Coaches Corner, Volleyball | October 30, 2015

Coaches Corner with Volleyball’s Kim Paisley

Canyon Lake's Addison Farley scoring a kill during Cuero game

Canyon Lake’s Addison Farley scoring a kill during Cuero game

The ReSporter: What are your thoughts as you have just completed this season from the regular season games and then your district games?

Coach Pailsey: “I’m excited, happy, and very proud of the girls, from Freshmen, JV, to Varsity! All of the girls worked hard and continue to work hard!!! This has been an incredible season and a season full of more goals accomplished and history in the making!”

The ReSporter: What is your focus as you look at the upcoming playoff season?

Coach Paisley: “We will keep our schedule and plan consistent and routine as possible, while still being flexible to the quick turn around that occurs throughout the playoffs. The girls are focused and we still have goals to obtain. We are hitting it hard on defense and  sharpening our offense. We will be ready to compete and I know the girls will give 110% each match!”

The ReSporter: Do you work as hard (physically) during this time of the year or do you concentrate more on the (head or thinking) part of the game?

Coach Paisley: “I feel consistency is key and there is no reason to let up or change up our practice plans drastically. We always make adjustments and work on possible scenarios we know we may see when we face certain opponents. We need to be ready for every match as if it is our last.”

The ReSporter: You have been a 1 seed in your playing days with Wimberley, what do you do as a Coach to keep this team in a step on some throats persona?

Coach Paisley: “We have a job to do. We have goals. We have dreams. You must remind yourself constantly:
“What do you want?”
“How bad do you want it?”
“What will you do to achieve this?”
We will continue to come out with this attitude of stepping on throats!”

The ReSporter: How much do you know about teams from other districts? Do the coaches have a group of friends that they can draw on to get information to figure out weaknesses and strengths of those future opponents?

Coach Paisley: “We as coaches scout our opponents and try to obtain film/information so we can prepare our kids for game time all season long.”

The ReSporter: A lot of Bucket Lists have been accomplished this season, what is the key in keeping those ideas or thoughts with the team since this is the time of year that a let down game could mean it would also be their last game.

Coach Paisley: “We know that someone is coming out a winner and the other goes home. We will give it our all and fight to the end. Knowing what we want to achieve and knowing it is attainable, is our drive to be successful. We have our District Championship Gold Ball, but we want to keep racking up the hardware!!!”

The ReSporter: Why would the team have more service error percentage wise during district vs. the whole season? It seems that a serve should not matter who the opponent would be.

Coach Paisley: “We are serving tougher than we were in the beginning of season and that sometimes may lead to errors.”

The ReSporter: Last year you had Alexis Robinson that seemed to rise to the forefront in the playoff games, who might be the players that could have similar results…and yes this could also mean your stalwart players too.

Coach Paisley: “I feel we will all rise to challenges we face during playoffs. The girls have been focused and ready for this part of season, and we are here! It is time! Let’s do this!:

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and congratulations on a great regular season now go make the next games an extraordinary season!!

Go Hawks!!