Football | April 28, 2016

CL Hawks 2016 Football Schedule Released

Hawks with Devil's Back Bone Trophy after Wimberley Win

Hawks with Devil’s Back Bone Trophy from last year’s  Wimberley Win

Canyon Lake’s schedule was released and the Hawks will be adding an Austin flavor this year as there will be 3 teams from the Capitol City.

Adding up last year’s records of the 10 teams playing the Hawks has those schools with a 57-44 record.

Two of those opponents had just one loss coming the 3rd week of playoff action. Blanco and Giddings finished with, 12-1 slates.

Austin Reagan, Giddings, Austin Akins, and Eastside Memorial will be the new schools coming this Fall.

Reagan will be starting off the Hawk’s slate of games at home as they finished last season with a 7-4 record and a respectable, 7-1 district record.ads-300-x-600

Facing a 5A school will prove to be another good test for Canyon Lake, early in the season.

Giddings will be the next game as the Buffaloes will be a monumental test for the Hawks as they always put a good football product on the field as last year’s team is a case and point example.

Canyon Lake will be spreading their mayo all over the bread as the Hawks will also face a 6A school in Austin Akins before the district games commence.

CL has 2 games on Thursday night on consecutive weeks. Lampasas and Akins will be the games scheduled for those, before Friday dates.

Lampasas will be a home game while Akins will be in Austin for that second Thursday night.

Just 4 district games this campaign with Boerne and Taylor being scheduled at the Hawk Nest and Eastside Memorial and Fredericksburg as away games.

Of course the opening game will be against a nemesis school that has had the Hawks number for the last three years in the Blanco Panthers.

Y4 Custom Homes says Way to Go Hawks

Y4 Custom Homes says Go Hawks

Blanco has baffled the Hawks each year as even the wins are the, glad we got out alive contests. While the Panthers have had a habit of dominating CL on those years when they have their victory dance.

Wimberley will be an away game as the, Battle of the Devil’s Backbone, proceeds into their 2nd year as the Hawks will look to keep that nice trophy in the Hawk Nest for another year.

Homecoming will be against Boerne on October 14th and Senior Night will be the final home game with Taylor Ducks.

Canyon Lake has not had a winning season since the 2011 season when your Hawks just missed the playoffs with an 8-2 record.

Now the young talent that has been infused into the high school from MVMS will be Juniors and Sophomores.

The soon to be Freshman class won their District during their two year stay in Mountain Valley and the 8th-B squad turned their season around and won district for a 8th grade sweep.Unknown-8

With just 5 schools in the district and the playoffs taking the top 4 gives CL a good chance of making the extra game market, but getting those extra games as a 4th place team needs end as this three year reign of players coming up are not used to losing.

One new district team, Eastside Memorial, had a 5-5 record last season but those games were not with schools with a large group of students to draw from.

Canyon Lake is loaded with several schools that have many skins on their wall and that should help form a team when district approaches that can take care of business.

Wimberley will always be a tough opponent and The ReSporter does not have to remind the Hawk crowd that made their trip to Lampasas on how tough that team was in the Hawk’s loss last season.

Playing 5A and 6A schools along with Giddings, Wimberley and Lampasas should be enough games to see if this might be a year where not being a 4th seed team could materialize.

Near the end of the season the Hawk roster had 13 freshman and sophomores with 4 lineman in that number.

There were only 11 in the junior class, which if that number holds, will be 7 less than this graduating class with 18 seniors.

It is not hard to make a point in seeing how young this team was and will be for this coming season, but knowing that having those young players that have already been tried by fire with several more joining up in this next campaign will help in the transition.

Tough schedule? Yes, that is an affirmative but the results will be shown after the last district game and hopefully having more than one or two playoff dates.

That first game with Blanco will tell what this year might have in store and based on the past few years, a win will not be realized until after the clock shows 0:00 and having Canyon Lake with more than 1 score.

A 3A team to a 5A team coupled with a football factory team in Giddings will have the Hawks working overtime.

Go Hawks!

Go Hawks!

Just 3.5 months before the kick-off as The ReSporter knows those fans that will have a count down clock for the first practice days of August that have already started.

Go Hawks!!!

                       Canyon Lake Football 2016
 Aug 12th     Smithville     @     CL Hawks     5pm
 Aug 18th     La Vernia      @     CL Hawks     5pm

             Varsity              Junior Varsity          Freshman
 Aug 25th                         (H) Blanco       7pm    (H) St. Anthonys  5pm
 Aug 26th    (A) Blanco        730pm

 Sep 1st                          (A) Reagan       7pm    (H) Reagan        7pm
 Sep 2nd     (H) Austin Reagan 730pm

 Sep 8th                          (A) Giddings     7pm    (A) Giddings      5pm
 Sep 9th     (H) Giddings      730pm

 Sep 15th                         (H) Wimberley    7pm    (A) Wimberley     7pm
 Sep 16th    (A) Wimberley     730pm

 Sep 21st                         (A) Lampasas     7pm    (A) Lampasas      5pm
 Sep 22nd    (H) Lampasas      730pm

 Sep 28th                         (H) Austin Akins  7pm   (H) Austin Akins  5pm
 Sep 29th    (A) Austin Akins  730pm

 Oct 6th                          (A) Memorial      7pm   (A) Liberty Hill  7pm
 Oct 7th     (A) East Memorial 730pm

 Oct 13th                         (A) Boerne        7pm   (H) Boerne        7pm
 Oct 14th    (H) Boerne        730pm

 Oct 20th                         (H) Frederickburg 7pm   (A) Frederickburg 7pm
 Oct 21st    (A) Frederickburg 730pm

 Oct 28th        Bye                  Bye                      Bye

 Nov 3rd                          (A) Taylor        7pm    (H) Taylor       7pm
 Nov 4th     (H) Taylor        730pm