Football, Pre/Game | September 3, 2015

Pre/Game: Canyon Lake @ Smithville

 History: Canyon Lake leads the all-time series, 1-0.
 2014  Hawks   43   Tigers   14

 This Year's Games
 Hawks   00   Blanco   14        Smithville   28   Rockdale   48

Canyon Lake will enter this year’s second game much like they did last year after a bruising loss to Blanco and this time an offensive shut out from the Panthers.

Smithville had also started their first game with CL with a loss and both teams trying to get off the floor with their first win of the season.

The good news for CL would be seeing that Rockdale grossed 328 yards rushing in their win against Smithville.

Y4 Custom Homes supports Hawk's Football

Y4 Custom Homes supports Hawk’s Football

Canyon Lake will need to have some improvements in this game and be sure to not go into another week without a victory.

Smithville is beatable but until Canyon Lake can show they can up their game then many of these early games will just be a learning curve.

A curve that needs to be moving faster to give that added boost to the old noggin and help in how the team carries themselves.

With such a young team, what goes on in the noggin is more important than for teams that might have more Senior leadership.

More good news is a group of Sophomores that are not used to losing will have a key game in seeing how they might rebound.

Another note comes from a Junior Varsity team that throttled Blanco last year and now after getting a black eye at the hands of that Varsity.

Both those classes needs to embolden there approach to the upcoming games and that future is now phrase is more important than ever.

Smithville did get 28 points and with some interceptions helping with those scores.

Garrett Mathis did pass for 103 yards and scored on a rushing touchdown.

Running back Nomar Rivera was the Tigers leading rusher in their first game.

The Hawks responded last year with a win over Smithville and that same type of game will be needed for a Hawk win on the road.

Go Hawks!!