Softball, Sport News | March 8, 2016

Play Ball!! As CL Lady District Softball Starts Tonight in Yoakum

                      Hawk Softball by the Numbers
     0     Number of hits in game with Johnson City.
     1     Total number of hits by both teams in same game.
     2     Triples hit by Kat Weber.
     2.05  Earned Run Average for Lauren Mentzer.
     3     Ties in the history of Hawk Softball.
     6     Players presently in the Top 10 for batting average.
    10     Home-Runs hit by Alexis Robinson.
    11     More runs than hits for Kirsten Jones in her career.
    12     Wins away from having a .500 record.
    41     Runs scored in the 2nd Inning.
    43     Walks up to this point in the campaign.
    51     Strikeouts this year.
    52     Stolen bases so far this season.
    57     At bats for Carly Dubois leading the team.
    83     Wins for John Gallagher

Canyon Lake Softball will start their district games on Tuesday traveling to Yoakum as their pre-season games had a lot of hits and runs and errors.

Kat Weber and Alexis Robinson will do their best in helping Hawks in district.

Kat Weber and Alexis Robinson will do their best in helping Hawks in district.

This is the time of year that the Hawks will need to channel all of that boundless energy on one task and doing well in District 26-4A play.

Eight of the nine regular Hawks in the line-up are sporting a batting average of .333 or more. Yes, you read that correctly.

Yet, with that gaudy average, Canyon Lake was held without a hit in their 5 inning game with Johnson City last Saturday that ended in a 0-0 tie.

Just goes to show you how unpredictable sports can be.

CL Hawks do have a team that seems to be playing well with 3 pitchers that all bring a different set of skills to the circle.

Canyon Lake has a 2.06 team earned run average which should go well with all those hitters in the line-up and hopefully lead to more victories during district play.

Y4 Custom Homes says Go Hawks and Beat Yoakum

Y4 Custom Homes says Go Hawks and Beat Yoakum

Yes, there is always that one item that will need improvement as the season matures as the defense is committing too many errors.

For pitchers like Maggie Banks it becomes a double edged sword as she has only given up 1 earned run but as a team during her pitching days, the Hawks, have allowed 10 runs due to those pesky errors.

On to Yoakum for the first game and this is when all those tournament games come into play.

Yoakum beat La Vernia, 7-6 as the Bulldogs came back from a 6-0 deficit to win their first district contest.

The proof is in the pudding (whatever that means) and now it is time to ‘Play Ball’ and Go Hawks!!