Boys Basketball, Coaches Corner | December 16, 2015

Coaches Corner with Lucas Chapman


Hilltop ReSorter: What will you do different in your game with Boerne after last week’s convincing loss?


       GO HAWKS!!

Coach Chapman: “We will definitely work some more zone offensive stuff. We hadn’t really played a zone team all year, so we haven’t had much work against it. We will really emphasize and focus on attacking a zone today and tomorrow during practice. We will also hopefully show up and play with much more passion and effort than we did on Saturday.”

The ReSporter: This game on Friday will tell if the team can come back from that loss like they have been coming back in deficits during an actual game such as last night’s affair.

Coach Chapman: “Yeah it will be a good barometer of who we really are. Boerne is definitely not 30 points better than us, but if we don’t show up and get after it then that result can happen. I just want us to go out and compete and get after it. When we do that we can compete with anyone.”

The ReSporter: What are some victories you can take from the games up to this point?

Coach Chapman: “Every game that we have competed in and played with great effort we have either won or been in the game to the end. We have beaten some really solid teams. Teams that we would not have beaten in the past. I am probably most proud of how we have battled back in a few games where we were down at half and turn it around for the win. That shows a lot of resiliency.”

The ReSporter: With the success you had in last night’s game with pressure continue or is that a game by game decision?

Coach Chapman: “We will definitely try to pick up our defensive pressure each game. It may be in the full-court or it may be simply being more aggressive in the half-court. It’ll depend on the game and the opponent.”

The ReSporter: Do you have a player that you consider your best defensive player that would play your opponent’s hot shot?

Coach Chapman: “I wouldn’t say we have a go to defender right now. What we do have is several solid defenders that we can rotate on a guy to wear him down. Our depth really helps us out with this.”

The ReSporter: Do you have a player you like to go to when you work a play coming out of a timeout?

Coach Chapman: “Usually out of a timeout we like to look for a way to get a post up or get the ball in the paint. Most of what we try to do revolves around that. It’s not necessarily getting it to a specific player, but looking to get it to a specific spot and get a specific shot.”

The ReSporter: What are the biggest strengths in this year’s club?

Coach Chapman: “Our depth is huge. On any given night we can have a number of guys step up and make big contributions. Also our inside play has been huge for us. We have been able to dominate the paint in most games, and that really makes it easy for everyone.”

The ReSporter: What is the most important aspect that needs to be improved to put this team at the doorstep of making the playoffs?

Coach Chapman: “The two things we are really focused on right now is each day playing with an intensity and enthusiasm and taking care of the ball. Those are the two main things that we need to improve upon. When we do a good job with both of those, we play really well and can compete with anyone.”

The ReSporter: What will you need the players to do during the break in order to start back strong?

Coach Chapman: “Next week will be a nice and needed break for players and coaches a like. It is a grind at this point in the season, so a break will do everyone a lot of good. I hope the players are able to get away for a while and recharge. At the Fredericksburg tournament we need to focus on getting back in shape and finding our rhythm and getting ready for Gonzales on January 2. I have been very pleased with what we have accomplished thus far. Hopefully we can continue things in 2016!”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and I will see you this Friday.