Coaches Corner, Volleyball | October 15, 2015

Coaches Corner: Volleyball’s Kim Paisley

Coach Kim Paisley instructing for placement of a Hawk Serve.

Coach Kim Paisley instructing for placement of a Hawk Serve.

The ReSporter was able to get with a busy Coach Paisley as this year’s squad is working on a perfect district slate. Go to the updated Standings article and you will see how Navarro needed to go 5 sets in disposing La Vernia and Wimberley lost in 5 sets to upstart Cuero team.

The ReSporter: Does going through the district on the 2nd round give teams a good idea of how they have progressed? What are signs besides wins and losses that help you gauge that idea.

Coach Paisley: “I look at how we execute offensively and defensively in comparison to the first round’s execution. I like to look for strategic execution based off film study, and that is rewarding as a coach to see when your team takes from what they learned and apply it successfully during the match.”

The ReSporter: On that same note, when you look at this year’s team, how good your team is can be based on placing CL at this moment back during the Tournament season and asking yourself, which games would we win with this team now, so how many of those losses would be counted as wins?

Coach Paisley: “Having our full team team in effect for the end of Tex-fest and beginning of the NEISD tournament, would have had some effect on the outcome of the matches. The point where we are at now and zipping back a few weeks with this team right now, we would definitely change the outcome of some of those matches. Our chemistry is much more solid right now which helps as well.”

The ReSporter: The Hawks have won all of their big games this year on the road, what does that tell you on the mental aspect of this team and how does that help when the playoffs start?

Coach Paisley: “Where we were a few years back, and how far we have come, is amazing to see! Our mental toughness gets stronger and stronger throughout our season, and this will carry over into post season. We will see how far it carry’s us (knock on wood).”

The ReSporter: What do you expect from the district teams when you meet them again?

Coach Paisley: “Everyone is tougher the 2nd round! You cannot get complacent and must be even more prepared for the second round to take care of business.”

The ReSporter: You have mentioned that muscle memory (that might not be the right phrase) is a good indicator on how a team performs, how would you grade this year’s team as they ready for the most important time of the season?

Coach Paisley: “I always believe we can be better and I always remind the kids some one, some where is working hard to beat you. We must give it everything we’ve got! It’s crunch time, and each match we will walk away knowing we left everything we have on the floor.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and good luck when you meet Navarro this Friday.