Coaches Corner, Football | September 9, 2015

Coaches Corner with Hawk’s Charley Drum

Coaches Corner with the Hawk’s Charley Drum

Canyon Lake's Head Coach Charley Drum

Canyon Lake’s Head Coach Charley Drum

The ReSporter: I know you are young and starting a Sophomore at QB, what do you do to help his passing as he does not seem to have found his touch.

Coach Drum: “We just need to get him comfortable….he had good games in the scrimmages and now he is in real time friday night lights. He is trying to make the perfect pass and he will become more of a threat with more throwing.”

The ReSporter: You have already seen several key players go down with an injury, how will you adjust as this season continues?

Coach Drum: “Injuries are part of the game and sometimes you have better years and sometimes you don’t. We had Gordon (McCleary) go down last week and that had us bring up (Austin) Rodriguez up from the freshman team.”

The ReSporter: That is one of your strengths this year as you have a lot of able body players….

Coach Drum: “Yes, and we will see how we can fill those spots and it is just a matter of getting the players experience, but we are a little banged up.”

The ReSporter: How will you approach the game with Marion? What can you share with us about this club?

Coach Drum: “Marion has some good skill kids and they are playing young like we are….that is one reason they (Marion) could not field a freshman team this week. They are playing more freshman and sophomores like we are.”

The ReSporter: This is the difference with a larger school as you certainly have enough players to still field all the positions and keep it going. But this team played Yoakum much closer than last year when they were beat by over 50 points.

Coach Drum: “The have gotten better and we cannot think about the score and we will need to gear up the team to continue to play like they did in last week’s second half.”

The ReSporter: Tell us why the team did not start in sync in last week’s game.

Coach Drum: “Well it was the first road game for many of our players on varsity and the game wasn’t horrible, but we were getting out hustled and that is what happened since Smithville had also improved from last year’s team.”

“Overall the team mood is picking up and we seem to be getting more chemistry but you just never know if they will come out this week and continue the way they ended last week.”

The ReSporter: Give us your thoughts for the Sub-Varsity teams? You have been promoting many of them to start this season and they seem to be doing well in their Thursday night games.

Coach Drum: “We have more numbers than ever and we even started the Canyon Lake Gold team to get as many of the players playing that we can. Having more of them playing has given them more enthusiasm because they know they will get to play.”

“They want to get to varsity and a lot of those kids might be the next Josh (DeVries) and are adjusting and it is causing more competition.”

The ReSporter: Yes, Josh DeVries was a great example as he was buried on the B squads in Middle School and he worked himself as a starter starting his Junior year and is now only behind Zach Henshaw in the running back fraternity.

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach, I will see you on Thursday when we play a triple header with all of those students and good luck this week.