Game Article, Track & Field | March 10, 2016

Junior Varsity Boys and Girls Bury Competition in Bandera

Hawks Fly Away from Competition in Bandera Relays

Hawks Fly Away from Competition in Bandera Relays

Canyon Lakes Boy’s and Girl’s Track team both racked up points in their wins in Bandera on Wednesday.

The Hawk boys more than doubled the competition showing just how deep this year’s JV has become.

CL’s lady Hawks beat the second place Heritage team by 101 points as they too, dominated their field.

This year’s Junior Varsity clubs are dominating and showing the Hawk Nation that these students will soon be bringing their act to the Varsity level soon.

                       Hawk JV Team Scores
        Girls                                  Boys
        CL Hawks      202                      CL Hawks      215
        Heritage      102                      Bandera        89
        Gonzales       93                      Heritage       85
        Bandera        90                      Pleasanton     77
        Hondo          70                      SA Cole        69
        Comfort        36                      Gonzales       31
        Winston        14                      Hondo          21
        SA Cole        13

Depth was the key once again for the run away wins as the Junior Varsity has two years of excellent athletes that are populating and supplying these results.

The Lady JV Hawks was led by Lainee Moses scoring 29 points with 3 second place finishes and gaining 5 points for helping the 4×400 meter relay crew with a first place finish.

There were 9 girls making double digit points as the Relay teams swept their events in grand fashion.

                      Double Digit Lady Hawks
 name                points      events scored     first place finishes
 Lainee Moses         29               4           1 4x400 meter relay
 Raegan Cowan         26               4           2 4x100, 200 meter relays
 Madison Blackburn    20               2           2 300 hurdles & triple jump
 Hannah Wisdom        15               3           3 4x 100, 200, 400 meter relays
 Jasmine Ramos        13               2           1 4x 100 meter relay
 Felicity Neistemski  13               2           0 Distance run & relay
 Alyssa Natal         10               1           1 200 meter dash
 Bethany Thibedeaux   10               2           2 4x200, 400 meter relays
 Mia Cruz             10               2           2 4x100, 200 meter relays

What makes this JV Girls team, so incredible comes from previous years as the Girls Track Team needed as many younger ladies as they could gather to make a jump to Varsity in getting points.

Leaving for so many years a remnant of athletes for points and now with a plethora of girls participating has this group of girls now winning 2 meets in a row.

Y4 Custom Homes is all in for their Support for the Hawk's Track Team

Y4 Custom Homes is all in for their Support for the Hawk’s Track Team

And, doing that convincingly.

For the Hawk Boys team, Caimen McDonough came through again, this time scoring 39 points for the good guys.

Trenton Lorett had a good night with 25 points followed by the distance runners.

That is what is so exciting for Canyon Lake as 50 of CL’s points was added up by this group of runners.

Nolan Davila, Jaren Marmolejo, and Matthew Bell were all in double figure scoring.

Connor Rose and Austin Brennan finished off the double scoring night with 13 and 12 points respectfully.

There were 22 Hawks with points for this win and now Canyon Lake will take two victories in a row into Spring Break with their next time on the cinders coming in Wimberley.

Where the points come from can give you an idea of how dominant the Boys and Girls squads are as each area is important in racking up points and burying the competition.

                         JV Boys            JV Girls
 dash events               49                 49
 (100/200/400 meters)

 running events            50                  9
 (800/1600/3200 meters)

 field events              33                 44
 (shot put/discus/long jump/triple jump/high jump/pole vault)

 relay events              52                 68
 (4x100/4x200/4x400 meters)

 hurdles events            12                 28
 (100/110/300 meters)

If Canyon Lake can continue scoring strong in those different events then that will put pressure on all of their competitors. When the Hawks were competing against Fredericksburg, the Billies, would have depth that scored and that made beating them a very hard climb.

 Double Digit for the Boys team.
 name                points     events scored    first place finishes
 Caimen McDonald      39              5          3 300 hurdles, high & triple jump
 Trenton Lorett       25              4          1 100 meter dash
 Nolan Davila         20              2          2 800 & 1600 meter run
 Matthew Bell         14              2          0 Distance runs
 Connor Rose          13              2          1 4x100 meter relay
 Jaren Marmolejo      12              2          0 Distance runs
 Austin Brennan       12              2          1 4x100 meter relay

Way to Go Hawks!!

                               Other Hawk Scorers
             JV Boys                          JV Girls
             Michael Harwell      9           Adia Garcia           9
             Chance Martelli      9           Jaydian Loftis        5
             Tristan Chacon       7           Hailey Lucero         4
             Greyson Lee          7           Bailey Bartow         4
             Johnny Soliz         7           Calah Young           2
             Jacob Ucinski        7           Mariah Haight         2
             Tyler Kidd           6           Ella Necander         2
             Kenneth Jowers       5           Julie Ollis           2
             Michael Stirnemann   4           Ashlie Shipman        2
             Braden Duke          3           Jacie Sedwick         2
             Tyler Bishop         2.5         Chandra Wise          1
             Colton McDonald      2.5         Paige Bower           1
             Luis Juarez          2
             Jacob Ruff           1
             Wyatt Meckel         1