Sport News | February 2, 2016

UIL Realignment is Announced for Canyon Lake

Hawks gathering to see where they will be playing next Season after Realignment

Hawks gathering to see where they will be playing next Season after Realignment

What do all these schools have in common? District 14-4A

             Taylor             Fredericksburg          Boerne
              Austin Eastside Memorial        CL Hawks

When Summer goes into it’s final stages, then these 5 schools will begin getting prepared to compete against each other for a Football Crown.

Every two years, the schools have to realign based on enrollment so teams can compete with others that have similar numbers of students.

Bandera and Liberty Hill will leave for different districts while CL added Austin Memorial on the Eastside.

Bandera absence was based on having a smaller number of kiddos while Liberty Hill was moved to match up with other schools closer to where they live.

What do these schools have in common? District 28-4A

            Hondo              Fredericksburg            Bandera
                    Boerne                     CL Hawks

These group of schools will be competing in all those other sports that don’t play with an oblong ball.

Football is the only sport that will have a chance in playing different schools so just like how these past two years have been divided as this Spring you will see CL in competition with schools not scheduled for football.

So, Cuero-Gonzales-Yoakum-La Vernia-Wimberley-and Navarro will be gone for those sports while Canyon Lake will leave for teams they have competed with before.

What is interesting is how the Hawks was the only school that was excommunicated from the above teams that will leave Canyon Lake without Wimberley in all of the sports for the first time since the school started.

Yeah, except for Hondo which will be something new for those ‘other’ sports.

Now, Canyon Lake will have some coaches that will be busy in trying to get their schedule ready for this coming new year of sports.

Some notes to take notice is the number of schools with in all sports being reduced to 5 teams where the Hawks presently compete with 7 teams.

With 4 teams that qualify for playoffs then the door becomes a little wider for squads in order to get into the fun part of the season.

Hondo will be a different destination this coming season for all sports making CL the furtherest school to the East in 28-4A District.

The new set-up also has Canyon Lake competing with Austin Eastside Memorial and coupled with Hondo will give fans a chance to check new places to eat and see as the Hawk Nation travels to these new destinations.

Yes, Soccer and Swimming is another animal since they have fewer schools that have teams in those sports causing even different classifications to compete in.

Now, Canyon Lake, will finish these next months with a chance to continue striving for the best Hawk year ever in competition.

                        Just for grins for Miles
 Football District 14-4A                      Other Sports District 

 New Alignment Miles                  vs.     Present District Teams

 Taylor            94.4  Football Only        Wimberley    12.1      Other Sports
 Hondo             80.1  Other Sports         Navarro      32.0      Other Sports
 Bandera           70.3  Other Sports         La Vernia    54.8      Other Sports
 Eastside Memorial 68.2  Football Only        Gonzales     61.1      Other Sports
 Fredericksburg    51.4  All Sports           Liberty Hill 86.4      Football Only
 Boerne            46.4  All Sports           Yoakum       88.3      Other Sports
                                              Cuero        94.1      Other Sports
                                              Taylor       94.4      Football Only