Game Article, Girls Basketball | January 23, 2016

Lady Hawks Take Yoakum to Vegas in, 71-34 Win

Sarah Russell scores career high 23 points in win over Yoakum

Sarah Russell scores career high 23 points in win over Yoakum

Don’t get into a free throw shooting contest with Sarah Russell or you will lose, much like Yoakum did on Friday night, as the Lady Hawks took care of business in their, 71-34 victory.

Scoring 71 points was the most scored since a, 76-25 win over Johnson City when the Hawks started their 2013-14 season with a bang, 80 games ago.

Canyon Lake finished the first half with an 18 point lead but were quick to add to that advantage by outscoring the Bulldogs 19 points in those last two quarters.

CL got a lot of help up and down their bench having 4 girls scoring in double figures. Alexa Ramos (10), Sarah Schneider (12), Caitlin Mabry (14), and Sarah Russell (23), as all were instrumental in this out of control avalanche for a victory.

In scoring 23 points, Russell is now tied with Katie Williams for 8th place on CL’s scoring charts for points scored in a game.

                      Records for Game Points
        Ashley Pfaff           35         Wimberley
        Ashley Pfaff           28         Fredericksburg
        Reagan Heun            26         Somerset
        Ashley Pfaff           25         Ingram-Moore
        Reagan Heun            25         Medina Valley
        Ashley Pfaff           24         Lutheran
        Ashley Pfaff           24         Faith Academy
        Sarah Russell          23         Yoakum
        Katie Williams         23         Randolph

“I just wanted to break it out and score points,” Russell said like a slot machine. “It is rare when I can see the whole floor.”

Russell only had two free throws in this game but she was all over the court cashing in with 10 shots to add to those free throws.

Free Throws is something that actually makes cents (sense) when Russell is at the line as this young lady has only missed one attempt this season as she presently is sporting a 94% success rate.

In fact, if Canyon Lake could improve on this one item in their game then the Hawks would improve their chances of making the playoffs exponentially.

Canyon Lake had a game where everything went right except having the rest of the team go a combined 0-fer 10 from that same stripe that Russell excels in.

Caitlin Mabry scored career high 14 points helping Hawks in Win

Caitlin Mabry scored career high 14 points helping Hawks in Win

“In our high/low game we were just diddling,” Mabry said. “But when Emma (Gray) got hurt we all had to step it up….we try to build each other up throughout the whole game and Skylar (Hurst) had a great game.”

Skylar Hurst chipped in 6 points and 7 rebounds which was 5 points and 4 rebounds more than this Sophomore has averaged this season.

“I am proud of Skylar for how aggressive she played,” Russell heaped praise. “When we can drive and dunk the ball they (the bigs) can’t be afraid to put it up and that was good to see.”

This stat shows just how much these younger players are starting to get comfortable and hopefully help in carrying the Hawks as they finish out the last round of district play.

Another example came from Emily McDonald who had one assist going into this game and after finishing the contest had added another 6 assists to that total.

Alexa Ramos (who also doubles as one of the leading scorers for the girls Soccer team) also continued her theft brigade with 7 steals in this game giving her 60 for the year leaving her just 34 off the all time record held by Amber Ramsey who had 94 steals during the ’12-13 season.

Hilltop Note: It is much tougher for a guard to get a steal versus players that play in the post or center position. Ramsey certainly was in this latter category.

Another outstanding game was Mabry finishing with 14 point an all-time high scoring while handling 7 rebounds and leading the team on this night.

Shooting 70% from the field was a pretty good night of work for Mabry as well as all the inside players.

The ‘Bigs’ (Sarah Schneider, Emma Gray, Hurst, and Mabry shot a combined, 62% from the field while taking in 13 offensive rebounds.

Canyon Lake also finished with 26 steals as a team standing out as their best in this category and giving the team multiple attacks at the basket.

Overall, this was a game needed desperately for CL as this starts the second round of games in district and setting up a game for giving the Hawks a chance for playoff contests.

Gonzales will be next on the docket as Canyon Lake will travel on Tuesday to avenge an earlier loss to the Apaches and a win would go a long way in giving an inside track for more games.

The Hawks responded grandly as Senior Gray was helped off the court early in the second quarter.

Gray could certainly help if she is able to return, but a good side is seeing how the rest of the team played in taking up the slack when Gray left the game.

Congrats and Go Hawks!!

             1   2   3   4   Final
 Yoakum      6   6  12  10   34
 CL Hawks   14  16  24  17   71

                          3pt            tot  rebounds
                fga-fgm fga-fgm fta-ftm  pts  or-dr tot  a  s  b  to
 Skylar Hurst     3-6     0-0     0-2     6    5-1   6   0  3  0  3
 Mia Riali        1-2     0-0     0-0     2    0-1   1   2  3  0  0
 Alysha Perez     0-1     0-0     0-0     0    0-3   3   0  0  0  2
 Morgan Vardeman  0-1     0-0     0-1     0    0-1   1   1  1  0  0
 Emily McDonald   0-0     0-0     0-0     0    2-1   3   6  2  0  0
 Emma Gray        2-4     0-0     0-0     4    2-1   3   0  0  1  1
 Char Hutson      0-0     0-0     0-0     0    0-2   2   0  2  0  2
 Alexa Ramos      5-10    0-1     0-4    10    0-0   0   3  7  0  0
 Sarah Russell   10-16    1-4     2-2    23    0-0   0   1  4  0  1
 Caitlin Mabry    7-10    0-0     0-1    14    1-6   7   1  3  0  4
 Sarah Schneider  6-9     0-0     0-2    12    3-1   4   0  1  3  1
 totals          34-59    1-5     2-12   71   13-17 30  14 26  4 14
 percentage       58%     20%     17%