Football, Game Article | October 23, 2015

MVMS 7th ‘A’ Use BreakNeck Speed in Win over Billies, 32-0

White Lightning and Big Red are all smiles after win over Wimberley, 24-6

Troy Eyster and Noah Du Menial  are all smiles after Blurring the Billies and both moving up to MVMS A Team

The Mountain Valley 7th A Squad was all over Fredericksburg like read is over a book, 32-0.

This game was all MV Hawks as both the defense and offense control the line of scrimmage with a shut out and almost 300 yards of offense as this Billie team would need to explain all of those brands left on their back side when the got home.

Enter, Running Back Troy Eyster, who could have scored twice on each of his runs as he lapped the Billies with each carry.

Try this on for size: Runs for Eyster would consist of yardage of 13, 30, 27, and 25 yard touchdown to run out the clock.

Actually Eyster was so fast he really did run out the clock as their was still :35 seconds left on this running clock when he scored and no more plays needed as the running clock was kept on in trying to catch this runner.

“We were focused in practice this week,” Eyster batted an eye. “The offensive line is great and they always make holes for me to run through this week and we will got ready after last week’s loss.”

Has The ReSporter mentioned that Eyster is fast yet?

Not only was Eyster a blur to the Billies but Nate Weiskopf, Braden Jowers, and Derek Wiatrek were either running over or around Fredericksburg for this whole game also.

Do the math and you will see each rushing play averaging 10.6 yards per tote.

Defensively, Mountain Valley might have been called a name during the Billies first drive as the ‘D’ became a Wall for the rest of this game as Freddie would only account for -5 yards for the rest of the game.

Do the Math: 16 plays for -5 yards is a good way to guarantee a win for any team much less a team that can control the speed of the a game clock.

Mountain Valley had possession of the ball for 5 times in this affair and a score would be the result as it did not matter which person would be running the ball as the offensive line and backs would take it to the house.

MVMS would not face a 4th down for the game and a 3rd down happened 6 times and on each of those downs the average number of yards needed for a first would be a paltry 2.7 yards to keep a drive churning.

The ReSporter would like to be sure you understand how this game was a blur for the opposition and would invite the reader to put the following words into this article when seeing a fast word.

(supersonic, pronto, velocious, rickety split, hypersonic, breakneck, electric, brisk, expeditious)

Wow, a good rapid game for MV as they will be hurried as they get back in a jiffy for next week’s game in a posthaste and presto manner next Thursday.

Come early so you don’t miss any of the game!!

Go Hawks!

                 1   2   3   4   Final
 Freddie 7th A   0   0   0   0   00
 MVMS 7th A      0  14  12   6   32
 Scoring Summary:
 MVM-Troy Eyster 17 yard run (Derek Wiatrek run), 4:12, 2nd
 MVM-Troy Eyster 30 yard run (run failed), 0:39, 2nd
 MVM-Derek Wiatrek 5 yard run (run failed), 3:20, 3rd
 MVM-Nate Weiskopf 39 yard run (pass failed), 1:04, 3rd
 MVM-Troy Eyster 25 yard run (no pat), 0:00, 4th

 Game Stats       Billies     Hawks
 Total Yards      25          285
 First Downs      3           8
 Rushing/Yards    16/0        27/285
 Comp/Att/Int     3/4/0       0/0/0
 Passing Yards    25          0
 Punts/Average    1/23.0      0/0
 Fumbles/Lost     1/1         0/0
 Penalties-Yards  1-5         3-30
 TOP              11:59       16:01

 Rushing          Att  Yds    Ave   Lg   TD
 Troy Eyster      7    119   17.0   30   3
 Braden Jowers    5     62   13.0   18   0
 Nate Weiskopf    3     50   16.7   39   1
 Derek Wiatrek    7     32    4.6    6   1
 Ryan Rivali      5     22    4.5   12   0


Mountain Valley 7th B Team was skunked in their game with Fredericksburg on Thursday as the Hawks could not get any traction in the loss, 20-0.

Preston Nelms led the Hawks with 74 rushing yards and Tristin caught a pass for 10 yards but that would be all the offense would be able to muster for this contest.

Fredericksburg scored on all three of their possessions while racking up 157 yards of offense while holding Mountain Valley to 99 for the night.

The Hawks will be in action again this coming Thursday when they will face Boerne at 4pm.

Go Mountain Valley Hawks!

                    1   2   3   4   Final
 Freddie 7th B      0  14   6   0   20
 Mtn. Valley 7th B  0   0   0   0   00
 Scoring Summary:
 F7B-Borton 1 yard run (pass good), 4:44, 2nd
 F7B-Cramer 1 yard run (run failed), 0:00, 2nd
 F7B-Cramer 45 yard run (run failed), 3:27, 3rd

 Game Stats         Billies      Hawks
 Total Yards        157          99
 First Downs        8            5
 Rushing/Yards      14/147       28/89
 Comp/Att/Int       1/1/0        1/3/0
 Passing Yards      10           10
 Punts/Average      0/0          0/0
 Fumbles/Lost       0/0          2/0
 Penalties-Yards    1-10         2-13

 Passing            Comp  Att  Pct   Yds  Int  TD
 Reef Malish        1     3   .333   10   0    0

 Rushing            Att  Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Preston Nelms      14   74    5.3   19   0
 Derrick Grier       9   21    2.3    4   0
 Jakob Kellerman     5   -6     —     3   0

 Receiving          No   Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Tristin Heavener   1    10   10.0   10   0