Sport News | November 22, 2015

Too Hawk to Trot 5K Event Update!


The ReSporter had an advertisement for the community a couple of weeks ago for a 5K Hawk Trot for the Canyon Lake Feeder schools.

Elizabeth Stearns was in charge of this event and The ReSporter had a chance to get news on how the extravaganza went.

The ReSporter: What is the history for this event?

Stearns: “We had our first 5K with just Startzville Elementary Nov 17, 2012 and then decided we needed to make it a community event. I am a runner and my kids beg to do the obstacle runs with me but most have an age limit. Because of that I wanted to make this an obstacle course that the whole family could do. I want our community to love being active together.”

The ReSporter: What is your purpose so you can get the word out for next year?

Stearns: “We have been trying to get the whole feeder pattern on board to help bring us together as a community but it is hard at times. We had a small handful of people who worked on this project and are working on ways to get more people involved. The money that is made is split between the five schools to use for family/parent education classes and family fun events. We have some families in our community that don’t have a lot of money and are able to come enjoy a fun night of learning and playing at these events and get free dinner. Some of the things this money goes toward are Science Night, Reading Night, Movie Night, and Family Board Game Night.”

The ReSporter: Wow, that sounds interesting and a neat idea. With the bad weather, how did this year go?

Stearns: “With five schools included in the planning we were hoping for a larger turn out. We are going to keep at it and double our numbers next year. It seems like we had more traction this year, and as we continue to host the event, we hope it will grow and continue to benefit the community. There was a positive response from the people that participated. Everyone said they had a lot of fun.”

The ReSporter: What are some of the things that surprised you this year?

Stearns: “I was pleasantly surprised by how adventurous the younger kids were when it came to some of the obstacles. We had several young kids (with adult supervision, of course) climb the eight-foot vertical wall, and the teeter-totters were a huge hit with both the kids and the adults.”

The ReSporter: What would you like to communicate to the people that helped and community?

Stearns: “To our schools and community, thank you to all those who came out and supported this event! Please mark your calendars for the second weekend in November to join us next year! Invite your friends!”

“We had a lot of positive feedback and welcome any other input from those who were a part of it.”

The ReSporter: Thank you for your hard work and hopefully this can become a great event for all the Hawk community.