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Volleyball Standings **Updated

CL Hawks will need to step up this Tuesday with their showdown in Navarro

CL Hawks will need to step up this Tuesday with their showdown in Navarro

District 26-4A       Volleyball Standings
 Season                          District
 Team        W   L    Pct        Team         W   L    Pct   GB
 Navarro    28   8   .778        Canyon Lake  4   0  1.000   --
 CL Hawks   24   8   .750        Navarro      4   1   .800   1/2
 La Vernia  18  15   .545        Wimberley    3   1   .750   1 
 Wimberley  13  13   .500        La Vernia    3   2   .600   1 1/2
 Cuero      12  14   .462        Yoakum       1   4   .200   3 1/2 
 Yoakum      9  19   .321        Cuero        0   4   .000   4 
 Gonzales    3  15   .167        Gonzales     0   4   .000   3 1/2

 This Week's Games
 Sep 21           Wimberley   3   Poth       0

 Sep 22           CL Hawks    3   Navarro    0
                  Yoakum      3   Gonzales   1
                  La Vernia   3   Cuero      1

 Sep 25           CL Hawks    3   Cuero      1
                  Navarro     3   Yoakum     0
                  Wimberley   3   La Vernia  2
                  Smithville  3   Gonzales   0
A ReSporter Commentary:
Y4 Custom Homes supports Hawk Volleyball

Y4 Custom Homes supports Hawk Volleyball

Canyon Lake has a short history and up to this point has had success but not one district championship yet to hang our hats on.

The ReSporter would like to make a plea to the Hawk Nation to make a trip to Navarro this coming Tuesday as the Hawk Volleyball team has one of their most important games for this year and history.

District 26-4A has four teams that will separate from the rest of the pack as the round robin schedule continues these next few weeks.

Right now La Vernia and Navarro are both undefeated with one more win that CL at this point.

The Texas Girls Coaches Association has not released a ranking now for a week and a half, but with some recent wins by Canyon Lake will most likely have a rise in the polls along with Navarro, who was ranked 14th in that last stanza.

CL had a respectable 18 ranking among their peers in 4A play.

By just looking at how Navarro and Canyon Lake have played and beaten teams this year you could surmise that these two teams could separate from Wimberley and La Vernia as this campaign continues.

That scenario would put this game with the Panthers on Tuesday at a heightened fever pitch.

The ReSporter knows that upsets can happen and you can never say for certain that a team might win, but looking at the result of games on paper this game is the marquee matchup so far in District 26-4A play.

With a drought on the District Championship ledger, Canyon Lake has a great chance of getting that elusive end of the rainbow event by taking care of business this season.

Now The ReSporter would like to encourage as many fans in the Hawk Nation that can find a way and time to make the trek to Navarro this Tuesday for that 6pm start to this important event.

Coach Kim Paisley said in a recent interview that she wanted to paint the Navarro Purple Gym with Green and Gold by having a huge crowd there to support these Hawk Athletes.

That showing would show the girls just how much they mean to this community and how they have our support.

Get the word out and get going for a 35.8 mile trek by FM 306 or if that is too long of a drive take a short cut and go 34.6 miles via highway 46.

Of course the Hawk Nation knows you might travel farther than that to go around the lake and The ReSporter would guess that there are students and families driving almost that far just to get to the Hawk school in Fischer.

Turning the Purple Gym Green would be the trick for helping Canyon Lake to Out ‘Point Hawks’ the Panthers into submission this Tuesday.

So how bout it….are you game? If you are game then know it can take just 3 sets to start a Hawk tradition and make a statement.