Football, Game Article | November 15, 2015

Bracken Missed Train in Loss to Crusaders, 92-61

Bracken Warriors Breaking Through before Game with Crusaders

                Bracken Warriors Breaking Through before Game with Crusaders

Bracken Warriors could not stay up with the Coleman Train in their opening round loss to Tyler Street losing, 92-61.

“As young man we grew tremendously,” Head Coach Hosea Stredic said. “We learned a lot in dealing with adversity and how to deal with it when things did not go our way….but we kept pushing and they (the team) had a heart of gold.”

The Warriors could not stop the locomotive Jordaan Coleman on this day, as this young man totaled, 469 yards on his touchdown runs as the Crusaders hopped on their train for the next round of playoff games next week.

Bracken was in the game up until when they could not capitalize on a short drive after a Presley Day interceptions setting the Warriors up on the Crusaders 29 yard line.

The drive stalled on Tyler Street’s 5 yard line and then the Coleman train took off from the station and left Bracken holding the bags after his 75 yard score and 14 point lead in the first quarter.

BCS would scratch and claw back into the game later in the second quarter as they scored to end that stanza to draw within 8 points, 26-34.

The Crusaders did not take long in getting their 2 score lead back with a 45 run on the first play and BCS could not keep up as Tyler Street would score for 7 straight possessions while throwing an interception return for a touchdown.

Daniel Forgione catching and running for a record 369 yards

Daniel Forgione catching and running for a team record 369 yds

That interception return would be the only score for any of the Crusaders not named Jordaan Coleman.

BCS did switch from their tight offense to the spread and with that move, QB Brady Beene broke the passing stat by over 100 finishing with, 369 yards.

“In the game today we got down and we just went to the spread (offense), Junior Beene passed. “This became a pride thing for us as we did not want them to 45 us.”

On what his thinking was on Coleman, Brady said, “We made some good plays but he (Coleman) was a man child and we could not stay up with them long enough and we just lost.”

That spread offense also meant some other firsts, as Cristian DeLeon and Lucas McCrum both finished with 100 or more receiving yards.

McCrum had just 2 catches for 12 yards before his break out game of 100 yards. One of those receptions touched 2 or 3 other players before McCrum would caress the ball and take it 40 yards for a touchdown.

“It just came to me and yeah, it was fun running for the touchdown,” McCrum recalled. “We will just need to keep working hard and do what we need to do and try to get a State Championship next time.”

McCrum was commenting on how young this team was and what the team will need to do when they return for next season.

It took 3 Crusaders to get Presley Day as Day finished with 121 yards rushing

Three Crusaders get Presley Day as Day finished with 121 yards rushing

Presley Day broke the 1000 yard rushing barrier while also scoring on 3 receptions for 85 yards.

Bracken would score 53 points in those two middle quarters but that goose egg to start this contest would be too much to overcome as the locomotive train had already left the station.

The Warriors did put up a great fight and that would be evident as this game was entering in the, ‘let’s go home’, portion of this fight.

But for the Seniors, the game would be in their final stage as Brackenites, and so this was a team that just did not know what quit meant.

In this game, Senior Joshua Chu would lay down a hit on a Crusader receiver on a fourth down play which resulted in a loss of one yard and Bracken holding Tyler Street from adding any more points.

That play was insignificant for most everyone in attendance but at it’s core, that play showed a resolve that will be seen in future years as Chu will surely be in a class or job where many of his colleagues might want to call it quits.

Chu, by watching that defensive play, will certainly lead in his quest for finishing well for himself as well for his business.

“Chu is a team player,” Coach Stredic said in response to that play. “He just played his heart out and he sold out to stop that first down try…even though the play did not make any difference, he sold out and gave 100%.”

Football will always have a final game for the players, but giving your all as, Acts 20:24 and 2 Timothy 4:7 states, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

Bracken was young as they will lose only 3 players but in the long run, many in this group will have 2 to 3 more years and The ReSporter’s guess is that with the finish of this game against the Locomotive, the Warriors will one day out run that train and finish their race.

Congrats on a great year and Go Warriors!

                    1   2   3   4   Final
 Bracken Warriors   0  26  27   8   61
 Tyler Street      14  20  52   6   92
 Scoring Summary:
 TSC-Jordaan Coleman 28 yard run (pass failed), 6:47, 1st
 TSC-Jordaan Coleman 75 yard run (Coleman kick), 1:13, 1st
 BCS-Presley Day 48 yard run (Carlos Navarro kick), 8:22, 2nd
 TSC-Jordaan Coleman 52 yard run (Coleman kick), 8:09, 2nd
 BCS-Presley Day 35 yard pass from Brady Beene (pat failed), 6:27, 2nd
 TSC-Jordaan Coleman 34 yard field goal, 5:11, 2nd
 BCS-Cristian DeLeon 41 yard pass from Brady Beene (pat failed), 4:54, 2nd
 TSC-Jordaan Coleman 65 yard run (Coleman kick), 3:57, 2nd
 BCS-Cristian DeLeon 5 yard pass from Brady Beene (pat failed), 1:20, 2nd
 TSC-Jordaan Coleman 45 yard run (Coleman kick), 9:48, 3rd
 TSC-Jordaan Coleman 6 yard run (Coleman kick), 8:43, 3rd
 BCS-Presley Day 7 yard pass from Brady Beene (pat failed), 6:23, 3rd
 TSC-Jordaan Coleman 59 yard run (Coleman kick), 6:06, 3rd
 BCS-Presley Day 40 yard pass from Brady Beene (pat failed), 5:50, 3rd
 TSC-Jordaan Coleman 30 yard run (kick failed), 4:58, 3rd
 BCS-Lucas McCrum 40 yd pass from Brady Beene (Forgione pass from Beene), 4:07, 3rd
 TSC-Thomas Mejorado 78 yard kick off return (pat failed), 3:55, 3rd
 BCS-Daniel Forgione 1 yard run (Carlos Navarro kick), 1:14, 3rd
 TSC-Jordaan Coleman 46 yard run (Joseph Pena kick), 0:58, 3rd
 TSC-Jordaan Coleman 29 yard run (kick failed), 8:40, 4th
 BCS-Baylee Tremont 3 yard run (Carlos Navarro kick), 6:45, 4th

 Game Stats          Crusaders      Warriors
 Total Yards         628            581
 First Downs         14             17
 Rushes/Yards        27/499         34/212
 Comp/Att/Int        11/23/1        17/41/1
 Passing Yards       129            369
 Punts/Average       0/0            0/0
 Fumbles/Lost        1/0            2/2
 Penalties-Yards     8-87           7-65
 TOP                 14:46          25:14

 Passing            Comp   Att   Pct   Yds   Int  TD
 Brady Beene        17     39   .436   369   1     6
 Daniel Forgione     0      2   .000     0   0     0

 Rushing            Att   Yds    Ave   Lg   TD
 Presley Day        10    121   12.1   48   1
 Brady Beene         7     39    5.6    9   0
 Daniel Forgione    12     37    3.1    9   1
 Cristian DeLeon     1     16   16.0   16   0
 Joshua Chu          1      8    8.0    8   0
 Baylee Tremont      2      3    1.5    3   1
 Team                1     -7     —     —   -

 Receiving          No   Yds    Ave   Lg   TD
 Cristian DeLeon    4    101   25.3   42   2
 Lucas McCrum       3    100   33.3   40   1
 Presley Day        4     85   21.3   35   3
 Baylee Tremont     2     48   24.0   36   0
 Daniel Forgione    4     35    8.8   19   0