Volleyball | November 12, 2015

CL Volleyball: Not Too Shabby & Final Season Stats

Volleyball says Thanks to all the supporters this season!!

                          Volleyball says Thanks to all the supporters this season!!

The sting is hopefully fading away after Canyon Lake’s Volleyball team were upset by Sealy last week in the second round of the UIL Playoffs.

Yes, there were stunned faces exiting the facilities as the Hawks had fashioned some impressive numbers for their season which gave the CL family thoughts of an expected win as they took the court.

Phrases like, that is why they play the game, became more poignant as this team had something all of the other Hawk Sport playoff teams have never possessed.

Being favored to win the game over their opponent during the playoff atmosphere.

Don’t get this wrong, Canyon Lake’s football team has been there, but on the other side of this pendulum during their playoff history, as their first round of playoff games have all come as an underdog to the sports community.

In those second round football games, the Hawks have been a participant on the undercard as there have been two of those second round contests, CL, almost pulled off what the Sealy Tiger team did with your Volleyball Hawks.

So, with knowing the differences you might now understand how hurt and disappointed this game would be for the young ladies who had given everything and worked non-stop for a year to be put in a this lofty position of being the favored school.

Going over the many highlights for this Hawk team will and can only give the Hawk Community pride as they say goodbye to several seniors and in hoping this team has helped in putting in motion for future years.

Another item that is not forgotten is how in these past two years, Canyon Lake has made it known they are no longer a pushover for area teams thinking a win is imminent when playing district opponents.

Canyon Lake now sports a 64-21 record these past two campaigns for a decent .753 percentage which is not too shabby considering where this team had been.

Taking the previous 4 years (2010-13) you would have a CL team that added 65 wins during those seasons. The past two teams did that total. That is not too shabby.

The Hawks have had 2 years with more losses than these past two Hawk seasons combined. Not too shabby.

Going further into games that really count called district contests, Canyon Lake has turned even more tables on changing the mindset for future Hawk Volleyball teams.

Two year record of 21-3, or .875 percentage speaks for itself while finishing this past season undefeated. Not too shabby.

The only year the Hawks had a better district record was during the 2010 season finishing with a respectable 8-4 record. Canyon Lake one upped that number in 2014 by finishing, 9-3 and then obliterating that high water mark with a, 12-0 this year which can never be broken unless the district adds another team. This too is not too shabby.

From the 2013 team finishing with a 1-9 district stint to a 9 win season last year to this campaign hitting a 12 win mark can show you the astronomical rise for Volleyball. Once again, not too shabby.

Take a look at what this team did this year versus previous Hawk teams.

  27   3-0 or 2-0 sweeps (beat last year’s team 25)
  12   Wins in district (beat last year’s team with 9)
.500   Canyon Lake finally evened their district record last realized in 2010
  33   Wins (2 better than that 2014 team)
11-1   Home Record
 9-0   Road Record
17-1   Record against 4A schools
 6-4   Record playing 6A schools
 2-0   In games with Wimberley (All-Time Record 2-12)
 2-0   In games with Navarro (All-Time Record 6-6)
 2-0   In games with La Vernia and has won 4 in a row (All-Time Record 4-5)
 1-0   And another first win game over Fredericksburg (All-Time Record 1-11)

Not too Shabby!

Now what does Canyon Lake do after they say good-bye to Bailey Drum, Addison Farley, Hannah Wunderlich, Alexis Robinson, Emma Gray, Ashlyn Hubertus, and Jessica Moore?

A Junior Varsity team that finished 2nd in district the past two seasons would be a good start while doing what many Volleyball athletes do every year. Go to work.

This is what made all those heartbreak losses to end your season even more painful.

The harder the heartbreak just means how hard these student’s worked this past year and realizing their dream that was cut short.

Now there will be players that will get over the sting and go to work even harder so they can improve on one item from what this article did not have a chance to brag on. That playoff record.

Yes, another Bi-District win which has been done two years in a row.

But what happens next, The ReSporter, thinks will not be, ’Too Shabby’!!

                           Season Final Stats
 Kills                     Assists                       Service Ace
 Bailey Drum        449    Regan Mickey           822    Bailey Drum           51
 Addison Farley     371    Faith Hasness          245    Hannah Wunderlich     47
 Emma Gray          119    Sam York                39    Alexis Robinson       44
 Regan Mickey        99    Hannah Wunderlich       35    Faith Hasness         40
 Alexis Robinson     84    Addison Farley          30    Sam York              33
 Faith Hasness       80    Bailey Drum             22    Addison Farley        30
 Hannah Wunderlich   60    Ashlyn Hubertus         17    Regan Mickey          21
 Ashlyn Hubertus     34    Alexis Robertson         5    Ashlyn Hubertus       11
 Landry Hollums      21    Daniella Bustamante      4    Landry Hollums         8
 Sam York             5    Amber Voigt              4    Amber Voigt            7
 Jessica Moore        3    Emma Gray                2    Jessica Moore          2
 Daniella Bustamante  2                                  Emma Gray              2
                                                         Daniella Bustamante    1

 Digs                       Solo Blocks                  Block Assists
 Sam York           397     Emma Gray              53    Bailey Drum           15
 Bailey Drum        292     Alexis Robinson        36    Emma Gray             14
 Regan Mickey       244     Bailey Drum            35    Alexis Robinson       13
 Addison Farley     237     Regan Mickey           13    Regan Mickey           7
 Faith Hasness      181     Addison Farley          3    Addison Farley         2
 Alexis Robinson     59     Faith Hasness           3    Ashlyn Hubertus        2
 Hannah Wunderlich   50     Landry Hollums          1    Landry Hollums         1
 Amber Voigt         45     Hannah Wunderlich       1    Hannah Wunderlich      1
 Ashlyn Hubertus     33     Ashlyn Hubertus         1    Faith Hasness          1
 Jessica Moore       25
 Daniella Bustamante 20
 Emma Gray           16
 Landry Hollums       9