Game Article, Track & Field | February 29, 2016

Track & Field Keep Improving in Dripping Springs

Go Hawks!!

          Go Hawks!!

Canyon Lake went to Dripping Springs this past Saturday and once again showed promise as this group of athletes raised the bar with their competition.

Last week, the Hawks were matched with Dripping Springs, Hays, and San Marcos schools.

This week the field was larger and when that happens it becomes harder to get in position for scoring points.

What Coaches are looking for when in these situations is how well is that athlete doing in topping their personal bests and that was a win for the Hawks.

High Point for CL’s Girls Varsity was Bailey Drum for the second week in a row with 18.5 points while Emma Gray also reached double digits with 11 points.

Madison Blackburn and Adia Garcia both had 4 points for the Girls Junior Varsity team.

Canyon Lake’s Varsity Boys had Brandon Courtney high point with 18 points while Heath McDonough was second with 15 tallies.

Y4 Custom Homes was there supporting Canyon Lake's Track Program

Y4 Custom Homes was there supporting Canyon Lake’s Track Program

The Hawk Junior Varsity Boys were the flag bearers on this day as this group of athletes finished 2nd place with 104 points.

With that point total, the Hawks, had 3 students with double digit scoring.

Kenneth Jowers and Chance Martelli continue to impress in this young season as each scored 10 points.

Caimen McDonough was weighed down with the most medals as this young man scored in multiple events.

                    Take a look at this impressive day:
                          Points: 42 points
        1st Place         110 meter hurdles        18.74      10pts
        1st Place         300 meter hurdles        45.12      10
        1st Place         triple jump              39-11.25   10
        2nd Place         high jump                5-07        8
        2nd Place         4x400 meter relay        3:45.21     4

A meet like this reminded The ReSporter of those days when Jordan Anderson, for some meets, would score 50 points which is the most an athlete can accumulate.

Those 42 points put in another perspective had McDonough coming in 3rd place when placed with the following teams that competed Saturday.

                    Junior Varsity Teams
                    Dripping Springs        45
                    San Angelo Central      44
                    CAIMEN McDONOUGH        42
                    Cedar Park              23
                    Regents Austin          16
                    St. Andrew               8

Congratulations to all the athletes that continue to represent the Hawk Nation and this week Canyon Lake will be picking on teams their on size at the Panther Relays in Navarro.

Go Hawks!!


 Here is the team breakdown:
 Varsity Girls                       Junior Varsity Girls
 Smithson Valley        203          Smithson Valley         241
 San Angelo Central     130          Dripping Springs        141
 Dripping Springs       105          San Angelo Central      114
 Canyon                  64          Canyon                   59
 Cedar Park              53          Cedar Park               35
 CL Hawks                36          CL Hawks                 16
 St. Andrews             13          Regents Austin           11
 Regents Austin           2

 Varsity Boys                        Junior Varsity Boys
 Canyon                 161          Smithson Valley         191
 Smithson Valley        143          CL Hawks                104
 Dripping Springs        97          Canyon                  102
 Leander Rouse           82          Leander Rouse            81
 CL Hawks                71          Dripping Springs         45
 San Angelo Central      64          San Angelo Central       44
 Cedar Park               3          Cedar Park               23
                                     Regents Austin           16
                                     St. Andrew                8

 Varsity Girls          Pts          Junior Varsity           Pts
 Bailey Drum           18.5          Madison Blackburn        4.0
 Emma Gray             11.0          Adia Garcia              4.0
 Skylar Hurst           1.5          Mariah Haight            1.5
 Sydney Riebschaeger    1.0          Ashlie Shipman           1.5
 Addison Farley         1.0          Mia Cruz                 0.5
 Alyssa Natal           1.0          Regan Cowan              0.5
 Aubrey Schulze         0.5          Hannah Wisdom            0.5
 Hannah Young           0.5          Bethany Thibodeaux       0.5
 totals                35.0          totals                  13.0

 Boys Varsity                        Boys Junior Varsity
 Brandon Courtney      18.0          Caimen McDonough        42.0
 Heath McDonough       15.0          Kenneth Jowers          10.0
 Haden Lee              7.0          Chance Martelli         10.0
 Matt Adams             7.0          Joseph Crisp             8.0
 Lester Boehme          5.0          Trenton Lorett           7.0
 Tanner Faris           4.0          Bradley Hight            4.0
 Gerrit Wilkins         4.0          Austin Rodriguez         4.0
 Robert Woods           4.0          Jacob Ruff               4.0
 Joseph Ruiz            3.0          Austin Brennan           4.0
 Joe Marple             2.0          Wyatt Meckel             4.0
 Austin Camacho         2.0          Johnny Soliz             4.0
 totals                71.0          Connor Rose              1.0
                                     Braden Duke              0.5
                                     Tyler Bishop             0.5
                                     Greyson Lee              0.5
                                     Ty Sexton                0.5
                                     totals                 104.0