Standings, Volleyball | October 3, 2015

Volleyball Standings and Tidbits

Assassin Regan Mickey with her patented tip shot for a kill

Assassin Regan Mickey with her patented tip shot for a kill

 District 26-4A               Volleyball Standings
 Season        W    L    Pct         District        W    L     Pct    GB
 Navarro      31    8   .795         Canyon Lake     7    0   1.000    --
 Canyon Lake  27    8   .771         Navarro         7    1    .875    0 1/2
 La Vernia    20   16   .556         Wimberley       5    3    .625    2 1/2
 Wimberley    15   15   .500         La Vernia       5    3    .625    2 1/2
 Cuero        14   15   .483         Cuero           2    5    .286    5
 Yoakum       10   27   .270         Yoakum          1    7    .125    6 1/2
 Gonzales      3   21   .125         Gonzales        0    8    .000    7 1/2

 This Week's Games:
 Oct. 6        La Vernia   3    Yoakum     1
               Navarro     3    Cuero      1
               Wimberley   3    Gonzales   0
               Canyon Lake      Bye

 Oct. 9        Canyon Lake 3    Yoakum     0
               Navarro     3    Wimberley  0
               La Vernia   3    Gonzales   0
               Cuero            Bye

Y4 Custom Homes is all in for supporting CL Hawks Volleyball

Y4 Custom Homes is all in for supporting CL Hawks Volleyball

Looking at the District records after the first round of games has a perfect ranking of each team.

What that means is something not seen that often by having Yoakum with one win and that win being over the winless Gonzales Apaches.

If you proceed up the standings then you can find out who each team lost or beat by counting all the teams below that particular school.

Wimberley has 4 wins and 2 losses, well that means Wimberley beat all the schools below them and lost to all the teams above them.

Another tidbit is that there was only one game that went to 5 sets and that was between the two middle teams, Wimberley and La Vernia.

There was no other game in district play that went past 4 games and most games were 3-0 skunks.

With those developments you can guess that the big games for seeding for the playoffs will have 3 teams fighting for two spots.

Cuero will have to pull two upsets and hope Wimberley can beat La Vernia again in this next round and the Gobblers will have a must win over LV to have a chance in taking a fourth or better spot.

Canyon Lake and Navarro would have to fall off the turnip truck to miss a playoff game this year. (Whatever that means)

The Hawks toughest road game at this writing could be their final district game when CL goes on the road to take on LV Bears.

This is a treat for standing junkies as Canyon Lake has never had a team this close to winning a district title and The ReSporter would usually be reporting what the Hawks would have to do in order to be in a position to make the post season.

Right now, CL just needs to take care of business and having a first seed in the first round could be a possibility.

Visit this page after each Wednesday and Saturday as the standings are updated as those games are played.

Hawk Tidbits:
  0  Losses when the Hawks play a 4A school this year.
  1  Loss for CL playing at home.
  2  More wins playing 6A schools for the Hawks, 6-4.
  4  Wins over Lockhart which is the most by Coach Paisley against one school.
  6  Dist wins halfway through and two other teams have more for a season
  7  Is the most wins the Hawks have over one school, Bandera.
  8  Losses for this year in 34 total games.
  9  District wins for 2014 year and first for that stat.
 11  Wins CL has over 4A teams this season.
 18  More wins than losses for the 2015 campaign.
 19  More wins than losses with the 2014 group of students.
 21  Sweeps this year's team has for second place.
 24  Sweeps the Hawks had during 2014 season for first place in that category.
 31  Most total wins during last year's season.
 33  Total district wins in seven years.
 73  Win total for Coach Creek at Canyon Lake.
 75  Win total for Coach Paisley at Canyon Lake.
 94  Total sweeps for Canyon Lake since they started play.
147  Amount of wins the Hawks have since the 2009 year.
153  Total wins for Coach Paisley in her 10th year on the sideline.