Game Article, Track & Field | April 24, 2016

CL Hawks Have 11 Going to Region Meet

Canyon Lake's Austin Camacho running to Kingsville after qualifying in the 800 meter run

Canyon Lake’s Austin Camacho running to Kingsville after qualifying in the 800 meter run

Area Meet had some surprises as Canyon Lake will take 11 athletes to Kingsville this week for Region Meet after qualifying in Liberty Hill.

CL’s 4×400 meter relay team set the best mark in Hawk history when they crossed the finish line in 3:25.75 finishing in 3rd place.

A record that had stood strong for 4 years was eclipsed with this year’s foursome.

Back in 2012, Canyon Lake had gone two years with the same group of boys in all three relay events and they have had the best time since that year.

Zach Henshaw, Daniel Camarillo, Eduardo Covarrubias, and Doug Hubnik were the foursome that will now relinquish their first place hold on the 4×400 relay time.

Austin Camacho, Lester Boehm, Heath McDonough, and Brandon Courtney are now proud owners and being on top of the heap.

Camacho is the only senior of the foursome and after watching the JV and other Hawk’s trying to pry a spot on the team for next season you will certainly have some healthy competition for next year’s team.



Now, for a chance to go to State, there are presently 4 schools with better times but only a second separates these 5 schools.

Robert Woods increased his Hawk best in the Shot-put when he topped over 47 feet and will also be bound for Kingsville as this future Mary Hardin Baylor football player has strength out the wazoo.

On what he is thinking as Woods gets set to make his throws, “I want to block everything out where it is just me and the shot-put, it is just like the discus and I am used to that same feeling and that just drives me.”

Woods will have his work cut out for him, but don’t sell him short out as there as there will be 5 other athletes with a better throw but it is never a given, as each time you get into competition you never know what can happen.

“There is not competition in practices like the meets, so I just try to practice and have my own way of working and setting my goals,” Woods chopped. “I just want to keep building and I want to finish up and not go backwards and I want to get to 48 feet.”

The good news for Woods is improving on each meet this last month and in his last two meets that improvement has been upped by a foot and not inches.

Bailey Drum and Emma Gray both brought their 100 meter hurdle times down and in Gray’s instance, she was a full second faster than her previous best.

Crawfish Boil is coming this Saturday with All Proceeds going to Hawk Sports

Crawfish Boil is coming May 7th, with All Proceeds going to Hawk Sports & MVMS

Drum also had a PR with her triple jump and will now have another chance of getting ahead of Marisa Ellis who presently holds the all time mark.

On what she was thinking near the end of the triple jump competition, Drum beat, “Get my best and just go out with a bang….I try to get my best jumps in the first three, then it comes down to mental, but it definitely gets harder.”

There are just 2 girls with a better triple jump this season and that will give you an idea of what Drum will need to do when she jumps again with a chance of making the cut for Austin.

Gray was also busy helping the 4×200 relay team as well getting to Regions with another event in the high jump.

Sophia Thorpe, Alysha Perez, and Skylar Hurst helped, Emma, in the 4×200 relay team in having the opportunity to keep their season in full stride.

This group of girls will need to improve in the 3 second range in giving them a legit chance of running onto Austin.

The McDonough brothers were both admitted to Regions in their high jump event as Heath hit 6-02 while Caimen topped out with a jump of 5-10.

Hawk Proud

  Hawk Proud

Heath McDonough has a best of 6-03 this season but in his last few meets has not got any higher than that 6-02 mark.

“I’m close but I have a mental block in getting over that 6-02 bar,” Heath jumped. “I will just have to work more on my steps in practice, my steps were off today.”

Getting a jump past the 6-02 bar will be a goal for the McDonough brothers as there have been 2 jumpers with a 6-4 or above that will be in attendance in Kingsville.

A few of the Hawks that did not qualify and finished their career in Sports for the Hawks was Matt Adams and Haden Lee.

Those two athletes were warriors for Canyon Lake as they were both in multiple sports as Adams played football and Soccer.

While Lee was also in football and he has played basketball during his years at the Hawk Nest.

If you want to get excited then go to the MVMS track article and you will be blown away by those those students who just finished their track season.

Brandon Courtney had a subpar day as his times have been better in both hurdle events this year.

Courtney has just 4 athletes that have topped his best 110 hurdle event going into Kingsville and for the 300 hurdle run, Courtney, has run the best time in this event in the Region.

“I have been trying to stay the same this whole season,” Courtney said after being asked if he still has a better time stashed away. “I will want to get in the low :38 seconds and that would hopefully get me to state….but I really want good times in the beginning of the season but I will want to run it on later.”

His 300 meter hurdles in Liberty Hill was 40.68, but during his district race he carted off a 38.79 time which is the best of all the qualifiers in Region 4.

Courtney was just out of getting points last season when he finished 7th in Austin in the 300 meter hurdle event, this has been a fun time seeing how Courtney has improves since his freshman year.

When asked when he started running the hurdles, “In the 7th grade, I had Coach Hovre put me in it and I was not good when I started, but I just grew and got better and really worked on it.”

That is all you can ask of these Hawks as they go into their next meet with a goal of finishing first or second and a chance of going to State.

Go Hawks!!

                             Area Meet Hawk Results

                                400 meter dash
                                              Skylar Hurst (So)     63.06

                                 800 meter run
 Austin Camacho (Sr)    2:02.60

                              110/100 meter hurdles
 Brandon Courtney (Jr)  15.38                 Bailey Drum (Sr)      15.68
                                              Emma Gray (Sr)        15.82

                                300 meter hurdles
 Brandon Courtney       40.68                 Bailey Drum           48.84
 Caimen McDonough (So)  43.41

                                4x100 meter relay
 CL Hawks               44.26                 CL Hawks              51.97
 Joseph Ruiz (So)   Lester Boehm (So)         Carley Dubois (Jr)  Alysha Perez (So)
 Matt Adams (Sr)    Lee Haden (Sr)            Audrey Schulze (Fr) Kaylie Duke (Jr)

                                4x200 meter relay
 CL Hawks               1:31.73               CL Hawks              1:48.38
 Tanner Faris (So)  Lester Boehm              Sophia Thorpe (Jr)  Alysha Perez
 Matt Adams         Haden Lee                 Emma Gray           Skylar Hurst

                                4x400 meter relay
 CL Hawks               3:25.75               CL Hawks              4:09.34
 Lester Boehm         Austin Camacho          Sophia Thorpe       Bailey Drum
 Heath McDonough (Jr) Brandon Courtney        Emma Gray           Skylar Hurst

                                   high jump
 Heath McDonough        6-02.00               Emma Gray             5-00.00
 Caimen McDonough       5-10.00

                                  triple jump
                                              Bailey Drum           37-01.00
                                    shot put
 Robert Woods (Sr)       47-03.50