Boys Basketball, Game Article | February 24, 2016

CL Hawks Have Down 2nd Quarter in Loss to Taylor, 73-43

Jacob Ramirez is looking forward to next year's Basketball Season

Jacob Ramirez is looking forward to next year’s Season

The Basketball Season for Canyon Lake turned over their previous years by making the playoffs for the first time in their history, but it was those turnovers of a different nature that caused the downfall as the Hawks lost their battle with the Ducks, 73-43, on Tuesday night in Cedar Creek.

CL had been averaging just 16 turnovers per game these past few weeks but the butterflies won on this night as the Hawks finished with 23 against a team that was very athletic.

Those passes against Yoakum became a hazard in playing Taylor as these players had the quickness and the ability to close those passing lanes and turn that Hawk pass into an overage of points in this win.

Canyon Lake had those turnovers lead to 26 points and what turned out to be a 30 point loss.

The good news? Canyon Lake started 3 Juniors while the Ducks had 4 Seniors start this contest.

“I am proud of the guys,” Head Basketball Coach Lucas Chapman stated. “This was the best year in our school’s history and what they accomplished was great and now we will focus on the positives.”

Y4 Custom Homes was there supporting Canyon Lake Basketball this season

Y4 Custom Homes was there supporting Canyon Lake Basketball this season

It will many times take many more building blocks in order for a team to be able to see how to maximize their effort and turn those ‘overs’ into victory for future games.

The second quarter was the downfall as a 6 point deficit after that first quarter suddenly turned into a 26 point climb in starting the second half.

That second stanza was a decent game as Taylor won those last two quarters, 32-28 but the damage had already been wrought and CL could only think about what their resolve will be as the next year comes calling next Fall.

Malik Jackson, Taylor’s only non-senior to start was the class act in this play as this student gave lessons on what happens when a team fails to block out and half of Jackson’s points coming from put backs.

Some good things were evident as seen in that second half as Coach Chapman was able to bring Senior Justin Ferris into the game after missing his last 6 games due an injury.

That helped curve some of those turnovers down and allowed the Hawks to get into an offensive flow for having a better second half.

“It was good coming back and I was happy to be back,” Senior Ferris said. “I just planned to put it out on the floor.”

On what this means in playing your last game and where you came from 4 years ago, “I wasn’t to sure after my freshman year…but I started dropping my weight and started focusing on my ability to push my team and make it better and that was my job and I did it well.”

That was certainly a true statement as Ferris was counted on to help stabilize the guard play and help bring those turnovers down as a team.

For the future, Jacob Ramirez will certainly come in handy as his outside shot and all-around game to start the third quarter was a good sign for next season.

“I told Ramirez just to keep shooting,” Coach Chapman said in response to how slow Ramirez started this contest. “He needed to keep being aggressive.”

“I knew I needed to come back strong,” Ramirez said in response after returning to the team after missing 5 games during district play. “I will be working hard this off season and will work on becoming more aggressive and I need to become stronger and be a leader.”

Junior Rory Preiss who led Canyon Lake in scoring this season, topped the Hawks in points with 9 while pulling down 6 rebounds which also led the team.

The Hawks had a lot of contributors as these Seniors will leave their name on many Hawk lists for future players to aspire in trying to catch for those high and lofty goals.

 total points               3pt goals               made free throws
 Andrew Riali      594      Andrew Riali     122    Andrew Riali       121
 Matt Magness      555      Chris Green       77    Matt Magness       120
 BRANDON WARD      498      Garrett Winters   71    Christian Pena     102
 RORY PREISS       423      Matt Magness      52    Brandon Berger      90
                            BRANDON WARD      49    Doug Hubnik         80
                            WILL GRAY         37    BRANDON WARD        74
                                                    RORY PREISS         74

 total rebounds             steals                  assists
 Sean Nolan        368      Neal Whitehead    78    Doug Hubnik        187
 RORY PREISS       348      Tanner Jones      76    Matt Magness       136
 Andrew Riali      296      RORY PREISS       76    Tanner Jones        90
 Skyler Tschoepe   249      Matt Magness      69    BRANDON WARD        87
 Caleb Kreiger     218      Skyler Tschoepe   69    Brandon Berger      78
 Neal Whitehead    203      Doug Hubnik       62    Garrett Winters     77
 TYLER WILLIAMS    187      BRANDON WARD      58    WILL GRAY           72
                            Javier Mendez     58    GERRIT WILKINS      64
                                                    Brandon Berger      56
                                                    WILL GRAY           55
                            Sean Nolan        85
                            TYLER WILLIAMS    65
                            Caleb Kreiger     59
                            Neal Whitehead    47
                            Eric Nelson       29
                            Skyler Tschoepe   29
                            RORY PREISS       23
                            Heath McDonough   18
                            Kevin Nolan       15
                            Ancel Morel       15
                            WILL NANCE        11

Looking at all the players above you will see how this year’s team made a mark and will continue to inch up those lists as Will Gray and Brandon Ward finished their stint but many more Hawks will be available next Fall.

Now this game is in the books and just like many of the other sports this season will attest too, will be more good times for the Hawk Nation as they look to improve as the future continues to build those blocks for future success.

Now, Canyon Lake can look on blocking out their opponents and better results for the future.

“I am proud of our Seniors and they played with class,” Coach Chapman closed eloquently. “The sum of all these players is a lot greater than the parts and we now have a great building block for Canyon Lake and now we will concentrate on winning championships.”

Go Hawks and Congrats on a great season.

            1   2   3   4   Final
 CL Hawks   7   8  14  14   43
 Taylor    13  28  17  15   73

                            3pt           tot  rebounds
 name             fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta pts  or-dr tot a  s  b  to
 Jacob Ramirez      2-6     1-4     2-2   7     0-2   2  0  1  0  1
 Bennie Brownlee    0-1     0-1     0-0   0     0-0   0  0  0  0  0
 Gerrit Wilkins     0-0     0-0     1-2   1     1-1   2  0  0  0  9
 Brandon Ward       2-7     1-6     0-0   5     2-0   2  2  0  0  2
 Justin Ferris      1-3     0-1     0-0   2     1-0   1  1  0  0  1
 Rory Preiss        4-8     0-1     1-2   9     3-3   6  1  0  0  2
 Heath McDonough    0-1     0-0     0-0   0     1-2   3  0  0  0  1
 Sam Langford       2-3     0-0     0-0   4     1-0   1  1  1  0  2
 Will Gray          1-8     1-2     1-2   4     0-1   1  1  2  2  3
 Will Nance         0-0     0-0     0-0   0     0-0   0  0  0  0  0
 Joseph Boyd        0-4     0-1     2-2   2     2-1   3  0  0  0  1
 Tyler Williams     2-2     0-0     0-0   4     0-2   2  1  2  0  1
 Jakob Adams        0-1     0-0     0-0   0     1-0   1  0  0  0  0
 Robert Woods       2-3     0-0     1-2   5     1-1   2  0  1  0  0
 totals            16-47    3-16    8-12 43 1   3-13 26  7  7  2 23
                    34%     19%     67%


                          final top 3 for 2015-16 season
 total points             3pt. shots               assists
 Rory Preiss     252      Brandon Ward      31     Gerrit Wilkins    64
 Brandon Ward    242      Jacob Ramirez     31     Will Gray         55
 Will Gray       203      Will Gray         21     Brandon Ward      49

 offensive rebounds       defensive rebounds       total rebounds
 Rory Preiss      74      Rory Preiss      115     Rory Preiss      189
 Tyler Williams   49      Heath McDonough   91     Heath McDonough  135
 Heath McDonough  44      Will Gray         87     Will Gray        120

 made free throws         steals                   blocks
 Brandon Ward     49      Rory Preiss       43     Tyler Williams    39
 Gerrit Wilkins   41      Brandon Ward      41     Heath McDonough   18
 Rory Preiss      39      Will Gray         39     Rory Preiss       15

 field goal pct           3pt percentage           free throw pct
 Rory Preiss    .466      Jacob Ramirez   .352     Brandon Ward    .671
 Robert Woods   .454      Gerrit Wilkins  .304     Jacob Ramirez   .625
 Tyler Williams .451      Rory Preiss     .280     Justin Ferris   .588