Coaches Corner, Softball | February 4, 2016

Coaches Corner with Softball’s John Gallagher

Head Softball Coach John Gallagher

Head  Coach John Gallagher

Canyon Lake Softball team will see if their hands fit the gloves as they will have their first scrimmage this Thursday.

The ReSporter had a conversation with Head Coach John Gallagher to get an idea of where this team might be as the season gets going.

The ReSporter: Let’s start with how you feel about the Hawks schedule.

Coach Gallagher: “I think our schedule gives us a great opportunity to get in some quality innings of work. The two stand alone games against very good teams and we always face high quality competition in the Navarro tournament. The next two tournaments have Center Point, Mason, Seminole, Harper, Fltonia, as well as Blanco and Johnson City. All will be solid opponents.

The ReSporter: Last year you lost some games due to weather, that might mean you would be the one person praying for no rain.

Coach Gallagher: “Hopefully the weather will cooperate and everyone is in the same situation so your play what you can and hope for the best. Most tournaments allow you to play 5 to 6 games depending on format.”

The ReSporter: How will you go into the tournaments?

Y4 Custom Homes really likes Softball and says GO HAWKS!!

Y4 Custom Homes really likes Softball and says GO HAWKS!!

Coach Gallagher: “We will have most of our game plan in by the first tournament and continue to work on adding things as we go. The key will be playing together and knowing each others strengths and abilities.”

The ReSporter: So have you been pleased with your off season?

Coach Gallagher: “Off season has been productive as far as getting reps in both mentally and physically.”

The ReSporter: Coach Gallagher let’s break down the team by areas and give us your assessment for this year’s outfield.

Coach Gallagher: “We return Carley Dubois who will anchor our outfield with 4 to 5 girls vying for a starting role.”

The ReSporter: What have you seen thus far with this group of ladies?

Coach Gallagher: “I have seen more speed and stronger arms so far in off-season and we still have some players in Basketball.”

The ReSporter: Tell us what is going on for the infield.

Coach Gallagher: “We graduated Kelsey Ahrens who is hard to replace but we have a transfer who is practicing very well at that position (third base) and will help us along with a freshman who can play second base and outfield. We have several returners starting with Kirsten Jones, Tiare Kacir and both pitchers, Alexis Robinson and Lauren Mentzer and both are performing well and are inter-changeable at first base.”

The ReSporter: Give us our thought on the pitcher’s circle and catcher.

Coach Gallagher: “Kat Weber returns as the starter at catcher and we are looking at two players as backups to give us some depth. Both Robinson and Mentzer are healthy and have been throwing in club this season as well as during our athletic period twice a week. They should be a force for us this season.”

The ReSporter: Give us your thoughts on what this offense might do this season.

Coach Gallagher: “We should be solid this season with Dubois, Robinson, Mentzer, Weber, Jones and Kacir returning to anchor our lineup. Looking to help are Emma Wetz, Cassidy Martin, Monica Lucero, Char Hutson, Bailey Bartow, Freshman Bailey Bryan, and newcomer Maggie Banks. Competition will be stiff and exciting to watch.”

The ReSporter: Coach give us your goals and your thoughts on this year’s district.

Coach Gallagher: “Winning our district and securing a playoff is always our first team goal. Our district will be very strong again this year so quality wins are important. This team is capable of great things and I am excited for the season to start.”

The ReSporter: This is going to be fun and The ReSporter will be ready…good luck Coach.