Coaches Corner, Track & Field | March 31, 2016

Coaches Corner with Boys Track, Troy Moses

Track and Field Coach Troy Moses

Track and Field Coach Troy Moses

The ReSporter: Right now you are in the midst of figuring out a chess match. What is the biggest challenge as you enter the names for next week’s Meet?
Coach Moses: “This is a unique year, just because we have so many talented young men. The biggest challenge is not knowing what the other schools are going to do!!!! There are so many different scenarios. We just have to go with what we feel will help us get as many points as possible.”

The ReSporter: The scrimmage yesterday hopefully answered some questions for what happens next week, can you give us some idea of how closer you are to figuring out how you will run the Relays vs. Open Events?
Coach Moses: “Our number one goal is to win the Team Championship!! We look to score big points in Open Events first, then place people in relays.”

The ReSporter: As you have looked at your loaded JV team, does that pose a chance some of those

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Y4 Custom Homes support Boys Track $ Field

students will be moved up to Varsity to get those extra points needed?
Coach Moses: “Again this goes back to what I said earlier. This is a unique year. We have depth on both the JV and Varsity teams. In other years some of these JV runners would of already been running with the Varsity. To answer your question…If we feel they can contribute to help win the District meet, we will move them up.”

The ReSporter: What are your strengths in each area? Relays/Dash/Running/Field
Coach Moses: “Our hurdlers and relays are what is going to carry us at the district meet. If we can just get a few points in everything else we will be in the running for the District Championship.”

The ReSporter: How do you assess this team and where you are currently to last year’s team?
Coach Moses: “Our over all times are much better this year going into last year. Plus some of the other teams are not running as fast as they did last year. So our hopes are high at this point.”

The ReSporter: What has having so many good Seniors competing this year done for the overall program?
Coach Moses: “It has been a huge lift. Normally it is hard to get Seniors to run track, but the ones that came out this year has really help with the depth.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and go get them next week! and Go Hawks!!