Game Article, Volleyball | October 3, 2015

CL Hawks Continue Climb in Sweep of La Vernia

Libero Sam York showing off those floor burns after win over La Vernia

Libero Sam York showing off floor burns in win over Bears

CL Hawks finished the first half of their district games undefeated after sweeping the La Vernia Bears on Friday night at the Hawk Nest.

Methodical would best describe this year’s club as Canyon Lake had a statement set to start the match and then coasted to their 5th district game sweep.

“We were feeling some pressure as we knew that La Vernia would have a scrappy defense and we were playing cautious,” Head Coach Kim Paisley said. “The pressure is in being 6-0 and maintaining because everyone will be better the second round.”

“Now we will have teams with nothing to lose and they will set smaller goals and that can many times allow them to stay in games,” Coach Paisley said as if she has had experience in the matter.

Faith Hasness, Regan Mickey, and Sam York help in getting Hawks into rarefied air

Faith Hasness, Regan Mickey, and Sam York help in getting Hawks into rarefied air

To put this in terms for understanding, Coach Paisley dealt with this every year playing for the Texans as that school has won 18 straight district championships and being undefeated for the first round of games would be a common occurrence.

With this 6th District 26-4A win, CL has passed all but two years of having more wins in district play.

Now the Hawks have to grapple with what it is like to be the lead team that everyone is gunning for and Canyon Lake has become very good at coming up with those small goals after knowing the larger ones (District Crowns) have not been attainable from year’s past.

Last year’s club tops victories for district milestone with 9 wins and back in 2010 the Hawks were able to be victorious on 8 occasions.

Canyon Lake can now set their mark on last year’s Hawk team that finished with 31 wins as they can beat that mark before the regular season ends.

La Vernia has now lost to Canyon Lake 3 times in a row after winning the first 5 mach-ups in this series.

Friday night, Canyon Lake had a tight game until 5 of the last 6 servers started to get rallies and separation from this Bear team.

Separation from a Bear is a good thing and on this night the Hawks won, 25-12, 25-19, and 25-22, helping to secure a first place as half of the district games are now in the books.

CL has several seniors that performed very well in this game but The ReSporter wanted to get another angle as 3 players that have more years left on the court are helping in laying a solid foundation for future clubs.

Faith Hasness, Sam York, and Regan Mickey have applied a lot of glue to this team in keeping it together and in helping this team improve.

The elder statesman is Junior Mickey as she is now into her 3rd year of varsity play and getting a first hand look into the Hawks advancing methodically each campaign.

Y4 Custom Homes is all in for supporting CL Hawks Volleyball

Y4 Custom Homes is all in for supporting CL Hawks Volleyball

Mickey will have the assist record for a long time as not many players will have the opportunity to start for 4 years on the Varsity to rack up those markers.

One of those plays that has become a staple is how Mickey can sneak a would be assist over the net for a point. She was able to sneak those kills, 6 times in this match.

“I usually watch the Libero and see where she is and when I see the opening then I will try it,” Mickey said shyly.

On how this team is different from the two previous stints, “We have played together for a long time and playing a hard preseason helped everyone’s connections,” Mickey dug an assist.

Hasness was able to get 7 kills on the night as she was serving when the Hawks got there separation in that 3rd set.

In scoring 5 points in that rally, CL had a sneak kill from Mickey and Bailey Drum had one of her patented kills down the middle.

The ReSporter’s favorite play was also shown off during those Hasness serves when Middle Blocker Emma Gray had her Post Kill allowing Canyon Lake to close this game off with a 3-0 sweep.

“I am excited I get to play and I am getting more comfortable,” Hasness said in her easy chair. “I think it is fun getting a kill down the line and it just feels natural.”

Hasness was commenting on how being left handed allows her to throw some change ups when she is up on the line.

“We are bonding and we have team dinners at each other’s house once a week,” Hasness commented on how the bonding is accomplished for this group of players.

Canyon Lake has also seen some solid play from their Libero, Junior Sam York, as this player has improved with each game.

“I have gotten used to playing with everyone,” York said aNew. “I have been more focused and that allows you to play to the best of your ability….this win will give us more motivation and will help in finishing stronger than when we started.”

York was astute in that observation as last year’s Hawk team was red hot going into district play and then after a loss to Wimberley the team did not maintain there dominance with each remaining opponent.

In that game with the Texans, CL was 5-0, but after the loss they finished with a 4-3 record going into the playoffs.

With wins over Navarro and Wimberley on the road, Canyon Lake will have an opportunity to finish strong and by winning out, the Hawks would have a 20 game winning streak.

That winning streak would be more games won in three seasons and if they can continue and finish undefeated in district, the Hawks, would be just one game off the total wins during the 13 victories in 2011.

Rarefied air will be a big item as this season comes into their final lap and knowing how to handle those same district teams one more time will allow the Hawks the biggest of bucket lists.

Now Canyon Lake will be off this coming Tuesday and start their second round in Yoakum next Friday.

Go Hawks!!

Game Stats: CL Hawks (26-8) beats La Vernia Bears: 25-12, 25-19, 25-22
 CL Leaders:
 Kills:   Addison Farley           14
 Assists: Regan Mickey             33
 Digs:    Sam York                 16
 Blocks:  Emma Gray & Bailey Drum   2
 Aces:    Regan Mickey              2