Football, Pre/Game | September 7, 2015

Pre/Game: Austin Hill Country @ Bracken Warriors

    Pre/Game: Austin Hill Country   @   Bracken Christian   Friday  7:30
              Knights 1-1               Warriors 2-0

 Bracken Warriors lead series 7-3.

 2006 BCS 16 AHC 64
 2007 BCS 54 AHC 48
 2008 BCS 44 AHC 16
 2009 BCS 64 AHC 72
 2010 BCS 54 AHC 21
 2011 BCS 68 AHC 48
 2011 BCS 60 AHC 42 Playoffs
 2012 BCS 56 AHC 06
 2013 BCS 38 AHC 61
 2014 BCS 66 AHC 40

 This Year Scores
 BCS  54  Temple Holy Trinity   24     Knights  00   Abbott          46
 BCS  52  Vicotria Cobras       19     Knights  32   Fred Heritage   22


Once again getting information on a 6-man team is almost impossible as the Austin American Statesman does not even have Austin Hill Country on their list of teams in Austin.

Y4 Custom Homes support Warriors 6-Man Football

Y4 Custom Homes support Warriors 6-Man Football

What is known will be coming more from Head Coach Hosea Stredic as well as the team as the Knights were one of the teams BCS played in their last scrimmage.

The good news is that Bracken played better against this team than the third team in the round robin scrimmage.

Does that mean a victory on Friday? Of course not, if anything it might play agains the Warriors as sometimes a young team will chalk it up to a victory and get their minds set on the weekend.

The good news is that you can bet that the Coaches will not let that thinking process to dwell very long as Austin Hill Country will certainly bring their ‘A’ game to this game.

Bracken has been breaking a lot of freshman players and the veterans have been helping bridge the gap so the growth spurt continues on the football field.

Last week, BCS, scored on all of their possessions except the first and last times with the ball.

An interception and running out the clock was the reason for no scores.

A good running game (a Warrior tradition) and a decent passing game has been the road to success this past two weeks. However, this will be a game where stakes will be a tad higher as AHC will be a tougher team for Bracken.

Abbott is an UIL team and a good one, while Heritage won the TAPPS III Championship last year.

In Coach Stredic’s last Coaches Corner he mentioned a strategy where each week there would be more of this year’s offensive plays being used as the season matures.

The ‘Patience Offense’ is now in full gear and it should be interesting to see what else might be opened up in this game.

This way of running the offense will not be a good way for Austin Hill Country to prepare for what might be run this Friday. If that is done and the Warriors execute then those might be the plays that get this team to a 3-0 record and a little more respect in the 6-man world.

Go Warriors!!