Coaches Corner, Girls Soccer | March 21, 2016

Coaches Corner with Girl’s Soccer, Ryan Tierney

Head Soccer Coach Ryan Tierney

Head Girl’s Soccer Coach Ryan Tierney

The ReSporter wanted to have a talk with Soccer’s Coach Ryan Tierney after another Hawk team made the playoffs.

Canyon Lake has 4 Team Sports for girls and with the Girl’s Track Team this has been a good year for the ladies as all have embarked on a quest of finishing their regular season for an opportunity in playing more games.

The ReSporter: What has been your biggest surprise this season with this team?

Coach Tierney: “It is absolutely the way they overcome adversity. All season long they have been faced with obstacles and great opponents and they have never given up and have stepped up in those occasions. These girls have a physical toughness and they love to compete. I enjoy all their efforts and praise all that they sacrifice and commit.”

The ReSporter: How does the district you are in compare to the other districts?

Coach Tierney: “I believe our district is one of the most competitive districts in our region, if not in the state of Texas. With 2 teams in the top 10 rankings in the state, Fredericksburg who always plays at a high level and Bandera who was obviously a different team than last year. Every game is competitive.”

The ReSporter: How will you prepare for the playoffs after your game tomorrow? (practices, etc.)

Coach Tierney: “We will focus on the things that we do well. We will have to keep practice intense and focused. I will be working closely with our awesome training staff at CLHS to get our injured athletes healthy for game day. They do such a great job with these girls and we will need every girl as close to 100% in order to compete.”

The ReSporter: Compare how youthful this team is compared to the other district teams.

Coach Tierney: “We are an extremely young team. I have 2 starting seniors and 3 starting juniors this year. The rest are under classmen who have stepped into big roles. We are definitely the youngest team in the district and that’s exciting for the future.”

The ReSporter: What is the most important part of the game will you need to improve to make a splash?

Coach Tierney: “The most vital part of the game is going to be the ability for us to attack aggressively. Our defensive side of the game as a team has really stepped up in the past few weeks. If we can complement that with dynamic movements off the ball, crisp passing and taking advantage of our opportunities in front of goal I know we will compete with the best in the state.”

The ReSporter: Last year, your playoff game came, ohhh so close to pulling it off, how will you use that experience in preparing for Wimberley and beyond?

Coach Tierney: “Last year was a tough loss for us. We played really well, we just weren’t focused at the start of the game. I contribute that to a two week layoff for one, but secondly it’s my job to keep these girls focused and motivated and I’m striving to find new techniques to keep them focused.”

The ReSporter: The Boys will need a win to make the playoffs, with the playoffs already clinched how will you have the girls take this game against the Texans?

Coach Tierney: “The girls love to compete and any game against Wimberley is a big game, so I want them to approach it with a competitive spirit and I know they will.”