Football, Game Article | November 9, 2015

Freshman Football Look to Repeat District Champs Next Year


The Canyon Lake freshman lost, 14-12, against Boerne Greyhounds but still won the District 14 4-AAAA Freshman Championship.

The Hawks, with the help of 5 self imposed fumbles in which the Hawks only recovered two lost the battle but won the war. The Hawks lost two fumbles inside the Greyhounds 20 yard line which took points off the board as did the failed -2- two point conversion attempts.

However with all the ailments of this effort, CL still managed to hold the game close for a score of 14-12.

The Hawk Defense was a wrecking ball as they have been all season as they had a dominating game on this night too.

The first half was defensive battle for both teams as Boerne throws the ball everywhere and Canyon Lake as we know runs every chance they get.

The Greyhounds had 22 receptions and 124 yards passing with two interceptions and one touchdown.

The Hawks would rush 23 times and covered 160 yards, the Hawks also had one pass for a 59 yard touchdown to Trenton Lorett.

Lorett had an interception returned for 45 yards and Jacob Neel picked one off as well.

The half time score was Greyhounds 8 -Hawks 6.

The Hawks would get the ball to start the second half but fumbled the ball at their own 35 yard line as the disease known as fumbleitice has made a home in Canyon Lake lately.

The Hawks put together several long drives but at the end of these drives, fumbleitice appeared and the ball was turned over to the dogs.

The running backs of Triston Chacon, Lorett and Connor Rose sliced their way through the dogs defense only to be brought down in groups of tacklers as a hoard of Dogs finally brought these beasts down.

The offense line of Dylan Sheppard, Nathan DeLeon, Thomas Varadman, Brent Hemphill and Sheldon Flint (aka- The Big Sexy) man handled the Boerne front five for most of the game, only to be stopped by that disease known as fumbleitice.

However this Hawk defense did hold until the Greyhounds pulled off a screen pass for 44 yards down to the Hawk six yard line.

The Hawks held but the Dogs connected on a 3 yard pass for a touchdown.

The extra point failed and at the end of the third quarter it was Boerne 14 – Hawks 12 as this would be the final score on the night.

Canyon Lake played great tonight but as good as these freshmen are, it’s difficult to overcome those turnovers.

It was the Hawk defense who held it all together by keeping a high throwing offense like Boerne’s grounded most of the night.

The Greyhounds were 13/39/2 for 210 yards with the aforementioned two interceptions.

Chance Martelli, Cameron Hebert, Chacon, Zane Fullen, Greyson Lee and Brent Hemphill played hard and anchored the Hawk defense.

Hebert had a couple of sacks as JT Green got one on his own. The Dogs could never get the ball all night as it was a bad day at the Dog track where these Dogs racked up a total of 24 yards on the ground and never did catch that rabbit.

Boerne’s biggest gains on the ground were on broken plays and QB scrambles as Hebert and Green and Vardaman made these runs look like a calf scramble and county fair.

The Hawk offense sputterd but did manage to rack up 228 yards on 38 carries and passed for 76 yards on 4 attempts, but in the end CL came up short this time around.

The Canyon Lake Hawk Freshman remains District Champs and retains an impressive 9-1 record.


In order to understand how talented this freshman team was, you will have to go back to their 7th grade year where it all began at MVMS.

This team went 9-1 with their only loss to Navarro by a score of 14-12 the exact score of this game vs the Dogs.

The Hawks finished 2nd in district that year and the next season the Hawks ran the table in their new district 14- 4 AAAA, knocking off a Liberty Hill team who had never been beaten before but had a tie in that second round as the MVMS played that team twice.

The only loss was to a Wimberley’s 8th grade team, 25-12.

The Hawks went 8-1-1 and hung a District Banner at MVMS.

This class moved into the sub varsity level this year, with the new coined named Canyon lake freshman began to run the table in and out district play.

The first big hurdle was those Wimberley Texans. The Hawks would demolished this hapless Texans, 48-0!

That Wimberley group of players had never been shut out and never been beaten that bad since they had started playing football in the youth leagues.

As this year moved on, the freshman went through teams racking up points like the Government goes through money. Their next hurdle on the schedule was the Liberty Hill Panthers who were out for revenge after last year’s defeat in which the Panthers had never been beat either in that group of players since little league.

Last year’s game had the Hawks winning, 25-12 over those Panthers and a 6-6 Tie on the repeat game in district that same year.

The Hawks came through again and sent LH packing back home kicking and screaming like a bunch of kids who had their Halloween candy eaten by their big brother.

This group of players know how to win and how to come back from adversity.

This Freshman team as well as their brothers on the Gold squad expects to win and they have an attitude of running the table as long as aggressive humility stays in their back pockets along with hard work.

These young men are going to have an opportunity to win at the next level.

This freshman and sophomore class has the talent to take Canyon Lake to the next level in the play offs, over the next three years.

Much will be expected from these young men as these freshman have come to realize that they are District Champs together right now, and they will want to repeat that on the varsity.

Thanks Coaches for a great season and the Hawk Nation appreciate your time and efforts.

Here is a rundown of this year’s Season

 Hawks  48  Lago Vista    06
 Hawks  34  Smithville    00
 Hawks  16  SA Cole       08
 Hawks  41  Lanier        08
 Hawks  48  Wimberley     00
 Hawks  29  Lampasas      08
 Hawks  20  Liberty Hill  19
 Hawks  14  Billies       06
 Hawks  41  Taylor        14
 Hawks  12  Boerne        14
 Hawks 303  Opponents     83
 Trenton Lorett   14/90 - 2/68 pass
 Connor Rose       5/53
 Triston Chacon   16/100
 Cade Dunavant     2/12
 Greyson Lee       3/6
 Cade Dunavant passed for 75 yards on 4 completions.