Football, Pre/Game | November 4, 2015

Pre/Game: Canyon Lake Hawks @ Boerne


 Pre/Game:               CL Hawks     @     Boerne
                         Hawks (4-5)        Greyhounds (6-3)
 All-Time Series: Boerne has a 3-2 advantage since '10 season.
                  2010  Hawks   21  Boerne  07
                  2011  Boerne  35  Hawks   14
                  2012  Boerne  43  Hawks   16
                  2013  Hawks   37  Boerne  28
                  2014  Boerne  42  Hawks   35

                         This Season’s Record
 Hawks   00  Blanco       14      Hounds  41   Hondo            00
 Hawks   25  Smithville   14      Hounds  28   Medina Valley    21
 Hawks   50  Marion       55      Hounds  13   Marble Falls     14
 Hawks   28  Wimberley    14      Hounds  48   SA Antonian      42
 Hawks   14  Lampasas     42      Hounds  55   Sonora           38
 Hawks   07  Liberty Hill 31      Hounds  28   Taylor           42
 Hawks   42  Bandera      07      Hounds  31   Fredericksburg   14
 Hawks   17  Billies      06      Hounds  21   Liberty Hill     37
 Hawks   28  Taylor       31      Hounds  21   Bandera          07

Canyon Lake will be fighting for a third seed this week in their game with Boerne as a win would also give the Hawks a .500 record which would also be a hight water mark since the 2011 season when CL finished with an 8-2 game advantage but missed the playoffs.

The ReSporter wanted to start with that line of thinking as that history lesson was a tough one for Canyon Lake as it was in the game with the Greyhounds that knocked the Hawks out of a chance for more games.

This year both schools have 2-2 district records as Boerne is coming off a win in Bandera while the Hawks suffered a excruciating loss to Taylor after leading by 19 points.

Adjustments made by the Ducks rendered the CL offense without the same first half success and adding those dastardly fumbles to the mix, would give people cancelling their Disney tickets in order to not having to see Donald Duck.

Those 31 points sound like a lot, but in retrospect, when you add that great field position surrendered with those fumbles the Hawks finished with more yardage and held Taylor more than 150 off their season average.

Since the Liberty Hill game, CL had shut down Bandera and Fredericksburg’s offense while holding each of those teams to single digits.

Now, Canyon Lake will have another passing team to defense and that will tell you another tough game for the Hawks.

Brooks Klutts was the signal caller in last week’s win over Bandera and he will run if he is in trouble on passing plays.

Klutts has averaged over 10 yards per run and that will need to be addressed by Canyon Lake as last year’s loss to the Greyhounds had a quarterback run for 35 yards giving Boerne a win.

Nick Novak will be the main running back as will also bring a good average per rush with over 6 yards per tote.

While Carter Snelling and Eli Davis have been the receivers that have had good productive years for the Greyhounds.

There are several players that will have a chance for receptions as Boerne is to the pass what Canyon Lake is to the run.

Boerne has had 12 players that have received a pass which would be just 6 off the number of passes Canyon Lake has as receptions.

To win this game, Canyon Lake, will need to have zero turnovers and if that is not done, then that could be the recipe for a loss.

The Hawks will need to get pressure on the QB and some sacks would go a long way in stopping Greyhound drives.

Canyon Lake would also benefit from a special night by the special teams.

Now is the time for the Hawks to lose the young team tag and take this game from Boerne.

That is a possibility as Canyon Lake has a chance to awaken at the right time and see if they can make a run for their 3rd playoff year in a row.

Go Hawks!!