Coaches Corner, Track & Field | February 16, 2016

Coaches Corner (w) Girls Track Coach-John Barthels & Top 5

Graduate Mariah Ellis made her mark in more than just one event

Graduate Mariah Ellis made her mark in more than just one event

The ReSporter: What aspect of this year’s team do you think will be the strongest and why?
Coach Barthels: “I think we will be strong in the hurdles and the relays this year.”

The ReSporter: What about the Field Events?

Coach Barthels: “We have some returning throwers that should get us some points this year and a few Freshman and first year track girls that may help us in the throwing department. Bailey Drum will compete and has a shot at making it to regionals if not state this year in the triple jump. Emma Gray, when basketball season is over should help us in high jump and long/triple jump. Skylar Hurst came on and made it to the area meet in triple jump last year so expectations are that she will also improve this year. Addison Farley has been working on the high jump and long jump and is doing quite well for a first time track athlete as a senior, I am excited to see what she and the others that are new to track can do for our team.”

The ReSporter: Tell us about the Hurdles?

Coach Barthels: “Bailey Drum and Sydney Reibschlaeger should be very competitive this year in both the 100 and 300M hurdles. I only have two other hurdlers so I am working on converting some of the sprinters.”

The ReSporter: Give us your Short Distance (Dash) athletes.

Coach Barthels: “Alysha Perez and Skylar Hurst will compete after good seasons in both the 100 and 200 M Dash. We had some great runners last year with a young JV team and depending on times they may compete this year as Varsity runners or will continue to strive on the JV team. Kaylie Duke, Ashley Shipman, Jasmine Ramos…”

The ReSporter: Can you share anything bout the Long Distance runners?

Coach Barthels: “Still working on this one.”

The ReSporter: Relay your Relays for us.

Coach Barthels: “May have a few changes and for sure will have a different crew for the first meet as several of last year’s runners are still playing basketball.”

The ReSporter: Speaking of the Relays, you had the second best time in Hawk history on the 4×100 Relay, will that group start the season together and what do you think their chances of getting to Regionals?
Coach Barthels: “We will probably start with a few new faces to start the season, but will find the best girls we have to compete, I feel as though we will compete and have good times as the season progresses.”

The ReSporter: The 8th Grade ran a 55.13 last year have you had a chance to evaluate this Freshman class and if so, who are some of the students we might be watching this season?

Coach Barthels: “The runner that has stuck out the most so far at practice has been Audrey Schulze. She has great running form and is fast, I am interested to see her compete.”

The ReSporter: The 4×200 relay is close to topping the all-time relay with that same group of ladies as your 4×400 but you lost one person off that group, what are your hopes with these two relays?

Coach Barthels: “Mariah Ellis will be hard to replace, Emma Gray and Audrey Schulze will be competing for spots on this year’s team. With 3 runners returning to last year’s Mile relay record holders, I feel as though we will be running much better times to start the year. In years past we have started slow and end up taking about 10 seconds off of our first meet’s time. So I have expectations of a 4:15 or better relay at our home track on Saturday February 20th.”

The ReSporter: The JV team finished 2nd last year, how will those points count on this year’s team?

Coach Barthels: “We have not done many timed trials as we are just trying to get into running shape. I feel as though we have a great group of girls competing for spots this year, the ones that do not move up will once again give us a pretty strong JV squad.”

The ReSporter: If you added the JV and Varsity points from District Meet, then CL ended with 183 combined points behind Wimberley, Gonzales, and La Vernia what would be considered a good season during district meet this year?

Coach Barthels: “Teams are never the same as the year before in track. Sometimes you have girls that ran as freshmen try different sports. We have several that are crossing over and also playing soccer and softball at the same time. I don’t get to see them as much as I would like (of course) but I feel as though we should compete for the district championship this year.”

The ReSporter: Do you have any idea of how the other schools will do based on who graduated?

Coach Barthels: “Again, sometimes people that have never done track come out and sometimes girls do not get any faster as they grow up. I do have several runners/jumpers this year that have never done track or have not competed since middle school that I am interested to see how they compete against other teams.”

The ReSporter: Final statement for your overall thoughts on this season?

Coach Barthels: “The stop watch doesn’t lie so we will see, I am excited and the girls seem to be as well.”


                            Top 5 for Girls Track
 100m dash                  200m dash                    400m dash
 Alysha Perez       12.75   Caitlyn Collins     26.97    Hannah Graves     61.86
 Trena Lorett       13.23   Grace Allen         27.37    Molli Mcintyre    64.04
 Emily Roach        13.27   Mariah Ellis        27.76    Caitlyn Collins   65.01
 Kyndall Drum       13.37   Skylar Hurst        27.87    Hannah Young      65.08
 Emma Broussard     13.39   Sophia Thorpe       28.21    Dana Buhr         65.18

 800m run                   1600m run                    3200m run
 Hannah Graves    2:27.78   Olivia Flores     6:05.22    Mariah Ellis    12:45.43
 Mariah Ellis     2:27.91   Christi Fowler    6:05.59    Jenna MacConnal 13:48.30
 Christi Fowler   2:34.28   Caitlyn Collins   6:07.73    Hollye Pederson 14:29.91
 Fel Niestemski   2:41.15   Hannah Graves     6:12.44
 Caitlyn Collins  2:43.65   Madeleine Morris  6:25.79

 100m hurdles               300m hurdles                 long jump
 Jessica Cunningham 15.48   Jessica Cunningham  46.90    Bailey Drum     16-03.75
 Bailey Drum        16.60   Katie Marple        49.97    Trena Lorett    16-00.75
 Syd Reibschlaeger  16.68   Bailey Drum         50.05    Marisa Ellis    15-11.50
 Katie Marple       16.73   Syd Reibschlaeger   52.40    Hannah Young    15-08.00
                            Abby Freund         53.10    Hayley Melone   14-10.00

 triple jump                discus                       shot put
 Marisa Ellis    37-04.50   Kaelin Simmons  111-00.00    Kaelin Simmons     34-00
 Bailey Drum     37-00.50   Cassidy Martin   88-05.00    Ali Dicks          34-00
 Skylar Hurst    34-01.75   Caitlin Mabry    81-09.50    Cassidy Martin     29-10
 Mariah Ellis    34-01.50   Rachel Best      76-00.00    Jaycie Sedwick     24-07
 Trena Lorett    33-10.00   Jaycee Sedwick   67-08.00

 high jump                                               pole vault
 Marisa Ellis     5-06.00                                Jess Cunningham 11-01.00
 Mariah Ellis     5-02.00                                Jaydian Loftis   8-00.00
 Hea Arcediano    4-10.00
 Hayley Melone    4-10.00
 Bailey Drum      4-10.00

                       4x100m relay
                       2013    51.99  Ellis, Lorett, Allen, Brookelynn
                       2015    52.60  Ramos, Thorpe, Hurst, Perez
                       2012    53.33  Haight, Roach, Ellis, Helmke
                       2010    53.96  Rust, Tschoepe, Adamson, St. John
                       2011    54.00  Haight, Helmke, St. John, Rodriguez

                       4x200m relay 
                       2014  1:50.53  Thorpe, Drum, Allen, Ellis
                       2011  1:50.89  Collins, Helmke, St. John, Rodriguez
                       2013  1:51.80  Allen, Ramsey, Ellis, Helmke
                       2015  1:51.81  Ramos, Thorpe, Hurst, Perez
                       2012  1:51.84  Ellis, Collins, Ramsey, Helmke

                       4x400m relay
                       2015  4:09.66  Thorpe, Drum, Young, Ellis
                       2013  4:10.53  Ramsey, Ellis, Graves, Helmke
                       2012  4:11.15  Ramsey, Ellis, Helmke, Collins
                       2010  4:11.18  Collins, Tschoepe, Adamson, Cunningham
                       2011  4:11.67  Collins, Helmke, St. John, Cunningham