Football, Game Article | November 9, 2015

Warriors Run out of Time in Loss to Summit, 85-72

Daniel Forgione helped Bracken with a record rushing day

Daniel Forgione helped Bracken with a record rushing day

Bracken Christian ran out of time in loss to Cedar Park Summit last Friday night, 85-72.

The Warriors could not find an answer to the lethal passing and running of the Eagles as BCS’s only stop for the defense was a fumble that was recovered in the 4th quarter and a victory snap to run out the clock.

“Their (Summit’s) number 11 could run, see the field, and throw the ball,” Head Coach Hosea Stredic said. “We ran the ball very well and we stayed in the tight formation the whole game and scored 72 points….but, all is good because the playoffs is a new season.”

Bracken has shown great improvement as this season has transpired in scoring 72 points in the loss that very well could had been a mercy game if played in the first part of this year’s campaign.

This game would have the Warriors in the tight offensive set all night as the ground and pound offense was relentless for BCS in scoring.

Bracken’s longest drive was a 10 play 62 yard drive that took 4:13 off the clock and helped bring the Warriors to within two scores in this back and forth see/saw contest.

Presley Day and Daniel Forgione together ran for 407 yards as the punch and counter punch was used for this game’s entirety.

“We were surprisingly not tired and we have done conditioning,” Forgione said in response of how tired he was after the game in which he rushed for 173 yards. “We just could not stop #11 but our offense was great but our defense needs work.”

Day finished with 234 rushing yards which beat his earlier game of 208 yards and Day is part of a special group of Warrior runners who have rushed for more that 200 yards.

 Player          # of 200 or more games     Total Yards    Average Rush
 Grady Achilles          19                    5,114           269.2
 Eli Achilles             7                    2,016           288.0
 Noah Boriack             6                    1,501           250.2
 Presley Day              2                      442           221.0

BCS picked up their own fumble by Day for the first score, but the officials ruled the play as a delay on the run which ended up costing the Warriors their first score which would have been a game changer knowing how this game finished.

Bracken had their 483 yards of total offense rank as 14th highest total in BCS history in the best of the season.

 Game                  Year      Total Yards         Game Score
 Gustine               2012          675               98-56
 Kerrville OLH         2014          645               73-76
 Boerne Geneva         2012          592               56-58
 Austin Hill Country   2011          583               68-48
 Sugar Land Logo       2012          561               66-20
 Austin Hill Country   2014          546               66-40
 Kerrville OLH         2010          542               76-70
 Kerrville OLH         2013          537               60-44
 Kerrville OLH         2010          531               71-62
 Kerrville OLH         2011          526               79-34
 Emery-Weiner          2012          505               51-19
 Dallas Covenant       2010          496               52-38
 Austin Hill Country   2010          484               54-21
 Cedar Park Summit     2015          483               72-85

Yes, there are a lot of numbers but those digits are what can tell the story on where a team has been and where that team would like to be.

This young team has now experienced 10 games and those freshman for all intense and purposes could be classified as Sophomores as they will now prepare for the fun part of the season.

“Our freshman are freshman in name only,” QB Brady Beene said in response on how far this group of players have progressed this year.

Bracken Christian’s 439 yards rushing also rushed up to the 6th All-Time Game in that category.

 Game              Rushing Atts    Yards by Foot    Leading Rusher
 Gustine                38              514         Eli Achilles    452
 Kerrville OLH          52              504         Noah Boriack    316
 Boerne Geneva          46              495         Eli Achillies   355
 Kerrville OLH          43              455         Grady Achillies 389
 Kerrville OLH          24              442         Grady Achilles  335
 Cedar Park Summit      46              439         Presley Day     234

Based on the numbers above, the Warriors did do more damage with multiple backs as Day’s 234 rushing yards is right at 100 yards lower than Noah Boriack’s 316 yards game with OLH.

Of course there were some other records that came from the defensive side of the ball which you could guess as not being bragging points.

This does leave a lot of room for Coach Stredic to emphasize in this week’s of practices.

 Game with most aggregate pts scored: Top 5
 Game                   Year           Points         W/L
 Cedar Park Summit      2015            157           Lost
 Gustine                2012            154           Won
 Kerrville OLH          2014            149           Lost
 Kerrville OLH          2010            146           Won
 Austin Hill Country    2009            136           Lost

 The 701 yards allowed was most by a Warrior team. Top 5
 Game                   Year            Yards         W/L
 Cedar Park Summit      2015            701           Lost
 SA Castle Hills        2014            543           Lost
 Kerrville OLH          2010            518           Won
 Kerrville OLH          2010            479           Won
 Kerrville OLH          2014            478           Lost

 Passing yards was also numero uno on the hit charts. Top 5
 Game                   Year            Yards         W/L
 Cedar Park Summit      2015            417           Lost
 Austin Veritas         2014            333           Lost
 Boerne Geneva          2012            327           Lost
 Austin Hill Country    2011            319           Won
 Kerrville OLH          2013            312           Won

As this season goes into the next stage, Bracken will be having more of their players inching into the storied record books for BCS.

Now Bracken will take their game on the road this coming Saturday as they will travel to Dallas Tyler Street for the first round of playoffs at 2pm.

“We definitely can get our defense back in shape so we can stop them (Tyler Street) and still do it (win),” Forgione said with resolve.

The directions should not be hard, as The ReSporter will throw a guess that the school is located on Tyler Street.

Go Warriors!!

                    1   2   3   4   Final
 Bracken Warriors   6  22  16  28   72
 Summit Eagles     13  29  21  22   85
 Scoring Summary:
 SUM-Summit 2 yard pass (kick failed), 3:30, 1st
 BCS-Presley Day 5 yard run (kick failed), 1:57, 1st
 SUM-Summing 8 yard pass (pass good), 0:52, 1st
 BCS-Daniel Forgione 35 yard run (Carlos Navarro kick), 9:54, 2nd
 SUM-Summit 9 yard run (kick good), 8:40, 2nd
 BCS-Presley Day 10 yard run (pass failed), 6:44, 2nd
 SUM-Summit 48 yard pass (kick good), 5:56, 2nd
 SUM-Summit 3 yard pass (pass good), 2:24, 2nd
 BCS-Daniel Forgione 3 yard run (Carlos Navarro kick), 0:23, 2nd
 SUM-Summit 22 yard pass (kick failed), 0:00, 2nd
 SUM-Summit 6 yard run (kick good), 7:40, 3rd
 BCS-Presley Day 3 yard run (Carlos Navarro kick), 5:57, 3rd
 SUM-Summit 60 yard run (pass good), 5:40, 3rd
 BCS-Presley Day 10 yard pass from Beene (Navarro kick), 4:38, 3rd
 SUM-Summit 12 yard pass (kick failed), 4:09, 3rd
 BCS-Daniel Forgione 3 yard run (kick failed), 9:56, 4th
 SUM-Summit 24 yard pass (kick good), 9:18, 4th
 BCS-Baylee Tremont 3 yard run (Carlos Navarro kick), 7:28, 4th
 SUM-Summit 32 yard pass (kick good), 6:35, 4th
 SUM-Summit 44 yard run (kick failed), 4:15, 4th
 BCS-Cristian DeLeon 10 yard pass from Beene (Navarro kick), 3:50, 4th
 BCS-Cristian DeLeon 5 yd pass from Brady Beene (pat failed), 2:15, 4th

 Game Stats           Eagles      Warriors
 Total Yards          701         483
 First Downs          24          25
 Rush/Yards           20/284      46/439
 Comp/Att/Int         21/25/0     5/12/0
 Passing Yards        417         44
 Punts/Average        0/0         0/0
 Fumbles/Lost         1/1         2/1
 Penalties-Yards      6-55        Inc

 Passing           Comp  Att   Pct   Yds  Int  TD
 Brady Beene       4     10   .400   38   0    3
 Daniel Forgione   1      1  1.000    6   0    0
 Presley Day       0      1   .000    0   0    0

 Rushing           Att  Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Presley Day       22   234  10.6   25   3
 Daniel Forgione   19   173   9.1   35   3
 Cristian DeLeon    3    27   9.0   12   0
 Baylee Tremont     2     5   2.5    3   1

 Receiving         No   Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Cristian DeLeon    3   21    7.0   10   2
 Seth Smith         1   13   13.0   13   0
 Presley Day        1    8    8.0    8   1