Baseball, Coaches Corner | February 16, 2016

Baseball’s Coaches Corner & All-Time Top 5

Travis Walker played 4 years on the Varsity and holds many of the Hawk Records

Travis Walker played 4 years on the Varsity and holds many of the Hawk Records

The ReSporter has been hurriedly trying to get with as many of the Coaches as possible as this time of the year starts to unfold with a lot of games and events going on, almost non-stop.

Catching up with Baseball Head Coach Trent Dunavant was next on our docket and The ReSporter will share the conversation next.

The ReSporter: First off, this season has to remind you of your first year as Coach in the hill country.

Coach Dunavant: “That is the exact analogy I was mentioning to Coach Bret Hodges the other day as we have more Freshman and inexperienced players than those days when we had just Sophomores and Juniors on the club and getting ready for our first season.”

The ReSporter: I was thinking that when you shared that your roster would be so young and then you add how many on last year’s team were seniors and walking across the stage.

The ReSporter: How will you approach this upcoming schedule?

Coach Dunavant: “We are really young and we have three players, Dylan Hodges, CJ Parrish, and Gavin Dietrich that played on last year’s varsity. Austin Brooks did play a little but he was more of person we would plug in here or there.”

Coach Dunavant: “We will have to rely on Dietrich a lot since he pitched for us last year and we just don’t have a lot of pitchers with experience starting this year.”

The ReSporter: Do you have any ‘diamonds in the rough’ that we can look forward to seeing?

Coach Dunavant: “Hayden Reed will give us some good outfield play and Lee Stafford is a catcher by trade but we will be able to move him as a utility middle infielder.”

The ReSporter: When you have such a young team, what part of the game would you say is the hardest to conquer?

Y4 Custom Homes supports Canyon Lake Baseball

Y4 Custom Homes supports Canyon Lake Baseball

Coach Dunavant: “Hitting is the hardest you have to have so much muscle memory and unless they are playing throughout the season, that will be something hard for these players to master during the season…..defense does not go into a slump.”

The ReSporter: That is a good one coach, that reminded me of many of your past seniors that came into their last campaign and they just hit a mental block and could not get out of their season long slump even though they had a very productive junior year.”

Coach Dunavant: “Yes, even if they can swing a bat, they still have to pick out the right pitch to drive and that just does not happen overnight.”

The ReSporter: How will you replace a Garrett Winters?

Coach Dunavant: “That will be very difficult as he was a top young man and he always brought a great attitude to the field. Yes, his play was ideal, but his upbeat attitude will be hard to replace.”

The ReSporter: Your schedule will not be very forgiving early in the season.

Coach Dunavant: “That is something you cannot know how it will affect the team. We have gone to the Lockhart tournaments before and after playing those teams we would come home and get our game handed to us by more experienced teams. So just playing games for feeling good about yourself will not alway play dividends against teams down the road.”

Coach Dunavant: “We will have a different schedule next year since our district will be much smaller and that will give us a chance to play more non-district teams.”

The ReSporter: This year will be a season where wins and losses might not tell the whole story on how this group might play out as the next two seasons play out.

Coach Dunavant: “We will see what happens and it all feeds on having our kids play a lot….we had a good effort against Boerne and our kids will give a good effort and they are very coachable. If we can stay healthy and we know we have no depth but this will be the first time in a while we will not have any drama going on in practice.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach, I will assume having drama on a baseball team will sometimes play against you especially if that drama is a One Act Play. Good luck and we will hope that those one-act-plays turn into double plays.


                                  All-Time Top 5

 batting ave.              at bats                    runs
 Michael Brady     .364    Travis Walker      272     Travis Walker     65
 Nick Cahill       .354    Garrett Winters    192     Joe Shone         37
 Ross Wagliardo    .338    Cody Powell        188     Corey Shedrock    36
 Zach Jenkins      .336    Michael Brady      184     Nick Cahill       34
 Corey Shedrock    .320    Logan Felch        184     Cody Powell       34

 hits                      rbi’s                      extra base hits
 Travis Walker       80    Travis Walker       44     Travis Walker     26
 Michael Brady       67    Logan Felch         43     Logan Felch       21
 Daniel Camarillo    52    Michael Brady       38     Corey Shedrock    17
 Jeff Nabors         49    Zach Jenkins        29     Kyler Huff        14
 Logan Felch         49    Nick Cahill         27     Jeff Nabors       13
                           Cody Powell         27     Joe Shone         13

 base on balls             innings pitched            strikeouts
 Michael Brady       48    Cody Powell      114.1     Cody Powell      128
 Travis Walker       39    Ross Wagliardo    96.1     Ross Wagliardo   109
 Daulton Winters     37    Logan Felch       93.2     Cody Breest       87
 Kyler Huff          30    Cody Breest       79.1     Logan Felch       64
 Garrett Winters     30    Nick Kissell      66.1     Jeff Nabors       56

 era (15 or more innings                              wins
 Gordon McCleary   2.32                               Cody Breest       11
 Cody Breest       2.48                               Cody Powell        7
 Zach Jenkins      3.03                               Ross Wagliardo     5
 Cody Powell       3.62                               Logan Felch        4
 Travis Walker     3.98                               Ryan Hutcheson     4