Game Article, Track & Field | March 5, 2016

CL Boys Run Away with Panther Relay Track Meet, Varsity and JV both Win

Canyon Lake dominated the Panther Relays in Navarro last Thursday as the Hawk Boys team finished

Hawks have Fly Over at Panther Relays

Hawks have Fly Over at Panther Relays

first in the Varsity and Junior Varsity divisions.

The Hawks had started their first 3 Track Meets in competition with larger schools and on this night, CL was running and throwing against schools in their same class or smaller.

This resulted in what the Hawk Nation was hoping for as Canyon Lake’s depth was too much as they ran away from their adversaries in winning both divisions.

Caimen McDonough came back to earth and scored 34 points which was down from his 42 point day last week in Dripping Springs.

McDonough had Trenton Lorett nipping at his heels with a 31 point day as those two athletes scored more points than 4 schools which if you added up those team’s points they would have totaled 67 points.

The only event the Junior Varsity failed to score in was the Pole Vault as there was the 400 meter dash the Hawks finished 1st-2nd-3rd.

Seven different students scored in double digits as 19 different Hawks scored points as each area was well represented.

                             Junior Varsity        Varsity
 In the Dash Events               39                  8
 In the Hurdle Events             14                 20
 Long Distance Runs               30                 28
 Field Events                     72                 47
 Relay Events                     44                 52

Looking at the Panther Meet based on the different events will give you an idea that CL is developing some points in areas that have not been producing.

Those Long Distance races that include, 800-1600-3200 runs has been a big fat 0 in previous years as Canyon Lake has not had many athletes in these areas and and those 28 and 30 points help add up for a team win.

Now look at those Field Events and getting 72 and 47 points has not been this strong in quite a while.

Y4 Custom Homes supports Hawk's Track & Field

Y4 Custom Homes supports Hawk’s Track & Field

With the hurdles you have just 2 times to compete so those points will not be as much but their percentage is acceptable.

Heath McDonough won the point total for Varsity with 27 with Brandon Courtney finishing with 21 points.

Five events and one relay in the Varsity Meet had Hawks taking the #1 spot on the podium while the Junior Varsity had top finishers 6 times.

Other notes that you would like to know.

Haden Lee score points in the dash, throwing, and jumping events which would give you an idea of an athlete that can score in different ways.

Heath McDonough had a personal best on the High Jump as he inched that up to 6-3 jump.

Adam Wiewel scored the most points in the distance runs than has ever been recorded for one meet. Wiewel won the 3200 run (a Hawk First) and had a 2nd place finish in the Mile Run (a Hawk First).

Then you add another first place 800 run by Austin Camacho and that goes a long way in showing how diverse this team has evolved into.

In 8 different Junior Varsity events the Hawks scored 10 or more points with that maximum of 24 for the open 400 meter dash.

The Mile Relay Hawk’s broke the 3:30 mark at the earliest time of the track season ever.

A total of 33 Hawks scored for both teams showing how deep this Canyon Lake team has become as they will travel to Bandera this coming week for another chance to keep improving as with each passing week has District 26-4A looming around the corner.

Great Track Meet and Go Hawks!!

                     Points for Hawk Boys Track & Field

 Team Scores Junior Varsity               Team Scores Varsity
 CL Hawks           194                   CL Hawks          158
 Navarro            135                   Wimberley         151
 Devine              78                   Navarro           105
 Wimberley           73                   Luling             69
 Luling              72                   Devine             49
 Marion              40                   Marion             36
 Randolph            16                   Karnes City        23
 Karens City          9                   Randolph           16
                                          Stacey              2

                             pts  100 meter dash                     pts
 Trenton Lorett     11.55     10          Haden Lee        11.62      2
 Connor Rose        11.74      4

                                  200 meter dash
 Austin Brennan     24.31      1           Haden Lee       23.34      4
                                           Heath McDonough 23.37      2

                                  400 meter dash
 Johnny Soliz        55.05    10
 Chance Martelli     55.40     8
 Wyatt Meckel        57.14     6

                                 110 meter hurdles
 Caimen McDonough    17.71     6           Brandon Courtney  15.43     6
 Sklyer Hickman      19.34     1

                                 300 meter hurdles
 Caimen McDonough    44.97     4           Brandon Courtney  39.90     10
 Michael Harwell     47.05     1           Joe Marple        42.54      4

                                  800 meter run
 Nolan Davila        2:13.60   8           Austin Camacho    2:04.70   10
 Jacob Uciniski      2:20.80   2

                                  1600 meter run
 Nolan Davila        5:05.20   2           Adam Wiewel        4:57.00   8
 Matthew Bell        5:17.80   1

                                  3200 meter run
 Jaren Marmolejo     11:39.90  8           Adam Wiewel        11:00.90  10
 Mathew Bell         12:02.70  6
 Luis Juarez         12:29.80  1

                                     shot put
 Austin Rodriguez    36-8     10           Haden Lee          41-9       8
 Brayden Hight       35-4      8           Jacob Foster       41-3       6
                                           Robert Woods       40-2       1

 Joseph Crisp        106-0     6           Robert Woods       114-8     10
 Bradley Hight        95-.5    1
                                    triple jump
 Caimen McDonough    39-9     10           Heath McDonough    39-0       6
 Trenton Lorett      36-7      4

                                     long jump
 Trenton Lorett      17-11    10
 Jacob Ruff          16-6      4

                                     high jump
 Caimen McDonough    5-9      10           Heath McDonough     6-3      10
 Chance Martelli     5-2       8           Haden Lee           5-8       6

                                4x100 meter relay
 CL Hawks            45.98    12           CL Hawks            44.68    16
 Jacob Ruff          Trenton Lorett        Joseph Ruiz         Lester Boehme
 Connor Rose         Landry Moore          Matt Adams          Kenneth Jowers

                                4x200 meter relay
 CL Hawks            1:38.00  16            CL Hawks           1:32.40  16
 Jacob Ruff          Trenton Lorett         Heath McDonough    Tanner Faris
 Connor Rose         Austin Brennan         Matt Adams         Lester Boehme

                                4x400 meter relay
 CL Hawks            3:47.27  16            CL Hawks           3:28.60  20
 Caimen McDonough    Johnny Soliz           Lester Boehme      Austin Camacho
 Wyatt Meckel        Chance Martelli        Heath McDonough    Brandon Courtney

                                Individual Scorers
 Caimen McDonough        34                 Heath McDonough        27
 Trenton Lorett          31                 Brandon Courtney       21
 Chance Martelli         20                 Haden Lee              20
 Johnny Soliz            14                 Adam Wiewel            18
 Connor Rose             11                 Austin Camacho         15
 Austin Rodriguez        10                 Lester Boehme          13
 Nolan Davila            10                 Robert Woods           11
 Wyatt Meckel            10                 Matt Adams              8
                                            Jaren Marmolejo         8
 Brayden Hight            8                 Jacob Foster            6
 Jacob Ruff               8                 Tanner Faris            4
 Matthew Bell             7                 Joe Marple              4
 Joseph Crisp             6                 Joseph Ruiz             4
 Austin Brennan           5                 Kenneth Jowers          4
 Jacob Ucinski            2
 Skyler Hickman           1
 Luis Juarez              1
 Bradley Hight            1
 Michale Harwell          1