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Hawks Finish District 26-4A with One Championship

Hawk 4x400 relay breaks CL Record with 4:07.85 time Bailey Drum, Skylar Hurst, Emma Gray, Sophia Thorpe

Hawk 4×400 relay breaks CL Record with 4:07.85 time Bailey Drum, Skylar Hurst, Emma Gray, Sophia Thorpe

Canyon Lake’s next stop will be Liberty Hill in two weeks for the Area Meet to qualify for Region Meet in Kingsville.

The top 4 in each event got their ticket punched for this chance and the Hawks had several athletes who had personal best finishes which might be an indication that the record breaking might not be finished.

CL’s Boys and Girls both finished in 4th place in their district meet held in Cuero this past Wednesday and Thursday.

Hurdles was the strength of both Boys and Girls as Bailey Drum and Brandon Courtney both lowered their best times in this meet.

Drum had a 36 point meet scoring in all 5 events she entered. that included 3 first place finishes while qualifying for the Area Meet in 4 of those 5 events.

Canyon Lake had points every time Drum walked out to compete, as this future Angelo State Volleyball player proved she can handle track & field too.

With Drum’s 36 points, she passed 200 points for the year and now resides with 213 tallies and more meets ahead for this tireless athlete.

“After all of this, I don’t have a lot of energy left,” Drum noted after her final event. “I honestly did not think I was running that fast and I just attacked every hurdle.”

That last comment was in response to lowering her best 300 meter hurdle race by over 2 seconds.

Courtney had his personal best in the 300 meter hurdles where he advanced last season to Austin for the State Meet. Finishing with 23 points has Courtney going to the Area Meet in 3 events.

Junior Brandon Courtney scored 23 points at District 26-4A Meet

Junior Brandon Courtney scored 23 points at District 26-4A Meet

“I had a good win and it surprised me,” Courtney responded to lowering his PR. “I was aiming for a 39 (second run) and now this let’s me know on what I have to work on to get to a 38 time.”

There were several students that advanced in getting their personal best times or distances.

On that same boy’s 300 meter hurdle race, the Hawks had three players place and all three had their PR (personal record).

Joe Marple was the last Hawk in that race who has been a solid hurdle runner for his career at CL and his place was not as high but he left everything on the track.

“After Spring Break, I had dropped off and they (the coaches) more of me,” Marple hurdled. “When running, I was making beating my pr my goal and I got to kicken better.”

Starting off with Senior Robert Woods who hit over 46 feet with the shot-put and passing Jaaz McNair who held the previous record since 2012 year.

Woods also has CL’s 2nd best throw in the Discus when he unleashed his best throw in that event for 133-07 distance. Passing Thomas Gregory throw of 132-09 in 2013 and still needing 8 more meters to pass all time best of Taylor Hocutt during his 2012 campaign.

Going over to the girls, you had each Relay Team finish with their personal best while also topping each relay for Canyon Lake’s record with each pass of the baton.

In the 4×100 relay, the Hawks topped the 2013 team with Carly Dubois, Audrey Schulze, Kaylie Duke, and Alysha Perez. All of those young ladies do not have a Sr. in front of their name giving you an idea this group could be in store for more good times.

Crawfish Are Good For You! Go Hawks!!

Crawfish Are Good For You! Go Hawks!!

The 4×200 relay was close two weeks ago in breaking the 1:50 time and they beat that barrier by over 2 seconds with a 1:47.70. This team will lose Emma Gray for next year but the rest will be in tack.

For the 4×400 relay they too responded with a more than 2  second improvement on the previous record with a finish of 4:07.39.

“We will beat them at Area,” Drum said in response to Wimberley’s relay finish.

Gray also commented on her last second lead on that record relay event, “I just did not want that girl in front of me again….I was tired of looking at her. Gray continued, “We will have 2 weeks to prepare and we are more determined.”

Phenom, Skylar Hurst was also adamant when talking on the next time she takes the baton, “We are excited and know we can do better as we had not been running much since our last meet….we had not trained much recently and we can improve more.”

The last of the 4×400 girls relay finally chimed in after some prodding, “We all have different things that inspire us and we will just have to push harder,” Sophia Thorpe said like a pro.

This group does have 2 Seniors running with Gray and Bailey Drum but there are more ladies ready to take the reigns after this season concludes.

The Boys Relay had all three teams qualify for Area as the three relays improved this year’s best in this meet.

The 4×100 relay got to within .27 from the fastest time back in 2012 with Henshaw, Hubnik, Coavarrubias, and Camarillo. Joseph Ruiz, Lester Boehm, Haden Lee, and Matt Adams made up this year’s team.

For the 4×200 relay, this team broke the 1:32.00 barrier and joined that same 4×100 team in 2012 in that category. This year’s group would need to improve a bit more to get by the 2012 group.

The competition for the Boys side is a bit more tougher as this 2016 team has been close for the past few weeks and they too got within striking distance to the 2012 and 2015 teams that also finished lower there is a little faster rounds to top those two previous teams.

Austin Camacho, Heath McDonough, Lester Boehm and Brandon Courtney will try again in Liberty Hill as they work on becoming eligible for the Region Meet.

Austin Camacho is On Top of the Heap after 1st Place 800 Meter Run

Austin Camacho is On Top of the Heap after 1st Place 800 Meter Run

Speaking of Camacho, this young man broke his own Hawk record by 2 seconds in the 800 run by becoming the first Hawk to finish first in a district meet. Camacho held the lead throughout the race as he fought off two challengers on that final stretch.

“It was a good run,” Camacho said nonchalantly, “But we wanted to win the 4×400 relay and now we have a fire under us for this year and we want to get that back.”

Wow! Competition is a good thing as you look at 2 weeks before you can have a chance to unleash again.

Canyon Lake took some points away from the Boy’s Junior Varsity when Caimen McDonough was switched to Varsity to help score more points. McDonough came through with two 4th place finished in the 300 meter hurdles and high jump.

Caimen joined his brother Heath McDonough on the High Jump as both finished in the top 4 giving them a chance to compete again in two weeks.

Caimen also clocked the second fastest 300 meter hurdle time in CL history and in so doing was able to reduce his best by right at 3 seconds.

“I just wanted to get points,” Caimen stated when asked on how he felt on being moved up for varsity.
“That made me faster and since I was not in as many meets I had more energy.”

Another athlete that had a surprise when crossing the finish line. Caimen McDonough commented on how running with a faster field improved his time. His time in the 300 meter hurdles was the second fastest for the Hawks behind…..you guessed it, Brandon Courtney.

Skylar Hurst only misstep was competing in the triple jump coming up short for a chance to triple jump in LH. This young lady did bring down a Hawk 400 meter record and now threatens to break the 50 second barrier next.

Hurst was busy on Friday, as her 400 race was right after a relay event and having more time to rest might have done the trick in breaking that 60 second marker at this meet.

Sophmore Hurst will be competing in two relays and that open 400 race her next time out.

Emma Gray had a decent day, scoring 23 points for Canyon Lake and will also have a busy day in Liberty Hill competing in 4 different events.

Y4 Custom Homes supports Hawk Track & Field

Y4 Custom Homes supports Hawk Track & Field

Alysha Perez came through for the Lady Hawks when she finished 3rd in the 100 meter dash and then helped 2 relay teams qualify for another chance of stamping their ticket for Kingsville.

Perez’s 11 points was one of three Hawks in double figures as Gray and Bailey both were in that group.

The Hawk Boys had 3 finish with double figures to match the girls team.

Canyon Lake’s Junior Varsity Boys won their second straight District Championship as it was mentioned earlier that that Caimen McDonough ran with the Varsity.

McDonough had been worth 35-42 points in each of his meets since March and with Trenton Lorett having an injury on that last day was also a detriment. Not to mention that Austin Rodriguez had been out after the second meet this season when he also was injured.

Rodriguez injury took, 15-20 points, off the Hawk’s tab each week.

Add all of those points up and this Hawk JV Team would have lapped the field based on how they performed those two days.

CLJV Boys had 11 athletes break double digit scoring giving an idea of how well this broad brush of athletes performed.

For instance, Canyon Lake’s Varsity 4×400 relay team had just one senior running and for a vacancy in next year’s field.

That JV squad had 3 runners finish with points and then a 4×400 relay team with those and more available. In fact, Chacon was the 3rd alternate for the relays and performed at such a high level, you would have to look hard to find how there might have been any difference in the final result.

“This might be our last race to run together,” Tristan Chacon started. “We could be running different events as we move up…but we are never satisfied and now it will be on to the next one.”

“The Junior Varsity has won the last two district meets and that is saying something,” Chacon said with resolve.

“I was angry,” Chance Martelli said with a smile. “It was because of Johnny (Soliz) but this was good for the team and the championship.”

Martelli was commenting on how he was beaten in the open 400 race by Soliz and the motivation that instilled in him.

“For this race I ran strong,” Soliz stated. “We had Chico (Chacon) come in at the last minute and we still were able to get our PR.”

Wyatt Meckel chimed in, “All of us should be on the Varsity for next year.”



Point being, how Canyon Lake is continuing to stockpile talent giving the Hawk Coaching Staff ample opportunities to load those other events with athletes that will compete for points.

Canyon Lake Varsity had no athletes qualify for the finals in the open 400 meter dash yet next year with the addition of this bus load of athletes, that situation could change big time.

Getting 12 points in the 4×400 relay this year might have added another 14-20 points for that open 400 meter dash and all of a sudden those points start adding up for a championship.

Those distance runners will be graduating up which is another area where CL has just scratched the service.

For the Junior Varsity those three distance races scored, 29 points, which are points the Hawks have not had a chance in putting any fear in their opponents.

Reid Crownover was another surprise scoring points in one of the hardest events, pole vault, and after Tommy Clark graduated last year, the Hawks had a lot of zero’s in that category this season.

Canyon Lake had a great 2 days and the future is certainly bright and that continues in 2 weeks from now, when these Hawk qualifiers go to battle again in Liberty Hill.

                             Upcoming Track Meets
 Thursday   April  21        Area Track Meet             Liberty Hill High School
 Fri & Sat  April  29-30     Regional Track Meet         TAMU-Kingsville

Go Hawks!!

                     Hawk Track & Field Scorers District 26-4A

 Varsity Boys                              Varsity Girls
                            100 meter dash
 Haden Lee           11.74  5th           Alysha Perez           13.24   3rd

 800 meter dash                           400 meter dash
 Austin Camacho    2:02.25  1st           Skylar Hurst           60.35   1st

                        110/100 meter hurdles
 Brandon Courtney    15.21  1st           Bailey Drum            16.31   1st
 Gerrit Wilkins      16.16  5th           Emma Gray              16.90   2nd
                                          Sydney Reibschlaeger   17.42   5th

                         300 meter hurdles
 Brandon Courtney    38.79  1st           Bailey Drum            47.98   1st
 Caimen McDonough    41.06  4th
 Joe Marple          41.97  6th

 discus                                   triple jump
 Robert Woods       133-07  5th           Bailey Drum         36-07.50   1st
                                          Skylar Hurst        31-02.00   6th

 shot put                                 long jump
 Robert Woods        46-01  3rd           Bailey Drum         15-09.50   5th

                                high jump
 Heath McDonough      6-02  2nd           Emma Gray               5-00   2nd
 Caimen McDonough     5-10  4th

                               4x100 relay
 CL Hawks            44.00  4th           CL Hawks               51.92   4th
 Joseph Ruiz     Lester Boehm             Audrey Schulze      Alysha Perez
 Matt Adams      Haden Lee                Kaylie Duke         Carly Dubois

                               4x200 relay
 CL Hawks          1:31.67  3rd          CL Hawks               1:47.70  3rd
 Lester Boehm    Tanner Faris            Sophia Thorpe        Alysha Perez
 Matt Adams      Haden Lee               Emma Gray            Skylar Hurst

                               4x400 relay
 CL Hawks          3:26.95  3rd          CL Hawks               4:07.39  2nd
 Lester Boehm    Austin Camacho          Sophia Thorpe        Bailey Drum
 Heath McDonough Brandon Courtney        Emma Gray            Skylar Hurst

                              Point Scorers
                 Brandon Courtney    23    Bailey Drum             36
                 Austin Camacho      13    Emma Gray               23
                 Heath McDonough     11    Skylar Hurst            18
                 Robert Woods         8    Alysha Perez            11
                 Caimen McDonough     8    Sophia Thorpe            7
                 Lester Boehm         8    Sydney Reiberschlaeger   2
                 Haden Lee            7    Audrey Schulze           2
                 Matt Adams           5    Kaylie Duke              2
                 Tanner Faris         3    Carly Dubois             2
                 Joseph Ruiz          2
                 Gerrit Wilkins       2
                 Joe Marple           1

                                  Junior Varsity
 Boys                                      Girls
 100 meter dash                            400 meter dash
 Landry Moore        11.88   1st           Felicity Neistemski    66.76   4th
 Kenneth Jowers      12.02   2nd           Ella Necander          67.11   5th
                                           Bethany Thibedeaux     67.25   6th

 200 meter dash                            1600 meter run
 Austin Brennan      24.64   2nd           Hannah Williams      6:43.60   5th
                                           Brittany Gonzales    6:48.08   6th

 400 meter dash                            3200 meter run
 Johnny Soliz        53.99   1st           Hannah Williams     16:36.40   4th
 Chance Martelli     54.14   2nd           Tatiana Schultz     17:27.69   5th
 Wyatt Merkel        54.81   3rd

 800 meter run                             800 meter run
 Nolan Davila      2:13.57   2nd           Felicity Neistemski  2:43.19   3rd
 Jacob Uciniski    2:17.43   5th

 1600 meter run                            100 meter hurdles
 Nolan Davila      5:04.30   3rd           Paige Bower            20.10   6th
 Jaren Marmolejo   5:08.30   4th

 3200 meter run                            high jump
 Jaren Marmolejo  11:21.17   3rd           Paige Bower             4-02   5th
 Luis Juarez      11:34.01   5th           Raegen Cowan            4-02   6th
 Matthew Bell     11:47.88   6th

 110 meter hurdles
 James Glowka        18.57   5th

 300 meter hurdles
 James Glowka        43.92   2nd

 triple jump
 Trenton Lorett   37-08.00   2nd
 Greyson Lee      36-02.50   5th

 Long jump
 Jacob Ruff       17-10.75   2nd
 Trenton Lorett   17-08.00   5th

 high jump
 Chance Martelli      5-02   5th
 Wyatt Meckel         5-00   6th

 pole vault
 Reid Crownover      10-06   4th

                                   4x100 relay
 CL Hawks            45.49   1st            CL Hawks           54.21    3rd
 Jacob Ruff       Connor Rose               Jasmine Ramos      Raegan Cowan
 Kenneth Jowers   Austin Brennan            Mia Cruz           Hannah Wisdom

                                   4x200 relay
 CL Hawks          1:38.14   4th            CL Hawks          1:53.71    2nd
 Connor Rose      Landry Moore              Raegan Cowan       Mia Cruz
 Kenneth Jowers   Austin Brennan            Alyssa Natal       Hannah Wisdom

                                   4x400 relay
 CL Hawks          3:43.20   1st            CL Hawks           4:31.65   2nd
 Wyatt Meckel     Tristan Chacon            Hannah Wisdom      Bethany Thibedeaux
 Johnny Soliz     Chance Martelli           Ella Necander      Felicity Neistemski

                    Junior Varsity              Individual Points
 Kenneth Jowers         15                  Felicity Neistemski    15
 Austin Brennan         15                  Hannah Wisdom          11
 Johnny Soliz           15                  Raegan Cowan            8
 Chance Marteilli       15                  Mia Cruz                7
 Nolan Davila           14                  Ella Necander           6
 Jacob Ruff             13                  Hannah Williams         6
 Wyatt Meckel           12                  Bethany Thibedeaux      5
 Landry Moore           12                  Alyssa Natal            4
 James Glowka           10                  Jasmine Ramos           3
 Trenton Lorett         10                  Paige Bower             3
 Jaren Marmolejo        10                  Tatiana Schultz         2
 Connor Rose             7                  Brittany Gonzales       1
 Tristan Chacon          7
 Reid Crownover          4
 Greyson Lee             2
 Jacob Ucinski           2
 Luis Juarez             2
 Matthew Bell            1