Coaches Corner, Volleyball | September 25, 2015

Coaches Corner with Volleyball’s Kim Paisley

Coach Kim Paisley giving instructions for a serve

Coach Kim Paisley giving instructions for a serve

The ReSporter: You went primary with the 5-1 offense in Navarro. You mentioned last week that you would do this against teams like Navarro. Why is that?

Coach Paisley: “I ran a 5-1 offense all 3 sets of Navarro match because the 5-1 offense is more fluid and consistent offensively. Our hitters are connecting more.”

The ReSporter: “We also noticed you started the match with a kill from Emma Gray with a set to the outside…it seemed to make a statement. Was that a special play or are you implementing for offensive sets with that play as an option?”

Coach Paisley: “That set is part of our serve receive and it is a “special” play!”

The ReSporter: After the Cuero game this Friday, you will take the next two highest teams in our district with Wimberley and La Vernia. What is your message with the team as you go into this pivotal part of your schedule?

Y4 Custom Homes supports Hawk's Volleyball

Y4 Custom Homes supports Hawk’s Volleyball

Coach Paisley: “We are going to continue to send the message each match we step out on the court for! We are going for 12-0! No mercy.”

The ReSporter: How have the practices gone since the win at Navarro?

Coach Paisley: “Practices are going well and our film sessions have been superb and very beneficial going into our matches!”

The ReSporter: “You certainly saw the Wimberley coaches and some players watching the game with Navarro, what do you think teams can take away from games when seen in person?

Coach Paisley: “Well, the exciting thing is we really did a good job of moving the ball around offensively, so that will be difficult for them to pin point what we are running every play. Defensively we stepped it up against Navarro. I feel they will pick at our serve receive and hit shots down the line.”

The ReSporter: This has to be one of your deepest clubs, how does that help as you proceed through district?

Coach Paisley: “We have to capitalize on our defense every match we play and our offense will fall into place. We will be ready for everyone we face. We must ask ourselves what are our weaknesses that other teams see in order for us to perfect and be prepared for what we are going to face.”

The ReSporter: That depth was seen on the court in Tuesday’s game with the Panthers as you could see we were looking much fresher as the sets continued into the 3rd set….was that more of a heartbreaking second set situation or our depth or both?

Coach Paisley: “We came out strong in all 3 sets, and you could see the Panthers were not going to give up easily. That second set they crept in and had a lead 23-20 and how we fought back to tie it up 23-23 and then finish them off 25-23 was huge for us. We displayed our mental toughness and focus in that set, and I feel the wind was knocked out of Navarro going into that 3rd set.”

The ReSporter: Coach we hope you continue to knock out your competition as this season unfolds…congrats on the win over the Panthers.