Coaches Corner, Football | September 16, 2015

Coaches Corner with the Hawk’s Charley Drum

Coaches Corner

Head Coach Charley Drum

Head Coach Charley Drum

The ReSporter: Hey Coach, when I think about your career at Canyon Lake your first job was Defensive Coordinator….I was thinking what did it feel like watching last week’s game?

Coach Drum: “It was very uncomfortable….I told the defense that you tend to think you got blown out yet we were in the game the whole night. Sometimes you have shoot-outs and sometimes the score is 14-0. We just got to figure out how to win these close games and come up with a big play.”

The ReSporter: What did you talk about in the halftime locker room?

Coach Drum: “I told the defense that they needed to come up with 3 stops to win and we only had one but still had a chance to win the game.”

The ReSporter: What did you notice about the team after this game?

Coach Drum: “The young kids are tentative and we will start to get our game together.”

The ReSporter: What was the thinking as the game continued and what type of game plan did you think about as the score got up in the stratosphere?

Coach Drum: “We all come up with game plans but on Friday we just looked at each other….we just have to focus on doing the simple better. We will simplify what we do, but with our speed potential we just have to do the simple better.”

The ReSporter: Tell us what we will get in the Wimberley game…..they are coming into the game winless and so sometimes that will give you a team that will do anything for a win.

Coach Drum: “I like our chances but they are like us and are a young team too. We will just have to get our team going in the right direction, but we have two teams that are giving up yards and Wimberley has played a tougher non-district schedule than we have.”

The ReSporter: What will this game come down too?

Coach Drum: “Who is going to rebound faster, we have to figure out all three of our game on Friday.
We started the year playing good defense and last week we had a great offensive game. In fact, we have had 6 quarters of good offense now after starting the first 6 quarters not so good.”

The Resporter: Is the reason you don’t kick the ball down the field based on the speed of the competition?

Coach Drum: “Yes, Mike (Thorpe) can kick into the end zone but he can’t on every kick….if he gets to the 2 yard line and there is 20 yards of grass between the runner and our players then that will never end up as a good thing for our team…Mike does a good pooch kick will compensate for their speed and we did well with that last week.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and beat the Texans this week!!