Standings, Volleyball | October 18, 2015

District 26-4A Volleyball Standings and Recap *Updated

Emma Gray finishing off her patented Post Kill

Emma Gray finishing off her patented Post Kill

Volleyball Standings and Last Week’s Recap

 District 26-4A                  Volleyball Standings
 Season        W    L    Pct           District      W   L     Pct    GB
 CL Hawks     31    8   .795           CL Hawks     11   0   1.000    ——
 Navarro      34    9   .791           Navarro      10   2    .818    1 1/2
 La Vernia    22   18   .550           La Vernia     7   4    .636    4
 Cuero        17   17   .500           Wimberley     5   6    .455    6
 Wimberley    15   18   .455           Cuero         4   7    .364    7
 Yoakum       11   29   .275           Yoakum        2   9    .182    9
 Gonzales      3   24   .111           Gonzales      0  11    .000   11

 Next Three Games:
 Oct. 20          CL Hawks    3    Cuero      0
                  Navarro     3    Yoakum     0
                  La Vernia   3    Wimberley  0
                  Gonzales         Bye

 Oct. 23          CL Hawks    3    Wimberley  1
                  Navarro     3    Gonzales   0
                  Cuero       3    Yoakum     0
                  La Vernia        Bye

 Oct. 26          Navarro     @    Incarnate Word

 Oct. 27          CL Hawks    @    La Vernia
                  Yoakum      @    Wimberley
                  Gonzales    @    Cuero

Canyon Lake has now embarked on their final stretch for this season’s district games and The ReSporter has recorded those scheduled games above.

Setting the stage for who is in and out really involves just 2 teams as Wimberley and Cuero are still in limbo for that 4th Playoff spot. Both schools split their district games.

Cuero can not lose a game and will be scheduled with two of the schools at the bottom of the standings for their last two games.

The make or break contest for the Gobblers will take place this Tuesday as a loss for Canyon Lake can give Cuero a chance for making that final spot.

That means Wimberley would need to lose all three games to open that door of hope for Cuero.

The Texans do have a tough two games next on their schedule but that last contest with Yoakum would put the proverbial nail in the Gobbler’s coffin. To top that off, the Bulldogs are playing at Wimberley.

So, for argument sake, the four most probable playoff teams are in the 1-4 spots above.

Those 4 teams still can have some different seeding implications with the next three dates and The ReSporter will go over those scenarios for conversation sake.

First Seed:  Canyon Lake and Navarro
What Needs to Happen?
Canyon Lake: Win out or win 2 of the next 3 would give CL their first seed in any sport.
Navarro: Win out and hope for some help in the form of Cuero-Wimberley-and La Vernia. Those 3 teams are in the middle of the pack and crazier things have happened in sports.

Second Seed: Navarro, La Vernia, and Wimberley
What Needs to Happen?
Navarro: Win out and the good news for the Panthers are having games with Yoakum and Gonzales.
The ReSporter will stop there as Navarro will win at least one of those games giving them the 2nd Seed unless they can overtake the Hawks.
Third Seed: La Vernia, Wimberley, and Cuero
What Needs to Happen?
La Vernia: Has two games left and both are key games, as the Bears face Wimberley this Tuesday and then welcome Canyon Lake for their final regular season game.
Wimberley beat La Vernia in their first meeting and so the Texans will need a win against the Bears to get them to a 3rd seed.
Fourth Seed: The loser of the Wimberley and La Vernia will most likely be the 4th seed, or a coin toss might help in anointing those spots.

Canyon Lake has swept each district school except for that 1 set lost against Cuero earlier this year.and being able to talk about playoffs in this manner of what you can do to get in them, is a nice problem for the Hawks as they are already guaranteed a spot for more games.