This Week @ Canyon Lake

Mason Blackburn goes to new heights in getting his kicks in

Mason Blackburn goes to new heights in with his kicks in.                                           Pictures by Lynne Carpenter

                              This Week @ Canyon Lake

 Mon. Feb 8    Llano             @   CL Hawks            500pm       Baseball

 Tue. Feb 9    CL Hawks JV       @   La Vernia           500pm Boys  Basketball
               CL Hawks JV       @   La Vernia           500pm Girls Basketball
               CL Hawks JV       @   Wimberley           500pm       Baseball
               CL Hawks Fresh    @   La Vernia           615pm Boys  Basketball
               CL Hawks Varsity  @   La Vernia           630pm Girls Basketball
               CL Hawks Varisty  @   La Vernia           730pm Boys  Basketball
               CL Hawks Fresh    @   La Vernia           730pm Girls Basketball

 Thu. Feb 11   Harper            @   CL Hawks            600pm       Softball

 Fri. Feb 12   CL Hawks          @   Georgetown (East View)          Tennis
                                     Kerry Minzenmayer Classic
               Boerne            @   CL Hawks            500pm       Baseball
               CL Hawks JV       @   Boerne              500pm       Baseball


Canyon Lake Lady’s Basketball lost their Friday game with Wimberley but with Gonzales taking some lumps from Navarro guaranteed CL to qualify after this Tuesday’s game.

Stay tuned to Hilltop and we will get you info on where and who the Hawks will be playing.


Likewise, the Boy’s Basketball squad finished the week 1-1 and will take on La Vernia this Tuesday.

The Hawks would settle things with an upset over the Bears this Tuesday.

Canyon Lake will have one other game a week later against Yoakum and the Bulldogs helped the Hawks cause immensely when they lost their game to Cuero last Friday.

The Boys team is coupled with CL’s Boys Soccer as the only team sport to yet make it out of district play by qualifying for playoffs.

Hawk Soccer has started to make some noise this season as they sport a 7-4 record and presently on a 5 game winning streak.

That will be the same until district starts up in two weeks and finding a way to also qualify for the playoffs would make this season one of the best in Hawk Sport’s history.

This week CL beat a high caliber team in San Marcos Academy on Tuesday and then followed that win with their first home win on Friday over Burnet.

CL’s Girls Soccer finished this past week with 2 ties with one of those games having the Hawks coming back from a 3 goal deficit.

Softball is still in exhibition stage with Harper’s game this Tuesday being the last game before contests start counting.

Baseball will also be starting this week as the Spring Schedule starts to get interesting.

The Varsity Tennis will have their first competition this Friday as they will travel to Georgetown’s Kerry Minzenmayer Classic.

There has to be a sport you can come and support this year’s Spring edition for Hawk sports.

Go Hawks!!