Game Article, Track & Field | March 10, 2016

Varsity Boys & Girls Track Finish 2nd in Bandera’s Meet

Bailey Drum scores 41 points in Bandera Meet

Bailey Drum scores 41 points in Bandera Meet

Canyon Lake Varsity finished 2nd in the Bandera Track Meet in both the Girls and Boys team.

It was a decent night but when the Hawks finish second then that will make it a longer ride home as this group of students are getting hungry for wins.

Haden Lee was the high point for the Hawks as this Senior scored in the Jumps, Dash, Relay, and Throwing events.

Lee needs to be fed at a cafeteria as he wants to fill his trey with several different types of food.

Brandon Courtney won his two hurdle runs and then helped the 4×400 relay with another first place finish.

Tanner Faris seems to come out of his shell anytime he is in competition with a Bandera team. Faris, who transferred to Canyon Lake from Bandera, has several coming out parties since his arrival to CL and most of those parties are at the Bulldogs expense.

Faris scored 21 points with 2 first place trophies in the long jump and helping the 4×200 meter relay to first place nirvana.

Heath McDonough also scored 21 points with 2 first place finishes with one also coming in the 4×400 meter relay and his bread and butter high jump event.

Robert Woods finished with 18 points in the two throwing events. A first and second in the shot put and discus respectively.

Mike Thorpe came off the Soccer field and ran the 400 open meter run for a first place trophy.

In all, Canyon Lake had 8 events where a Hawk was taking stepping to the top podium after his event.

Eleven of the 14 Hawk athletes that scored made it to double digit level and Senior Matt Adams just missed that place by .5 of a point.

For the ladies, Bailey Drum continued her climb to having the most points in a season after another meet of scoring over 40 points. With points in 5 events and finishing first in 3 of those opportunities.

Sophomore Skylar Hurst continues to impress with a 25 point day and having 2 first place finishes.

Emma Gray had an off night in the high jump but was nails in scoring in 4 events to total 18 points.

Alysha Perez matched her best 100 meter dash with a sparkling 12.75 race. This same lady helped the 4×200 meter relay to one of their best finishes in school history.

Not to be left out in the cold, Freshman Audrey Schulze also made it to double figure scoring and continues to show she belongs with the Varsity girls and having a bright future in years to come on the cinders.

Go Hawks!!

                      Hawk's that Score

         Boys                       Girls
         Haden Lee         27       Bailey Drum          41
         Brandon Courtney  25       Skylar Hurst         25
         Tanner Faris      21       Emma Gray            18
         Heath McDonough   21       Alysha Perez         18
         Robert Woods      18       Audrey Schulze       13
         Lester Boehme     14       Sophia Thorpe         9
         Austin Camacho    13       Sydney Riebschlaeger  4
         Joe Marple        11       Kaylie Duke           3
         Joseph Ruiz       10       Emily McDonald        2
         Mike Thorpe       10
         Gerrit Wilkins    10
         Matt Adams         9.5
         Adam Wiewel        4
         Calvin Graves      2