Football, Game Article | September 25, 2015

CL Strikes Gold with Win over Lampasas, 22-0

Fullback Rolando Maronge helped in dispatching the Badgers finding Gold

Fullback Rolando Maronge helped in dispatching the Badgers finding Gold

The Canyon Lake Gold team that is mixed full of sophomores and freshman struck Gold by winning Thursdays game against the Lampasas Badgers, 22-0.

The CL Gold team started the game on offense and probably because of the long bus rides being still asleep as their first offensive series ended up with -3 yards and an interception on the Hawks own 41 yard.

As the Badgers took the field and moved down field for 29 yards, they had a holding call but 19 yards later it appeared it would pay off until Linebacker Charles Madzy for CL stepped up and sacked the Badgers for a 5 yard loss igniting a sleeping giant and turning away the Badgers from a score.

The Hawks got the ball on a turnover of downs and never looked back.

The Hawks first two runs from the line of scrimmage totaled 52 yards and after a holding call Johnny Soliz took the pig skin home from 17 yards out for the first score for Canyon Lake.

After this point the meager Badger offense had six possessions and averaged 18.5 yards per possession with six first downs totaling 111 yards for the night.

There were twenty-one hawks who had at least one tackle, defensively, for the Hawks, as it seemed everyone got into the game at some point.

The Hawks corner back Luke Mendez, arguably the smallest Hawk on the team upended the Badger’s largest running back on a sweep by displacing the legs of the runner up in the air stopping a possible long gain.

The CL defense was led by Alejandro Herrera 5 tackles , Charles Madzy 3 tackles – 3 assist and a sack, Ty Sexton 6 tackles -1 assist, Landry Kilpatrick with 3 tackles – 3 assists and Rolando Maronge four tackles -4 assist.

As result of the Hawk Defensive stoutness, the Badgers played most of their game inside the 40 yards lines with a reception of a 55 yards late in the 4th quarter only to be stopped cold on four downs by the Gold defensive machine.

On the flip side of the coin, the Gold standard was the Hawk offense, which scored six times on six possession but penalties brought three of those touchdowns back.

Even with those setbacks Canyon Lake totaled 224 yards of total offense on 21 rushes averaging 10 yards a carry.

The Offensive line held blocks, and opened holes a Gold Miner would be proud of.

Nick McCormick scored first on a 16 yarder to put the Hawks on the board, and the extra point was not good.

Then after stuffing the Badgers back in their hole, Mc Cormick cracked off a 50 yard run to post another 6 points for the Hawk offensive line who swarmed him in touch down heaven. This time the extra 2 pointer was good. Hawk’s, 14-0 at Halftime.

On the next offensive possession, Rolando Maronge scored on a 67 yard run to seal up the win for Canyon Lake Gold and the extra 2 point conversion was good, added by Maronge.

Maronge said “ We were a little sleepy and slow when we started the game and we saw that it wasn’t going to be as easy as we thought, so we started getting aggressive after we stopped them when they were on offense first.”

The Hawks stopped the Badgers one last time which totaled just 6 yards and then the Hawks sat on the ball and ran out the clock for their 22-0 win in Badger country.

After the win, Maronge said,” I love the Gold team everyone gets to play and gets to learn more than just sitting on the side line.”

One of his favorite players is Emmit Smith and Maronge said, “Ya Know Emmit was small and didn’t make the starting teams until his Junior year in High School, he was always hoping to play and that gives me drive since the Gold team was formed.”

So as it would seem, this Gold team has many up and comers who they do a great job for one another on the field and getting time to play more and more, means better players and who knows what Gold nuggets can be found on the field of dreams.

Next week is a bye week and then off to district play where this team looks to strike Gold everywhere they play.

Go Hawks!!