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Volleyball: District Standings & a District Go-Over

Last year's Volleyball team took their game to the 2nd Round, this year only time will tell

Last year’s Volleyball team took their game to the 2nd Round, this year only time will tell

 District 26-4A            Volleyball Standings
 Season                              District
 Team           W    L    Pct        Team         W   L    Pct    GB
 Navarro       26    7   .788        La Vernia    3   0  1.000    --
 CL Hawks      22    8   .733        Navarro      3   0  1.000    --
 La Vernia     17   13   .567        CL Hawks     2   0  1.000    1/2
 Cuero         12   12   .500        Wimberley    2   1   .667    1
 Wimberley     11   13   .458        Cuero        0   2   .000    2 1/2
 Yoakum         8   18   .308        Yoakum       0   2   .000    2 1/2
 Gonzales       2   13   .133        Gonzales     0   3   .000    3
 This Week's Games
 Sep 15        CL Hawks    beat    Yoakum      3-0
               Navarro     beat    Wimberley   3-1
               La Vernia   beat    Gonzales    3-0
               Calhoun     beat    Cuero       3-1
 Sep 18        CL Hawks    beat    Gonzales    3-0
               Navarro     beat    La Vernia   3-1
               Wimberley   beat    Cuero       3-0
               Yoakum      Off

Canyon Lake will start in earnest for another chance of getting one of the

Y4 Custom Homes supports CL Volleyball

Y4 Custom Homes supports CL Volleyball

most coveted ‘Bucket Lists’ item which quite frankly would color that ‘Bucket’ in gold.

Winning a District 26-4A Championship would be that item for an ultimate goal.

History would tell you that this goal would be a hard one to attain considering the teams that the Hawks have shared in common for district results.

First, you have Wimberley Texans in your district which for the past 18 years has been the domain for this team and a dominating habitat for sure.

The Texans have not lost a game in district since the 2008-09 season and this could be a much longer time period, as The ReSporter can not go back any further searching in papers.

Wimberley is 66-0 since that time period and had Fredericksburg win a tournament game against the Texans that year only to lose both district games later on their schedule. The Billies even went to 5 sets that year with this powerhouse giving them a scare but that would be the extent of the Texans plight….being scared.

Canyon Lake’s Coach, Kim Paisley was part of the building blocks at Wimberley as her picture is up on the wall in their gym.

Coach Paisley has told The ReSporter how they would enter an opponents gym for a contest and how they wanted to give them a look of, ‘good luck if you think you will beat us’, attitude.

That look has certainly worked on Canyon Lake as they can only boast of one set where they were beat, 25-27 four years ago but if you read this sentence again you would still understand the Hawks lost the game, set, and match.

Dominance is the name of the game for Wimberley not only over CL but also all the other teams as well.

This year, Wimberley, is coming into the district with a sub .500 record that they just evened out in their win over Gonzales last Friday.

Navarro will also be a force to be reckoned with as Canyon Lake is looking up at this team also record wise.

The Hawks have a 4-7 record with the Panthers with two wins last year, one being in a tournament.

Navarro has the best record before district, 24-7, and are presently ranked 14th in the Texas Girls Coaches Association Poll.

Common opponents with the Panthers might give you an idea of knowing this team will give CL a run for the title.

                      Navarro         CL Hawks
 Lockhart               3-0              3-0
 Schertz Clemens        1-3              0-3
 Schertz Clemens        1-2              2-0
 Cuero                  3-0              2-0

La Vernia have youth but this school also has some history and could very well make their presence known as district play gets started. The Bears have won the first District 26-4A game and the common opponents are below:

                      La Vernia        CL Hawks
 SA Southwest            3-0              2-1
 Giddings                1-2              2-0
 Fredericksburg          2-0              3-1
 Fredericksburg          2-3
 Weatherford             0-2              2-0
 Cuero                   2-1              2-0
 La Grange               0-3              3-2

Can Canyon Lake make the playoffs? That will happen as the bottom of this district does not have teams that the firepower to pull off many if any upsets with 2 or 3 of the top schools.

The Hawks start District 26-4A this week on the road in Yoakum and then a home game with Gonzales on Friday.

Navarro will be in Wimberley this Tuesday and this will be a telling affair as we will see what type of team the Texans will put on the court during this important time of year.

A Navarro win would be the first loss in a while and being a game on the road for the Panthers would give them the odds of beating Wimberley again.

Canyon Lake will have there telling game a week from this Tuesday when they travel to Navarro and a chance to see how CL will respond under the lights when they will find out if they might need to get a larger bucket for a Championship Trophy.

That would not only be a first for the Volleyball team but a significant ‘Bucket List’ for the School.

A team Championship has been close for the Boy’s Track team when they finished 2nd to Fredericksburg two years in a row.

The girls came close a few years ago with Softball and Volleyball last season with 2nd place medals.

The Hawk Nation needs to make that short trip to Navarro in 9 days to cheer a well deserving team ready to take the podium.

Go Hawks!!