Boys Basketball, Game Article | December 2, 2015

Hawk Boy’s Catch Fire & Beat Somerset, 65-60

Go Hawks

               Go Hawks

Canyon Lake was on fire in the second half scoring 44 points and overcoming a 13 point halftime deficit in beating Somerset, 65-60.

“They got into a half-court trap that led to some mistakes and turnovers from us,” Head Coach Lucas Chapman said. “That led to easy layups for them. We just got rattled a little bit and they went on a run.”

In the past, that type of half would mean more of the same and a bad loss as a result.

“I told the guys at half that if we take care of the ball, then we will be fine,” Coach Chapman recalled. “We had 12 turnovers in the first half and only 3 in the second half.”

That was the turning point as the Hawks have proved in past games that it is hard to score when you are not getting shots off because of mistakes on offense.

Scoring 44 points in the second half would be more than what the Hawks saw in whole games in the past.

“We did a great job of executing our offense and attacking them,” Chapman continued. “When they went on their run in the second quarter, we got on our heels and played timid. In the second half we attacked and took it to them.”

On what the team did to start that second half, Coach Chapman said, “We played aggressively on offense and attacked the trap and when we didn’t turn it over then we were getting open 3’s or layups and fouls.”

Three Hawks finished in double digit scoring as Tyler Williams (13), Heath McDonough (12), and Will Gray (11) points helped forge back for the win with a great cast of players with supporting roles.

CL had several keys in getting this win. Case and point leaving the hardwood with a very doable 15 turnovers.

“When we play composed and confident and use our abilities, then we can take care of the ball,” Coach Chapman said. “I think it is just a mindset to be strong with the ball and make good decisions….It is about what we do and not what the defense is forcing us to do.”

Having 13 assists played a good role against the Bulldogs as those plays came primarily from CL’s guard play.

McDonough also added 3 steals and 2 blocks to his stat line showing how his game keeps improving as he and many of the Hawks settle in to this season.

Basketball has so many variables in a game, but you could tell that the Hawks in the paint and the guard play worked in tandem in this victory.

Coach Chapman finished with responding to what that type of play you can get when those variables start to mesh, “Our big guys did a great job owning the paint and playing physical….Tyler (Williams) and Heath (McDonough) did great on the offensive glass and getting put backs while getting to the free throw line.”

“Our guards, particularly Brandon (Ward) and Gerrit (Wilkins), did a great job of finding the open man and not forcing too much. Compared to last year, Brandon (Ward) may not be scoring as much but he is doing a lot of different things to help our team win. He has become a much more balanced and disciplined player, which really helps us.”

Canyon Lake is now on a two game winning streak as they prepare for the upcoming Marion Tournament this weekend.

Can Canyon Lake continued this strong showing? “Overall our team is playing very unselfishly and really making the extra pass….I am very proud of them for that,” Coach Chapman closed.

Go Hawks!!

             1   2   3   4   Final
 CL Hawks   13   8  20  24   65
 Somerset    9  25  12  14   60
                           3pt           tot  rebounds
 name            fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta pts or-dr tot a  s  b to
 Bennie Brownlee   1-1     0-0     2-2    4   0-0  0   0  0  0  0
 Gerrit Wilkins    1-3     0-1     1-2    3   0-4  4   4  0  0  0
 Brandon Ward      2-5     1-2     1-2    6   0-1  1   3  1  0  2
 Justin Ferris     2-6     2-3     0-0    6   0-3  3   1  0  0  3
 Rory Preiss       3-8     1-2     1-4    8   2-7  9   0  1  0  1
 Heath McDonough   4-6     0-0     4-7   12   1-3  4   0  3  2  0
 Charlie McIntosh  0-2     0-0     0-0    0   1-1  2   0  0  0  1
 Will Gray         4-10    2-7     1-2   11   1-5  6   3  0  0  2
 Joseph Boyd       0-1     0-0     0-0    0   0-0  0   0  0  0  0
 Tyler Williams    4-8     0-0     5-6   13   1-6  7   1  1  0  2
 Jacob Ramirez     1-2     0-1     0-0    2   0-2  2   1  1  0  4
 totals           22-52    6-16   15-25  65  6-32 38  13  7  2 15
 percentage        42%     44%     60%