This Week @ Canyon Lake

Go Hawks!!

                      Go Hawks!!

                              This Week @ Canyon Lake
 Mon 3/14      Cuero        @    CLHawks JV          5-7pm         Baseball
               Gonzales     @    CL Hawks              6pm         Softball

 Tue 3/15      Billies      @    CL Hawks JV           5pm  Girls  Soccer
               CL Hawks JV  @    Billies               5pm  Boys   Soccer
               CL Hawks     @    Navarro             630pm         Softball
               Billies      @    CL Hawks              7pm  Girls  Soccer
               CL Hawks     @    Billies               7pm  Boys   Soccer
               CL Hawks     @    Navarro               7pm         Baseball

 Fri 3/18      Bandera      @    CL Hawks JV           5pm  Boys   Soccer
               CL Hawks JV  @    Bandera               5pm  Girls  Soccer
               Cuero        @    CL Hawks            630pm         Softball
               Bandera      @    CL Hawks              7pm  Boys   Soccer
               CL Hawks     @    Bandera               7pm  Girls  Soccer
               Cuero        @    CL Hawks              7pm         Baseball


A tough week for Hawk Sports as the boys Baseball team did show improvement in their Saturday game with Marble Falls.

The two games were polar opposite as the Hawks committed 10 errors in their loss to Burnet and then on Saturday there were no such miscues.

Softball season started last Tuesday with a loss to Yoakum on the road and that loss could be attributed to 8 errors.

Errors in Baseball/Softball is similar to the two basketball teams not being able to make free throws.

Those errors give a team more at bats and also keeps the defense out on the field and has the pitcher throwing more pitches.

Two items that does not play well if a team is wanting to win, and that is the object of playing the games.

CL Hawks Baseball will start their district schedule this week on the road in Navarro and then will welcome Cuero on Friday.

The Softball and Baseball teams will play the same school each Friday night this year.

Soccer will be going into their final week and the Girls Soccer team will go on the road and if they can get a win, then a playoff game would be next on their schedule. Mind you that calculation does not have Tuesday games figured into that formula.

Fredericksburg is certainly beatable on Tuesday so a win on Tuesday would certainly make a good case for more games.

The Boys will need to get a win as they tied Bandera last week and with that tie, the Hawks can pull off some wins then they could also make a phone call to the T-Shirt Company.

In talking to Boys Soccer Coach Warren Graham, he set the table with what needs to happen below.

Just so you know, Fredericksburg did beat Wimberley on Friday.

“A lot of things are still up in the air when it comes to playoffs,” Coach Graham said. “If Wimberley loses to Fredericksburg on Friday then we need to win one of the next two games and beat Wimberley.  If Wimberley wins then we need to win out.  Fred, Boerne, and Bandera have all clinched a playoff spot but we could still finish 3rd even if we lose one of the next three.”

Now you can use your Spring Break enjoying some Hawk Sporting events.

Track & Field, Golf, and Tennis will be back in action after Spring Break and as always,

Go Hawks!!