Coaches Corner, Volleyball | November 12, 2015

Coaches Corner: Volleyball’s Kim Paisley

Hawks will soon be back in action in 8 more months.

                          Hawks will soon be back in action in 8 more months.

Coaches Corner with Volleyball’s Kim Paisley

The ReSporter: I guess the only way to start this article is ask, what happened?

Coach Paisley: “I think we had a little pressure in knowing we had to win this game and I honestly feel we were the better team but they (Sealy) played better as a team.”

The ReSporter: There were still several good things that happened this year…

Coach Paisley: “This was one heck of a season and I am proud of the team but we will now move on and learn from it.”

The ReSporter: Now you must say good bye to the seniors.

Coach Paisley: “Yeah, the ending was too early and now we now they are gone but the sun keeps rising and setting every day…the Seniors were fun and talented and they had a great work ethic and were great leaders.”

The ReSporter: Many of these Seniors are not finished, how many will be playing in college?

Coach Paisley: “I am excited for their future as Bailey (Drum) will be playing for sure in college and Addison (Farley) is still in the recruiting process, and Alexis (Robinson) might be playing in Sul Ross.”

The ReSporter: How does having three players playing in college help the younger players coming up?

Coach Paisley: “It gives a great example for the kids in knowing of what they have a chance of achieving.”

The ReSporter: What do you do now, Coach?

Coach Paisley:”Before we are touching the ball we will be recapping the season and setting goals. I want to know where each girl see’s ourselves and what they need to do in improving the season.”

The ReSporter: What are you thinking as you look at who is coming back and how this team might look next year?

Coach Paisley: “We will be doing some conditioning and start touching the ball two times a week. But realistically, we will have a big hole to fill in the middle.”

The ReSporter: I would say that will a big hole in replacing, Drum, Robinson, and Gray.

Coach Paisley: “We will be very competitive but we will just have a different dynamic….we will still be good but we will have a different look.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach for a fun year and here is hoping for bigger and better things for the future.