Coaches Corner, Softball | March 14, 2016

Coaches Corner with Softball’s, John Gallagher

Softball's Coach John Gallagher

Softball’s Coach John Gallagher

The ReSporter caught up with Head Coach John Gallagher after the Hawk’s loss to Yoakum last week.

The ReSporter: What is the answer to all of those pesky errors for this team?

Coach Gallagher: “All 8 of our errors were either from a lack of concentration or lack of confidence. All the errors were on routine plays that we make everyday in practice or in games. They have been addressed and worked on in practice.”

The ReSporter: You have pitching that seems to be excelling as you enter into district play. I know you would like to be firing with all of your weapons, between gloves and bat,which one is more important to get wins with pitching being the constant?

Coach Gallagher: “Our defensive play is more important at this point. We have been productive offensively so when our defense is solid we win.”

The ReSporter:  District 26-4A, based on what we know is a pretty even district from top to bottom. What is most needed to be able to break from the pack?

Coach Gallagher: “We need some breaks to go our way as well as some luck. The girls have been playing hard and we know we need 7 innings of strong defense and offense to get through each game. Every team in district is good we are no exception, we just need to believe it.”

The ReSporter: How do you structure practices based on the 3 elements needed in this game: Glove, Pitching, and Hitting?

Coach Gallagher: “Practices are structured on what we need to work on immediately. Pitchers throw or do two workouts a week, we work on defense and offense in stations two days a week and base-running and position work the other day.”

The ReSporter: What have you seen from this team that gives you confidence that they can continue to strive for district supremacy?

Coach Gallagher: “I have seen this team work very hard on their hitting and their confidence in themselves and each other is positive. We know we can score runs when everyone in the lineup is producing. Our one and two hole hitters provide spark with their speed and ability to get on base. That sparks our three, four, five, and six hole hitters to drive in runs. We have speed at the bottom of our order which gives us more chances for scoring. Overall, I think the girls know what we need to do to make an impact and get wins we need to compete for a district title.”

The ReSporter: Do teams play different on the road vs. being at home?

Coach Gallagher: “Playing at home is always fun because we have more fan support, but playing on the road sometimes means we have less pressure and distractions,  so we just go out and get the job done.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and we will see you for this Monday game with Gonzales and Go Hawks!!