Game Article, Track & Field | March 29, 2016

Junior Varsity Track Finish 2nd at Texan Relays

Flying High Go HAWKS

Flying High Go HAWKS

Canyon Lake’s Boys and Girls Junior Varsity finished 2nd in last week’s Texan Relays.

The Boys finished with 153 points and the Hawk Ladies had 125 points in their events.

Caimen McDonough continues to impress as he scored 42 points after scoring in all 5 events.

McDonough had 3 first place finishes and 2 second place trophies, he is averaging 33 points per track meet. That was with an 8 point total in the Hawk Relays which was the first one of this year.

This was McDonough second meet with a 42 point total.

Trenton Lorett was next with 21 points as Kenneth Jowers (13), Chance Martelli (12), and Nolan Davila (10) also ended the day in double figures.

Canyon Lake Boys have some distance runners. Yes, you read that right.

Junior Varsity Distance Runners comes in 3's.

Junior Varsity Distance Runners comes in 3’s.

In 2013, the Hawks had their first two runners to break the 5 minute barrier and that feat was accomplished in the district meet.

Chris Neiland and Mike Russell both finished that meet with a 4:57.01 and 4:55.73 respectfully.

This Junior Varsity has three runners that will threaten that mark as they mature as Adam Wiewel on this year’s varsity has already beat Neiland’s record earlier this season.

Nolan Davila, Matthew Bell, and Jaren Marmolejo finished the mile with a 3-4-5 finish. In crossing the line the JV Hawks were able to add 12 points in this meet.

Long distance running has not been an event common to Hawk athletes, as in many past meets, CL was lucky to have athletes to run those grueling long runs.

“I just want to push myself,” Bell rang the bell first. “We want to try to help each other in trying to get to be the best.”

“We will push our limits,” Davila chimed in. “We can be there and we are a strong team and it is better to have multiple runners for competition.”

Davila was remarking on how it has transpired this year with 3 runners with these high credentials.

Marmolejo started his kick in stating, “We try to get better each week in practice and in the meets.”

“We are trying to get better and we are hoping to be really good,” Marmolejo continued. “We keep pushing and pushing as a team.”

“To be the best we can beat our times for our team,” Bell closed.

The future is getting bright as these young men and Hawk Boys team continue to have the drive for improving.

Madison Blackburn continues to improve in Track this season

Madison Blackburn continues to improve in Track this season

On the ladies side of competition, Madison Blackburn was out in front with 24 points in 4 events.
Blackburn finished first in the 300 meter hurdles where she fell but still had enough of a lead she could right herself and still finish ahead of the field.

“In practice we work hard and are super determined to win,” Blackburn stated. “We understand what we want.”

On what Blackburn was thinking after falling going over the hurdle, “Honestly, I thought I had lost it and got very upset….then I just got up and I was not going to let anyone pass me and then I just started getting closer and closer.”

Blackburn has increased her point total in each of her last 4 meets as she leads the Girls Junior Varsity with 66 points (in 5 meets) going into this week’s competition in Dripping Springs.

The Hawk Ladies had Felicity Niestremski and Raegan Cowan both with 16 points followed by Hannah Wisdom (14), Bethany Thibedeaux (12), and Alyssa Natal (10) helping in going to the second place team podium.

Strong finishes keep on happening with both Junior Varsity squads as they will take their act to Dripping Springs this Wednesday for another chance to hone in on their skill set as District will be next week.


                       Team Totals Texan Relays Junior Varsity
             JV Boys                            JV Girls
             Lampasas      167                  Wimberley       178
             CL Hawks      153                  CL Hawks        125
             Comfort        85                  Lampasas         98
             Wimberley      66                  Burnet           91
             Navarro        46                  Navarro          35
             Llano          38                  Llano            30
             HCCA           37                  HCCA              6
             Smithville     18                  Comfort           5
             Blanco         10                  Blanco            4

                              High Point JV Meet Scorers
             Boys                               Girls
             Caimen McDonough    42             Madison Blackburn       24
             Trenton Lorett      21             Raegan Cowan            16
             Kenneth Jowers      13             Felicity Niestremski    16
             Chance Martelli     12             Hannah Wisdom           14
             Nolan Davila        10             Bethany Thibedeaux      12
             Austin Brennan       9             Alyssa Natal            10
             Connor Rose          8             Jasmine Ramos            8
             Johnny Soliz         8             Ella Necander            8
             Matthew Bell         8             Mia Cruz                 8
             Jaren Marmolejo      8             Bailey Bartow            4
             Jacob Ruff           6             Ashley Elkins            4
             Jacob Ucinski        4             Paige Bower              1
             Tyler Kidd           2
             Joseph Crisp         1

                             Year Totals for up to 5 Meets
             Boys Total                         Girls Total
             Caimen McDonough   165             Madison Blackburn       66
             Trenton Lorett      84             Raegan Cowan            52
             Chance Martelli     62             Hannah Wisdom           47
             Kenneth Jowers      44             Felicity Niestremski    45
             Nolan Davila        40             Bethany Thibedeaux      38
             Connor Rose         37             Adia Garcia             37
             Jacob Ruff          36             Mia Cruz                33
             Austin Brennan      34             Jasmine Ramos           28
             Johnny Soliz        33             Alyssa Natal            20
             Jaren Marmolejo     29             Ashley Shipman          20
             Matthew Bell        29             Jaydian Loftis          19
             Austin Rodriguez    24             Ella Necander           14
             Joseph Crisp        17             Paige Bower             10
             Wyatt Meckel        15             Emily McDonald          10
             Jacob Ucinski       13             Bailey Bartow            8
             Michael Harwell     11             Jacie Sedwick            6
             Tristan Chacon       9             Mariah Haight            5
             Tyler Kidd           8             Ashley Elkins            4
             Braden Hight         8             Hailey Lucero            4
             Landry Moore         8             Calah Young              3
             Greyson Lee          8             Julie Ollis              2
             Bradley Hight        4             Chandra Wise             1
             Luis Juarez          4
             Michael Stirnemann   4
             Braden Duke          4
             Tyler Bishop         3
             Skyler Hickman       1
             Ty Sexton            1