Coaches Corner, Volleyball | September 17, 2015

Coaches Corner with Volleyball’s Kim Paisley

Head Volleyball Coach Kimberley Paisley

Head Volleyball Coach Kimberley Paisley

The ReSporter: What is your thinking on where the team is as district play starts?
Coach Paisley: “We handled business in 3 sets and 1-0 is a great start. I felt we had a rusty start in game 1 due to being off for a week, but we got back on track and will continue to lay the hammer and compete.”

The ReSporter: What are some things that need to be shored up as you proceed?
Coach Paisley: “We must be more consistent with our serve receive and defense. Everything begins with a pass. Must be sharp and consistent as we head on from there and our offense will fall into place and be more consistent.”

The ReSporter:  Did some math and the Hawks are averaging right at 24 points for the first two sets of the match. I that number where you thought you would be at this stage of the season?

Coach Paisley: “Well looking back at our tournaments in NEISD, where we accumulated 5 of our 8 losses, we competed well with 6A schools and had some close scores. So averaging 24 points a set, even with our losses, sounds about right.”

The ReSporter: The defense is giving up 18 and 20 for those same two sets….what do you think of those numbers?
Coach Paisley: “Defensively, we were a little flat. We must come out with more intensity and more communication. When we do that, our feet tend to move more!”

The ReSporter: What will we see as a rotation now that district is upon us? Will we see more 5-1 or 6-2 and why would you install one or the other during a game?
Coach Paisley: “Our 5-1 and 6-2 offense are both effective for us. The 5-1 offense creates a more consistent flow in our offense and gives a solid blocking opportunity with both Regan Mickey and Faith Hasness on the front row which will be critical when playing teams like Navarro and Wimberley.”

The ReSporter: What type of bump did the team get with that win over La Grange on the road last week?
Coach Paisley: “It was a great win ending the preseason, given LaGrange’s record and ranking at 4th in the state. That was our first match of the season to go 5 sets, and it was good preparation for heading into district.”

The ReSporter: Which game has been your best so far this season? La Grange, Schertz Clemens, Weatherford, etc?
Coach Paisley: “I felt that all 3 were great matches and wins for us. The Schertz Clemens match was by far more intense due to the payback we owed from the dual match August 11th.”

The ReSporter:  Thanks Coach Paisley and good luck as this season gets into hyper serious mode.