Coaches Corner, Football | November 12, 2015

Coaches Corner with Bracken’s Hosea Stredic

Coaches Corner with Bracken’s Hosea Stredic

Head Coach Hosea Stredic

Head Coach Hosea Stredic

The ReSporter: Hey Coach, what can you tell us about Tyler Street for this coming Saturday’s game?

Coach Stredic: “They are a pretty good team, they have couple of good running backs.”

The ReSporter: What is your assessment of how you might match up?

Coach Stredic: “I think we can handle them but they have one running back that is 6’3 and 230lbs and he will be a tough one to bring down he is runs like a locomotive. They run the spread and we would not meet another tight team until the State Game.”

The ReSporter: How are you injury wise?

Coach Stredic: “We are injury free.”

The ReSporter: How has your practices been going during this week?

Coach Stredic: “Our practices have been excellent…we have made some defensive differences this week.”

The ReSporter: That would be expected after the game last week after giving up 85 points.

Coach Stredic: “We have a whole new and different team as we will have a different defensive line.”

The ReSporter: Making changes this late in the season to that extent is usually not done.

Coach Stredic: “Team wise we are dealing with development and our players are ready to move because we are interchangeable.”

The ReSporter: So, your philosophy is coming true in how each player can be plugged into any part of the team when you need to make a move?

Coach Stredic: “Yes, remember during our talks before the season and how I want the team to be able to help in any way.”

The ReSporter: You also talked about being better and the idea of building your offense with each passing week.

Coach Stredic: “That is correct, we should be better this week after our game last week. I never want our team to peak before the playoffs and they should get better each week.”

The ReSporter: What is your overall impression of this season?

Coach Stredic: “We just had our district meeting and I made it clear that our team will not have the starters in after the game has been decided just to get stats for the players.”
“There were some coaches that were not too pleased with my comments, but we are not going to play games to see how bad we can beat someone….if we are ahead after the game is over then we won.”

The ReSporter: I really like that philosophy, and so you only have one game that was a team that Tyler Street played. They won their game by more points and so I am going to guess that is not a good way of judging how good your team will be.

Coach Stredic: “That is correct.”

The ReSporter: Thanks for your time today Coach and The ReSporter will be in Dallas on Saturday for your game. Good Luck and Go Warriors!!