We finally hit somebody,” and that hit had several people, including Coach Stredic, pumping his fist in the air and exclaiming, Woooo!!!!

“Don’t get me wrong, we teach the kids how to tackle and we have been doing that, but we are tackling without hitting….the team has been swarming to the ball to get a tackle. When you have a hit available then you need to make it a woo hit and then you can hear everyone in the stands say, ‘wooo’.”

It was the Cobra’s that got the first woo when they took their second possession for a score for their first and only lead of the game.

Quarterback Brady Beene was off on his first pass of the game which resulted in an interception, giving the Cobras the ball and eventual score on their next possession.

Beene did not have one of his best games passing as he missed on some wide open receivers but he also responded when needed for this win.

“That is a little frustrating,” Coach Stredic commented. “Sometimes that happens but he played a good game on the defensive side.”

Bracken would respond quickly as Victoria’s lead would last 1:08 when Beene redeemed himself with a touchdown pass to DeLeon for 16 yards.

Enter, Carlos Navarro, who was once again worth 10 points in this contest and giving the Warriors the lead for good. 8-6.

Touchdowns were hard to come by in that first half with only 3 total scores and BCS had that opportunity on their next possession when they drove 75 yards on 8 plays when Beene ran it in from 16 yards out.

The drive was all runs with Freshman Presley Day accounting for 44 yards of the drive as he would finish with 167 yards for the day.

A good two first games for Day as he now stands (runs) with 375 yards and already 9th on the all-time rushing list for Warrior runners.

player            last yr    att     Yds      TD     Ave Per Rush
Grady Achilles     2011      647    7,988    164       12.3
Eli Achilles       2012      241    3,537     69       15.9
Noah Boriack       2014      293    3,395     60       11.6
Preston Koch       2013      171    1,517     22       8.3
David Martinez     2009      136      993     19       7.3
Ehren Jacobson     2011       96      602     13       6.3
Daniel Martinez    2008       63      511     14       8.2
Austin Wilkinson   2011       23      386      8      16.8
Presley Day        Current    32      375      3      11.0
Mike Forgione      2009       51      360      4       7.0

A great group of players with one more about to break into the top ten when Daniel Forgione will pass his brother (Coach Mike Forgione) needing just 52 yards for that feat.

Bracken would have their next drive starting the second half, with 5 plays covering 47 yards, DeLeon would score on an end around for 9 yards.

Navarro would be good again for the pat which accounts for 6 points for the first three scores which equals another touchdown Victoria would have to score to keep up with this Warrior team.

After the defense held again, the offense took charge, moving 50 yards on this drive and after a failed field goal attempt a roughing the holder penalty allowed Day to do the honors, scoring on a 9 yard run and giving BCS a, 32-6 lead.

Take one play off the defense’s numbers and Victoria would have not reached 100 yards of offense, but since that is not allowed….the Cobra’s running back scampered 75 yards on a 1 play drive taking just 11 seconds off the clock and answering Bracken’s last score, 32-13.

Bracken would score on their 5th possession in a row on the first play of the 4th quarter as Beene found DeLeon again for 9 yard touchdown reception.

The Beene to DeLeon connection would be good three times in the game which would be the only receptions DeLeon had for this game.

This was DeLeon’s best scoring affair in his short career after adding his rushing TD to give him 4 scores for the game and 24 points,  putting him at 12th on the all-time scoring list residing with 94 points.

“Cristian (DeLeon) is having to adapt to a tight offense and blocking more than just running his routes,” Coach Stredic said. “He is learning it is not about, ‘you’, but about the team, and he is doing a great job in dealing with that.”

A two play and three play scores to finish the game would give Bracken the game ball and final score, 52-19.

On that two play drive, the touchdown catch for DeLeon was a thing of beauty as the replay booth had to verify the catch as he caught the ball like he was picking daises in the end zone.

That final scoring drive had Senior Joshua Chu (secret weapon) on the receiving end of a pass from Freshman Quarterback Bishop Guy and the final touchdown for the night for 15 yards.

This Warrior team is young but very talented and with each game a group of players that are getting used to the speed of the game.

The only drives to not score were the ‘Alpha and Omega’ drives.

An interception and the clock running out with a victory snap to end this game will tell the story.

“I am going to change the name of our ‘tight offense’ to ‘patience offense’,” Coach Stredic taught. “You have us running a lot of the tight offense because that will help set up the defense we are playing for different plays.”

That was evident on this night as each drive took time off the clock and a four quarter game giving each player a chance of learning how endurance will keep the team fresh.

“All the kids are learning and they are trusting me,” Coach Stredic said excitedly. “This is the first team I have coached that the players have yet to give me a ‘why’ question. They do what they are asked.”

Woo, that was a fun night as Bracken will now prepare for Austin Hill Country at Bracken Stadium at 7:30 next Friday night.

                    1   2   3   4   Final
 Victoria Cobra     6   0   7   6   19
 Bracken Christian  8   8  16  20   52
 Scoring Summary: 
 VCH-#2 16 yard run (pass failed), 2:21, 1st
 BCS-Cristian DeLeon 16 yard pass from Brady Beene (Carlos Navarro kick), 1:13, 1st
 BCS-Brady Beene 16 yard run (Carlos Navarro kick), 6:01, 2nd
 BCS-Cristian DeLeon 9 yard run (Carlos Navarro kick), 7:07, 3rd
 BCS-Presley Day 9 yard run (Carlos Navarro kick), 1:20, 3rd
 VCH-#4 76 yard run (pass was good), 1:09, 3rd
 BCS-Cristian DeLeon 9 yard pass from Brady Beene (pat failed), 9:54, 4th
 VCH-#4 47 yard run (pass failed), 6:47, 4th
 BCS-Cristian DeLeon 5 yard pass from Brady Beene (pat failed), 6:25, 4th
 BCS-Joshua Chu 15 yard pass from Bishop Guy (Carlos Navarro kick), 3:22, 4th

 Game Stats         Cobras     Warriors
 Total Yards        160        373
 First Downs        9          13
 Rushes/Yards       31/123     35/317
 Comp/Att/Int       2/6/0      5/10/1
 Passing Yards      37         56
 Punts/Average      0/0        0/0
 Fumbles/Lost       3/0        0/0
 Penalties-Yards    3-15       6-45

 Passing            Comp   Att    Pct   Yds  Int  TD
 Brady Beene        3      8     .375   30   1    3
 Bishop Guy         2      2    1.000   26   0    1

 Rushing            Att    Yds    Ave   Lg   TD
 Presley Day        17     167    9.8   25   1
 Daniel Forgione     8      85   10.6   38   0
 Brady Beene         5      33    6.6   16   1
 Cade Middleton      2      12    6.0   10   0
 Joshua Chu          2       9    4.5    6   0
 Cristian DeLeon     1       9    9.0    9   1
 Lucas McCrum        1       1    1.0    1   0

 Receiving          No    Yds     Ave   Lg   TD
 Cristian DeLeon    3     30     10.0   16   3
 Joshua Chu         1     15     15.0   15   1
 Brendon Mahan      1     11     11.0   11   0