Coaches Corner, Track & Field | April 13, 2016

Coaches Corner with Track’s Troy Moses

The ReSporter: What are your overall thoughts after District Meet?

Track and Field Coach Troy Moses

Track and Field Coach Troy Moses

Coach Moses: “I was very proud of the performance from all of our athletes.  We set 4 school records and everybody gave their best performances of the year.  I don’t think you can ask for more.”

The ReSporter: Why was our district meet a week earlier than most other districts?

Coach Moses: “The coaches in the district decided to move the date up to give us more time to prepare for Area and Regionals.”

The ReSporter: When you have two weeks before the next meet what do you do different with the qualifiers?

Coach Moses: “It is a huge advantage, this week we will be doing some heavy training while others are preparing for their district meet.  Next week we will back off again to make sure we are ready for Area.”

The ReSporter: How do you decide who will stay out and practice for the alternates in the relays?

Coach Moses: “The coaching staff looks at overall  performances and effort.”

The ReSporter: Is the Area Meet spread out enough to give the athletes enough time to be rested for all the events they might have for that day?

Y4 Custom Homes supports Hawk's Track & Field

Y4 Custom Homes supports Hawk’s Track & Field

Coach Moses: “Yes, just like any other meet we have been to all year.”

The ReSporter: What do you know about 25-4A schools and does that alter anyway you prepare the students?

Coach Moses: “They are not as talented as they were last year, but no……..It doesn’t change the way we will prepare.  We just have to work hard this week, better our times and let the cards fall where they fall.  You can’t control what the other teams are going to run, you just have to do the best you can.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach, hope the practices go well.